Set backs!

It has been a rough week and a half. Life has gotten in the way! We (my 4 kids and I) all got the flu! Of course I was the last to get it while they all are starting to feel better. I have been a busy nurse, now a tired patient! Thank goodness my husband is still well and helping! Praying I can get back to the gym soon! When life throws us the flu… turn it into inFLUence to get us back on track!



I have been going strong with my workouts this week. I’m so thankful to be able to go to the gym, but not all my workouts have been at the gym. I am finding that I have a lot more energy and I’m playing with my kids more. However, I have a case of the Blahs… I don’t know where they came from, but I’m feeling a lot better after my workout tonight!

Real life… we aren’t always going to be happy and ready for a workout, but “getting it over with,” always leaves me feeling better and glad I finished another one!

The struggle is real

Had a hard day today with making healthy choices! It’s easy to fall back into the routine of not making time to prepare our meals and just grab something “quick!” The difference this time from times in the past is it really didn’t taste that good after all… Cheeseburgers used to make me happy… now I’m like blah… and too full. Lesson learned. Tomorrow will be better!

My Story, My Journey, My Comeback! 

Being known for being the “big girl,” just isn’t that fun. Often times we put descriptions on people without realizing how they can hurt. Growing up I often heard how I had a pretty face, and if I would just lose some weight I would be so pretty. People say this to me as a compliment, as if my weight defines me. Well, actually I let it for most of my life. I let what others said/say and think about me, control me. I would often laugh at myself before they had a chance too. I would and still often do, make the jokes before they can. What people don’t know is that behind my jokes is a broken person. Someone who is tired of always being called fat, and just laughing it off with my big personality and confidence that I mask. I have let society define who I am as a person. I have allowed others to ok to call me the “big girl.” My name is Ashlee… that’s my story, and this is my journey!

What made me want to start this jorney to becoming a better me? After 32 years, why now? It’s simple… my kids. I have 4 children ages 4-11, so I guess you can imagine a busy house! My kids are very active and love being involved in as many activities as possible. My husband works super hard and is often gone with work so usually I’m mom with 4 kids juggling life, and trying to hold down the fort. I grew up where my parents would fix 3 full course meals a day. Good ole country cooking! My dad taught me how to cook, and he didn’t teach me the healthy way to make greens and cornbread. I’ve loved food from my first bite! I still do! I lived to eat, and I decided I wanted to live to LIVE! Seeing how much my kids need me, and knowing how active they are inspired me. I got inspired to become a healthier me! I still love food, and I still love to cook. Over the past month I have been trying new, healthier recipes along with exercising!  Joining RBL was a game changer… I’m Ashlee and this is my Comeback.

When I told my family I was going to be joining  RBL everyone was so excited and happy for me! Being a busy wife and mom is hard work, and I often put their needs before my own. Going to the gym I don’t have that guilt of doing something for myself that I know a lot of mom’s feel when they take time to rest or better themselves. I don’t have the guilt because my family gets to get healthy along side me, and while I have an hour or two of kidfree workout we all are enjoying ourselves! It’s a win, win! I’ll be honest it’s not easy to go to the gym when you’re tired, but I’ve never left the gym regretting that I went! It’s not easy changing up your diet, and trying to eat healthy. Since this is a lifestyle journey to health, not a diet I realize I’m going to have bad days. I didn’t start this 4 weeks ago and change overnight. It’s still a struggle when I’m super tired to not just stop at McDonald’s and pick up some burgers. Have I? Yes. Will I again? Probably, but the difference is now I have encouragement to make better food choices and the inspiration from my family to do so also. This is my comeback… my journey isn’t over, but I’m not where I was when I started…

God has blessed me so much with a wonderful family, great friends and a wonderful support system. It’s my turn to take His temple and use it for His glory. Maybe you’re reading this and don’t know where to start… Find your inspiration, your WHY, and tell your story, share your jorney and make a comeback! Attached is a picture of my WHY! Share yours with me!

One plank at a time… 

My daughter caught this picture as I was getting into a plank position… those 30 seconds went by so slow…. The second and third roatation they went by even slower, but my abs (yes, there are abs under that flab) feel good! Each week we are faced with a new challenge.. Planks were something at week one I couldn’t do longer than 10 seconds.. now I’m doing 30 seconds 3 times! I’ll take it! What are you pushing yourself to do? How are you fighting for your health? Share your story and pictures with me! 

Sick of being sick…

Well, this past week has been a struggle for me. I have been sick with a cold, or allergies and not being able to breath well has made it hard to excersise at the gym. I have been exercising at home in case I am contagious. It’s been hard for me to know my team is at the gym and I’m at home working. Then God made me realize that while I have a team and I’m very blessed to have them… Some people are doing this all on their own anyway. It seems like everyone on our team has missed some days due to sickness. Maybe that is God letting us know just how great He is and has given us the opportunity to have a team waiting and encouraging us to hurry up and get well and get back at it with them! Missing bootcamp… what?!? Yeah, I really just said that! Stay well friends, and keep working hard.

Walking away! 

I’m walking away…. well, aren’t you? These past few weeks I’ve been walking away from the tempting cheeseburgers and fries, the extra serving of the pasta that I love, and the snacks of potato chips I would eat when the kids are in bed. While at times it has not been easy to just walk away, I’m thankful for my teammates who have encouraged me along the way. It’s a lot of fun excerising with friends and trying new healthier recipes out for the family. Sure, I still want that cheeseburger, but I want my health more! So… I’m walking away!

Pessimists don’t change the world. Optimists do. 

Sweet Treats!

It’s almost Valentine’s Day… that means sweet treats are coming our way. Oh, you thought I meant Chocolate! No friends, I mean sweat, soreness, and a smaller waist!!! I’ll take that over chocolate any day! Going to make some healthier treats for my love this Valentine’s Day! What are you having? 


That’s right, my team has bootcamp about 2 times a week, and wow, it gives you a “run,” for your money! We do all kinds of things from sprints to planks. Every muscle is used. Next one is tomorrow morning at 8, and I’m looking forward to it! What?!? Looking forward to getting my sweat on?! Yep! You betcha, cause I love my team and love doing life with them. This is more than a weight loss journey now… it’s a family! Team Verde all the way!

More Laundry…

This is the second time this week I am doing laundry for myself…. I would usually insert a “sigh,” there, but not today! I’m having an extra laundry day because I’ve worked out hard at the gym and had more sweat than… well ever!! I so thankful for my ROCKSTAR team and this opportunity! Go sweat today!!