RBL – April Duncan

52889946_10210929800400594_8274105559163076608_nI won’t lie, today hasn’t been a great healthy eating day. I’m already over my calories and I don’t plan to do any exercise because I am swamped with homework. There will always be days like this, but there will also be days of triumphant dieting and exercise with plenty of calories to boot. The main thing to remember, for me anyway, is that I’m human and I wasn’t created to be and do everything perfect. I will pick myself up in the morning, granted my Lord and Savior sees fit for me to wake up, and I will go to the meet me halfway and be proud of all the days that were worth bragging about. I will then go to my Zumba class and do my strength training and tomorrow will be spectacular!!! Moral of my story today is, we all may have bad days, but we have a wonderful life! #RBL2019

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