What an amazing 12 weeks!!!

It just hit me at our last meeting last night that I hadn’t blogged in a while and that this will probably be my last one!! How bittersweet!! But I am praying to continue the journey –at our meeting they talked about scholarship for membership and that gave me hope 🙂

I can’t thank everyone enough at the Y-Caine Halter and His Radio crew and everyone who has encouraged me along the way!!

I did not meet all my goals as I heard others say as well, but I finished the 12 weeks, I lost 1/2 the weight of my goal (better than nothing LOL) and I am able to run the 5 K on Saturday and I will finish it!!!—all in all I would say that is pretty successful!! 🙂

Thank you, Lord Jesus for this amazing opportunity and all these amazing people!

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  1. Wanted to post one last thing!! So proud of my team at Caine Halter and especially Sarah for coming in 2nd!!!!! WOO HOO, Sarah!! YOU ROCK! And God, I am so grateful for the time you let me run the race in!! Never in my dreams did I think I could run it in 40 minutes!! I am so hopeful for the future now and doing more 5Ks!! Thank you again to everyone!!! 🙂

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