Rob’s Story

  Rob’s Journey To Health (Video)

Rob’s weight hit an all time high around the time his self-esteem hit an all time low. It happened at a time when three attendants at a theme park failed to fasten a safety harness around his prodigious girth while his nine year old daughter watched.

Sweet girl as she is, daughter Amanda opted out of the ride grabbing daddy’s hand saying everything is going to be okay. But, the whole embarrassing episode was enough to blow Rob’s ego and make him realize that thing weren’t going to be okay if he didn’t make a change – and fast.

The motivating factors had been building forms while – at more than 300 pounds, Rob got winded horsing around with his kids in the back yard and was reluctant to brave the neighborhood pool in a bathing suite, not to mention the fact his blood pressure was reaching a dangerously high level. Rob also came to realize that forsaking his physical appearance didn’t mesh with the Christian principles that are an interagency part of his lifestyle.

“I never talked to my family about it, but I toyed with the idea of doing gastric bypass surgery,” Rob remembers. “Then when I read into it it didn’t seem to be the way to go.”

Rob decided instead to commit himself to shedding the excess weight the right way – by changing his lifestyle to incorporate regular exercise and proper nutrition.

As Operation/Program Director and Morning Show Host, Rob saw an opportunity to create something bigger than one man’s quest to be smaller, so he contacted his friends at the YMCA to talk about building a promotion around his personal goal. The result was the Y’s wellness Works program and the birth of Rob’s Big Losers. Listeners who desired to gain a healthy lifestyle joined Rob on a 12 week journey to learn proper nutrition and exercise to obtain their goals to be healthy and fit.

“What I needed was accountably, and if I’m going to launch something like this on the air I’ve got to stick to it,” rob explains. “I had the accountability to more than 300,00 listeners, to the people at the YMCA, to my team, and family.”

When Rob embarked on his journey, in 2005, he weighed in at 308 pounds with 38 percent body fat. Sixteen months later, he shed nearly 140 pounds, his body fat percentage is down to a slim 11 percent, he had a half and full marathon under his belt, and found a passion for endurance sports.

Since then Rob has participated in 8 marathons, 7 triathlons, and has cycled half way across the nation twice. He participates in numerous 100 mile cycling events that has help raised over $2 million in for charities.

He has also continued his Rob’s Big Losers every year and has helped two hundred and fifty six people and their families gain the tools they need to have a healthy lifestyle.

10 thoughts on “Rob’s Story”

  1. Way to go Rob, I heard you on the radio this morning and thought I would check out your challenge. I haven’t found the determination to change my life as you have. I have decided to read and be encouraged by you and your group and try again. I have been seeing a nutritionist for about 5 months, I just can’t seem to get motivated. I have lost 10 lbs so far. I wish all your challengers improve their lives as you have. God Bless

    1. Sherri, you can do this. I have found out recently it’s not about looking at it as a “diet” but a life change. Instead of saying diet to lose weight say change my habits to be healthy. I have found that helps me. I just try my best to make better food choices. I will prob not go forever without chocolate again but I have to understand moderation is key. Praying for you in your journey also and 10lbs is a great start. Find something you enjoy doing that keeps you moving too. Enjoying a workout makes it easier to do.

  2. When will you have another big loser challenge and where??? I missed this one but would love to try when next one starts.

  3. Hi Rob I listen to you every morning going to work and during my day. I work at a assistant living and we are going to start a biggest loser the first of April. I would love to hear from you and any ideas you may have to help keep my staff motivated. I will keep you up to date on our progress.

      1. We will weigh-in every Friday and I will be giving healthy eating menu’s to help them plan. We have different challenges for them during the eight weeks. I would like to help provide healthy snacks and water bottles throughout the day to help them get there water in. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

  4. Rob, stopped on road. For Valentines, idea:

    Tonight write out a page on how much and why your wife is so special. Save. Then dig out wedding album and pics from early in your marriage. Save

    Make tomorrow afternoon a special time. Go to art museum, garden center. Antique browsing, whatever she likes, and linger. As she gets in car to go do this, present her with small bouquet.

    Oh,Order dinner to pick up as you go home.

    Hope this helps!

    Serve dinner and clean up completely.

    Call family in. Bring out album. Look at pictures and tell family how, and why you noticed her and brag on her. Share memories. Put children to bed. Then give card with letter.

  5. What an inspiration! I truly feel this whole set up is amazing! I myself in 2014 lost 130 pounds…no diet, not fancy magic potion or pill…but by adopting a healthy lifestyle , and changing my relationship with food. I always have to give God all of the credit , I made have been the one who did all of the work , but God gave me the strength and made it all possible. For me it was trusting God and Trusting the process. I am grateful for the life he gave me before , and grateful for the new life he has given me now! This process for me changed my whole life , and has helped me inspire others, in fact so much that I am currently studying to get my personal training certification. I want to be able to help others in the was the was so freely given to me!

    I want to wish the best of luck to all of the contestants of Rob’s Big Losers! I can do all things though him who strengthens me!

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