RBL -Haley Crawford says God Sends Little Messengers

Okay, so today wasn’t my finest day emotionally. I was so burnt out from teaching kiddos and dealing with observations and all of life’s other stressors that I just wanted to curl up in bed. On my way home all I could think of was my “well deserved” nap that I was going to take (which was likely going to be too long).


I arrived home and got a quick snack of a boiled egg and sat down for a few moments. That’s when two little black kitties come wandering up purring loudly and rubbing themselves against my hand. I suddenly felt so warm and happy to know that I was wanted and loved.
At first I thought it was silly to be so uplifted by two cats, but as I sat my mind wandered to God’s creation and His perfect plan. God placed animals in our lives for a reason just like everything He ever made. And if He has a plan and purpose for all animals big and small, how much more does He have in store for us?


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