RBL – Connie Watson

This is a picture I recently took after a workout but it is really the story behind the picture that lead me to apply to be one of RBL. I suffered a traumatic allergic reaction in October that created several health problems. After two months on bed rest and another month on restricted movement I found myself dealing with weight gain, depression, and lethargy in addition to the health issues. I needed encouragement and accountability to win my health back. His radio offers daily encouragement and is a part of my daily life.

Since starting RBL I have increased my workouts to be 3-5 days a week, and I have increased my endurance. In December, walking from a parking lot into my office was as much work for me as going to the gym and spending 1 hour in class. Now, I am not saying all the health issues are resolved, but I am not working so hard to walk into my office anymore! Praise his holy name for his strength that carries me through my journey back to good health. Thanks to my team at GYMCA for keeping me accountable! Thanks to HIS radio for providing this amazing opportunity!

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