Wow… so here we are… the real deal!!  I have so many mixed emotions!  I am first so very thankful to be given this opportunity!  With this opportunity comes great expectations… I am determined to stay on track and succeed.  The key for me is being prepared, thinking ahead and always having a handful of “safe” foods… foods that I can go to in desperation.  I have downloaded the Lose it app and have been tracking foods.  I really like that one! I am excited and nervous for my gym weigh in and orientation Monday.  Next week is truly go time once exercise is introduced.. which is a weakness for me… but to get the results I want I know I must work today!!!  No more excuses and no more procrastinating…. 2018 will be my year… because I am determined to work hard to get where I want to be with the help of my Lord!  Best, Ali