Trying to hang in there

Life is a struggle sometimes. After finishing RBL and taking on the rest of this journey on my own, I was ready to get at it! For 2 weeks or so I did great! Dropping another 6lbs.. then bronchitis hit. I am now in week 4 and 2nd round of antibiotics for this terrible sickness!! I pushed myself this week to get back to working out since the onset. I had gained the 6lbs I lost back on. I havent felt like focusing on the foods I had been eating, or making sure to get my water intake in. I changed that this week too. Gotta get back on track, whether my body likes it or not — although, after last night, I think I will rest from strenuous exercising until my lungs/chest gets better. Overheating causes the coughing and wheezing to worsen. Just want to stay focussed on this journey and continue to better myself. Keep me in your prayers that this illness passes soon. Stay focused! Be blessed!

Published by

Donna Satterfield

I just turned 49 and decided to take charge of my life! This is my year to get healthy and fit. FITBY50 is my motto.. I know I won't be at my ultimate goal by then, but step by step I know I can do it because "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me". I have a daughter with some disabilities and 2 grandsons I have to keep up with - this is my year!!

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