Health Coach Leslie Knox Explains Mobility Training

What is Mobility Training? 

Mobility training is best described as overcoming limited range of motion caused by poor postural positions such as sitting in front of a computer or holding the phone to our ear – our muscles get tight and it can become uncomfortable or even painful.]

Benefits of Mobility Training

When we include Mobility training in our routines, we can improve our range of motion of our joints and muscles as well as improve our posture. It helps because it can alleviate everyday discomfort in our muscles – but also if we head into a workout with limited range of motion, muscles that are smaller and weaker will try to assist and this could lead to injury. Additionally, this could mean the primary muscle is not doing the work and therefore not really getting stronger.

Tools for Mobility Training 

In addition to stretching, we can use a variety of tools to assist our mobility training. How do you get the most use out of these tools?

-We may think that we should just continue to roll on the tool when in reality we want to find the trigger point and then try to put pressure on that spot to break up the tightness that is there.

-You put the tool in the general area of tightness, find the most tender spot or tightest spot and then put some pressure on it for about 20-30 seconds-but no longer than about 2 minutes.

-Then you want to roll around that spot from all angles.

Mobility training is not always fun work but if you are consistent at it, the rewards can be beneficial!

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