Meeting Goals

These last 12 weeks have been far from easy. I have fought for every pound that I have lost. I have felt discouraged many days because I couldn’t lose pounds. I have lost inches and I am down 2 pants sizes. More importantly to me though is that I am checking off goals from goal sheet I made 12 weeks ago. At the beginning of April, I hiked 14 miles in one week. Goal: Be able to hike and enjoy it again. Goal met. Several times over the last several weeks when my son challenges me to a race I have been able to say ok. Goal: Be able to run around and play with my kids. Goal met. Last Saturday, I went canoeing and kayaking. I loved kayaking and I am looking for more places to go. Goal: I want to be able to try kayaking and possibly take it up as a new hobby. Goal met. I still have more goals on my list and new ones are being added but I am proud of the things I can do now.

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