Last day to the rest of my life

First off I want to thank everyone! From you the readers to, his radio, the Y, our sponsors, and our coaches!  This journey was a crazy ride but we’ll worth it.  It was A LOT of up and downs, but all that counts is the getting back up and trying again!

So I did my final assessment as a Rob Biggest Loser! I lost 19lbs and 17.5 inchs! I wanted to lose 40lbs but I am happy with my results considering all the unexpected things that came up. I really didn’t think there was a difference in my body but looked at my before pics and compared. I was shocked to think I was able to achieve my results. I haven’t bought any new pants but as you can see my size 14 jeans no longer fit! I have so many emotions going into the 5k tomorrow! I am going to love to see everyone and their results but sad that it’s coming to an end. I plan to keep it up at the GIT Y so if you see me don’t be a stranger :). I really want to come back as a coach next year! I truly loved this experience, as well as encouraging and helping others.  I plan to keep blogging my healthy lifestyle so if you want to follow feel free to :).  The beginning chapter has come to a close, now to finish the rest of my chapters strong, with an ending that’s unforgettable.  Thank you again!!!!  Now hopefully I am 5k ready!20170421_141503

I’m back

Hey ya’ll!

I know it’s been awhile since my last blog. A ton of things happened and I went into a slight depression. However I still worked out as much as I could during this time and I am not far off from my original goals. I started weight lifting training.  I also got my husband to join me in a group yoga class at the Y :). Only 3 weeks until the race! Can’t wait to see my fellow RBLs!!

Trying to pick up the pieces

Hey ya’ll!

It has been awhile since my last post. My family was hit hard with sickness that seems to be never ending. In not going to the gym and throwing my eating out the window, I became my old self. Depressed, unmotivated, pretty pathetic. I slept for 2 days straight. I had so many emotions I just shut down. I gained 3lbs I was back up to 159 and this made me feel even worse. My husband dragged me to go to the gym, I was whining and complaining the whole time and did a half workout of 1.2 miles in 30mins. I went 4 more days after that of having a pitty party for myself. There’s so many things going on right now I just feel defeated.I deciced to start slow by eating a tad better again, then went to the gym yesterday. I weighed myself a week and a half ago and I was 159.7. Today I decided to weigh myself to see how much I needed to lose to get back on track. I am happy to say I lost the 3lbs I gained and an extra 1lb so 4 total. I am happy my husband is pushing me forward tl get out of this rutt. Screenshot_2017-03-14-07-28-58-1

Thank you!

Hey ya’ll!

I wanted to say thank you to everyone reading the blogs! I hope we can inspire you to go with us on this journey! I would love to cheer you on as well!  So comment or find me on social media if that’s better, I want to get to know ya’ll and support you as well! This journey has humbled me and I want to help you if I can :). If you are local I would love to invite you to some of our hikes or workouts on the swamp rabbit 🙂 When you have support it truly makes a difference. If you are over seas I’d love to give encourage words, and some food recipes ect :). Hope ya’ll have a great day!


Today marked the 3rd Saturday in a row of hiking. Gettingscreenshot_2017-03-04-23-36-46-1 healthy isn’t all about losing weight. It’s about gaining confidence and living life. If you told me I’d be hiking every Saturday I would have laughed.  I lost 15lbs in 5 weeks and still have 20+lbs to lose. However with just 15lbs down I am able to not only do hikes but ENJOY them! I tried hiking before and dreaded doing them because instead of enjoying it I was to busy feeling like I was going to pass out. Gaining life, enjoying the life God has gave, that’s more to me than the scales numbers. Losing weight should just be the bonus prize to a healthy lifestyle. Change how you look at things, understand not every day is veggies,fruits, and health food and that’s okay;  just moving and getting active is what you should focus on so you can enjoy the small blessings in life. Being out today I was so happy to have this chance, and to see how my children have enjoyed this change. They are getting out more because mommy isn’t tierd, they get to race mommy to the waterfalls because now they have to keep up with me. I am just happy finally after being depressed and afraid for so long. Small
blessings sure add up.

Welcome back

Hey everyone,

Thank you for the kind words and support you have given me this morning. I am back in the gym after sleeping away 2 days. I came down with something on Tuesday night and all I could do is sleep. However I am back at it! I will stary slowly as I am still not 100% yet. I am down to 158. I haven’t seen the 150’s in a while so if I’m this happy about 158 I don’t know how I will be at 149! I am learning to drink more water, I struggle d with this! I get so busy I forget to drink and eat so by the end i hope this goal is mastered. I hope we have encouraged you all to make the step to get healthy!Screenshot_2017-03-03-13-26-13-1.png

Break time??

