Gotta Step It Up!!!!

Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood

Oh my goodness…..

I can’t believe it has been 10 days since posting, I’m so sorry!!!!!

I have still been working out, though my eating is a little off the trail. Gotta fix that.

Since last weigh-in I have gone up some but not much. I think mostly because I haven’t been drinking nearly as much water, though my food choices need to be better too.

My portions have been so much better than they were so that’s good news.

Today I worked out with my friend and fitness accountability partner, Jason. We had a good workout, lots of high impact movement and did some ropes and stairs, always fun.

I’m gonna work harder to post more here, but I’d love some feedback on what you guys would like to see. Recipes, workouts, graphics etc? Let me know!

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Cheat Meals

Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood

Today’s Workout


20 minutes on Bike Doing the Sprint 8 Training Program

Strength Training:

Cable Crossover:

Set 1: 30 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 40 lbs -15 Reps

Pec Fly:

Set 1: 85 lbs -15 Reps

Set 2: 85 lbs -13 Reps

Set 3: 85 lbs -12 Reps

Sit Down Row:

Set 1: 75 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 75 lbs -20 Reps

Set 3: 105 lbs -8 Reps

Seated Back Extension:

Set 1: 135 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 135 lbs -20 Reps

Seated Shoulder Press (Dumbbells):

Set 1: 25 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 25 lbs – 12 Reps

Concentration Curl with a Twist;

Set 1: 15 lbs -15 Reps

Set 2: 15 lbs -12 Reps

V-Bar Pushdown:

Set 1: 90 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 90 lbs -15 Reps

Seated Leg Extension:

Set 1: 65 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 80 lbs -15 Reps

Seated Leg…

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Community Support

Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood

Our Saturday Morning Group Workout

Resistance Band Side Walks x2
Resistance Band Monster Walks x2

First Circuit x3
Wall Balls 15 reps
Balls Slams 15 Reps

Second Circuit x3
Side Wall Ball Throws 10 reps a side
Push-ups or Planks 30 seconds

Third Circuit 45 seconds each station
Kettle Bell Swings

Fourth Circuit 45 seconds each station
Jumping Jacks
Sled Push

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My Whys…….

Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood


I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to not feel sluggish. I want to be able to do physical activities without getting tired immediately.

All of these are common thoughts to those of us who have struggled with weight loss. I know that I constantly am thinking them still and I’ve already lost a decent amount.

So how do we change these from being thoughts to being actions that will get us to that goal line?

For me, it was discovering my “Whys.”

Losing weight and getting healthy is not an easy journey. It has lots of pitfalls and speed-bumps. There are days you’ll just want to give up and quit because it’s easier (in the short term) to just eat what you want and not go to the gym.

It’s these days that it is imperative that you know your “whys.”

For me, I…

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Final RBL Blog

I don’t think I can truly put into words how it felt to cross that finish line at the 5K on Saturday.

I was so so so proud of what I was able to accomplish, but I was also humbled by all the support I had. I never would have been able to do this without all my Team Caine Halter Teammates, my wife, my trainers and everyone else who cheered me on the entire way.

This has been such an amazing experience.

I am glad to say that thanks to the Scholarship Program I will be staying on at the Caine Halter YMCA, So my journey does not end here!!!

After looking back on my blogs and seeing all I had to say…and then some, I got to think “I should keep this going!”

So I am proud to say I am launching a Blog: F3 (or F-Cubed), a Men’s, though women can read too lol, Fitness blog that will follow my Journey of Fitness, Faith and Fatherhood. You can check it out at It is just in the beginning stages but I hope to have my first post up this week!

I also have a Facebook page for it at

I hope you will keep on your journey along with me. Thank you so so much to everyone for reading and following and thank you HisRadio, The YMCA and our Financial Sponsors for making all of this possible!!!