Still going strong

It is hard to believe a month has gone by since our 5K. I have taken everything I have learned during the 12 week process and tried to keep using it and moving forward. I even kept going to the gym for a couple of weeks after the 5K. Then life hit and it hit hard. My son has always been my healthy one and that all changed last fall. He had continued to go down hill and the doctor finally decided it was time for surgery. He has now been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and been put on a dairy free diet. The old me would have gone into stress eat mode and piled on more weight. This was a test and I was determined to pass it. I took in a deep breath and said God I know you have this and you knew this was coming so I have to trust you. I sat in the operating waiting room eating a protein bar and drinking my water instead of a Mt Dew and a bag of chips with a bag of candy. I kept pushing through these last few weeks of our new normal and stayed pretty close to the new healthy eating plan. I couldn’t make it to the gym with everything going on with him and his new diet and medication. I stayed as active as I could and did little workouts at home. Today was my first day back at the gym since May 3rd. I fully expected that I would have either gained a pound or two but would have been grateful to see the same weight I saw May 2nd. I was pleasantly surprised to see I had lost 3 lbs since then. 15 pounds since starting RBL!!! I still have a ways to go but this showed me just how important nutrition is. I make my family crazy with macronutrients but it is paying off. Now I am even more motivated to get back in the gym and see what happens.

One thought on “Still going strong”

  1. This is great to hear. Keep up the work and remember we can do all things through christ who gives us strength.

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