I am deciding to take a gym break (Iscreenshot_2017-03-01-20-09-03-1 know it’s killing me ins
ide!) I have really pushed myself since sunday doing 3 activtrax a gym session and going twice a day. Listen to your body!! It is okay to take a day off as long as you get back at it! I have loved having Brandon and Anna  join me these past few days, it truly makes the difference when you have support! I will still do light cardio tomorrow but my body is telling me to slow down at the moment, health is about life changes so remember it’s okay! Don’t get discouraged ! You can do it and I would love to cheer you on and support you in your health journey

Only 7 more weeks to go!😱💪

Good morning ya’ll 🙂

It has been a very rough few weeks. I want to encourage everyone that IT IS OKAY TO HAVE SLIP UPS! Before I would beat myself up and eventually give up when I would have a slip up and tell myself what’s the point, I’m to busy, maybe later on…ect. I daily made excuses for my mistakes and eventually give up on my health adventure all together. Going into RBL I thought being apart of a something with a title would really eliminate slip ups, I mean you have weigh ins, blogs, people watching you, interviews ect. So I have to be top notch right? Wrong I missed 4 days at the gym due to my kiddos getting sick, I sat around and got into my old habits and threw it all out the window and ended up gaining weight back. So it happens no matter what! Old me would have thrown in the towel and gave up. After the kids were able to go back to school I literally dragged my butt back to the gym (while eating girl scout cookies mind you, darn those cookies) and it was so hard to get going after missing so many days I felt like it was day one all over again, I ended up feeling more down due to this, however I kept at it slowly and now I am back on track again and it feels great! Went on another hike on Saturday and planing another one this Saturday. So never throw in the towel even if

it seems pointless, that’s what makes you a winner by pushing forward even if you get pushed down. Challenge of the day: Get in a walk today even if its 10min it’s little steps 🙂



I want to that the sponsors,the Y, and his radio for this amazing chance. Not only am I getting healthy  I have meet and friended some amazing people! Love the TR Y!

RBL = Winter Jam?

Hey ya’ll!

Getting healthy isn’t all about losing weight!  It took winter jam to show me that. Last time I went to anything at the well was with my daughter to Disney on ice. I had trouble just walking up and down the stairs, standing long, and even holding my  daughter. Last night we took our  daughter to Winter Jam and I was able to easily walk the stairs, stand while holding my daughter, and even hold her and jump!! In the 4 weeks I never even thought about what I was doing would help me out in daily life. I know that seems odd but when you just go threw the motions of everyday you don’t think about it. I was able to fully enjoy the show, jumping, dancing, holding my daughter, walking up and down the stairs multiple times and not even feeling out of breath, heavy legs or arms! I felt so awesome knowing my daughter had a mother that was able to make memories without having to stop or slow down! She was able to enjoy something without mommy telling her I can’t hold you, I need a break, mommys head hurts ect. This is why I am pushing forward. Today we even went on a 3.12mile hike in NC!!!  Which was AMAZING! M children are getting an upgraded version of what I was. For once I had to stop for my children and not the other way around it feels so amazing!!!


Good Morning ya’ll 🙂

Yesterday I pushed myself and did 2 active trax workouts! I went out of my comfort zone again and did two more machines! I found out I love the rowing machine :). I was able to add 5lbs to my weights so I am slowly getting stronger. I am also down 1lb. I want to say thank you to Sue at the GIT Y. She may have started out as a trainer for RBL but she has become a friend, support, and inspiration. I am meeting people threw this journey and chipping away (not only body fat) but at my prospectives and heart. I became so closed off to people after everything, and this journey has brought people into my life that have truly shown me what Godly people can be. I am excited for tomorrow because I decided I want to go out to winter jam. I have missed out on them in the past due to anxiety and fear. So I hope we will be able to get tickets tomorrow and for me to step out in some confidence instead of worry! Like always I am so proud of my fellow RBL! Feel free to message me here or on FB if you need to talk I would love to support you all I can 🙂 challenge of the day: have confidence! screenshot_2017-02-15-12-48-54-1