Ice, Ice baby!!!

Well, I must be doing something right because I am a bit sore from my workouts this week! Having to use some ice packs! It’s that good sore! I know that using the sauna after my workouts have helped loosen up these muscles I didn’t know I had!!! Loving my team and friendships I’m gaining along the way! Very thankful for this opportunity! Team Verde Rockstars!!! Posting some healthy recipes for the big game later today… stay tuned!!!

Slow down and look!

Every morning while in a frantic to get 3 kids dressed and off to school; I often forget to slow down and look at their beauty. I forget to look at what God has entrusted me with. Brushes and hair bows go flying, lunches left out to grab, and five reminders of all we have to do after school, and still in my fret I do not slow down and look. As I drop them off and come back home I finally look. I look at their pictures from summer days, their notes they wrote the night before and even the mess they made in the 30 minutes they were up. Then it hit me. I need to stop and look! I need to stop and look at their beauty as well as mine. I have went so long avoiding the mirrors because I didn’t want to see myself.

For years I’ve avoided mirrors when possible because I didn’t like the body that was staring back at me. I didn’t like the way my clothes were always too tight, or the way my chin somehow turned into two! While looking in the mirror one day I was reminded that God created me! He made me beautiful and my appearance was beautiful too. Sure, I’m not were I want to be but I stopped and looked and now I have a chance to change what I see!

Being a part of Rob’s Big Losers 2017 gives me great hope that I can change, and love what I see in the mirror. I started this journey a week ago and have already made a lot of changes. No caffeine, more ¬†exercising, and I am even looking in the mirror without disguised; now with HOPE. I talked a lot about my kids because they are my inspiration and me getting healthy means we all get healthy together! We aren’t going to change overnight, but our mindset can and goals can be set to reach. I look forward to this journey and thankful I finally Slowed Down and Looked!