Time flies when you’re having..

Who knew going to the gym, sweating, hardly able to move the next day could turn into something “fun”… but it has. It has become fun for me because I am able to look back and realize how far I have really come! I hate to see RBL end.. but so thankful for RBL helping me begin.

12 weeks ago I would have never thought it would be possible to walk 1.5 miles, carrying on a conversation through-out. But we did that last night! 12 weeks ago I got winded going from my house to my mailbox – my front yard is not very big. To me, that is bigger than any other success I could ever accomplish. With 2 little grandsons just coming up, I want to be able to keep up with them, play ball and chase them around the yard! I can now chase after the 20 month old much better than I could then.

With making my weight goal, exceeding stregnth goals, suprising myself with stamina goals and most importantly – FEELING BETTER .. I am looking forward to not only the next 12 weeks, but the rest of my life!! Having some weeks of not losing, or only losing a pound or 2 may not have seemed great at the time, but looking back, after it had accumulated since the beginning, it has been worth the struggle of pushing through!

Thank you to HIS Radio, to Rob for helping others in this powerful journey, to the Y for changing my mentality – turning my cants into cans, to all the coaches for helping me learn how to do it the right way, to all of the other RBLs (especially my wolfpack) who have given me so much encouragement along the way! Now lets kick this 5k and continue with the next phase on our journey!!

Published by

Donna Satterfield

I just turned 49 and decided to take charge of my life! This is my year to get healthy and fit. FITBY50 is my motto.. I know I won't be at my ultimate goal by then, but step by step I know I can do it because "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me". I have a daughter with some disabilities and 2 grandsons I have to keep up with - this is my year!!

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