Started this journey scared of the word 5k and ended this journey with so much joy. We all grew ( well technically lost) there were some amazing guys today. My team came to prove to ourselves that we could do this and it be our best and like our journey we had fun and made memories when it’s time to get serious we did and when we were needed to support each other we did and when we celebrated we did with tears and laughter.we were silly and I think that comes from the bond we built but the confidence. I want to do it again


So excited to get to see you guys tomorrow. I want to thank all you guys for all the prayers and support. I feel like I did pretty good in this life changing journey and now the focus has to be on going forward. Tomorrow is not the end but the beginning. Thanks to Ron  for his vision.  I hope you know how much you have done for us all.  You my friend will always have a special place in my heart. I love my YMCA and every person that I’ve meet. I can’t name them all because I would leave someone  out ..but …  Billy I love watching what God has done putting you in the position that you have at the Y. Pete, Tara and Jeff. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m going to cry now. Leslie and Brian. I can’t put into words what you 2 have done for me,my spirit, my strength and faith. Hope to make you guys proud in the future and my team at GHS.we have shared so much and will always be family love all so much. Thanks to Modern Woodsmen for there support and prayer. Last but most important thank you God for loving me. Guys please stay in touch and continue this journey. Blessing  to you all. See you in the morning

I can’t believe it…

Week 12. Oh my goodness. This has been a life changing journey for me. I want to start over and do it again…but I can’t. What I can do is take these tools that you guys have given me and continue. I’ve had highs and lows but mostly HIGHS. I feel so much better about myself and have had the best time ever. I pray that this journey has done for you guys what it has for me.  First I feel like I have grown even closer to God. The people that I have met in this journey will for ever be in my heart. I  know now that the strength workout are a,very important process. Without that you can’t keep it going. The cardios and classes were my favorite. And to realize I can do them. I can intensify my workout to the level of getting and seeing results. But by far my favorite it the people I’ve connected with. I love my team and I know God gave me this chance. I will not stop here. I want to be,an example to my family and friends. My 13 year old granddaughter told me a couple of weeks ago that she was proud of me.( be still my heart) see you gyts,Saturday.Blessing to all

Sundays coming

One of our teammate posted this and I wanted to share. Thanks sweet Cherl.  It’s Friday. Jesus is arrested in the garden where He was praying. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. The disciples are hiding and Peter’s denying that he knows the Lord. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Jesus is standing before the high priest of Israel, silent as a lamb before the slaughter. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Jesus is beaten, mocked, and spit upon. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Those Roman soldiers are flogging our Lord with a leather scourge that has bits of bones and glass and metal, tearing at his flesh. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. The Son of man stands firm as they press the crown of thorns down into his brow. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. See Him walking to Calvary, the blood dripping from His body. See the cross crashing down on His back as He stumbles beneath the load. It’s Friday; but Sunday’s a coming.

It’s Friday. See those Roman soldiers driving the nails into the feet and hands of my Lord. Hear my Jesus cry, “Father, forgive them.” It’s Friday; but Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Jesus is hanging on the cross, bloody and dying. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. The sky grows dark, the earth begins to tremble, and He who knew no sin became sin for us. Holy God who will not abide with sin pours out His wrath on that perfect sacrificial lamb who cries out, “My God, My God. Why hast thou forsaken me?” What a horrible cry. But Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. And at the moment of Jesus’ death, the veil of the Temple that separates sinful man from Holy God was torn from the top to the bottom because Sunday’s coming.

It’s Friday. Jesus is hanging on the cross, heaven is weeping and hell is partying. But that’s because it’s Friday, and they don’t know it, but Sunday’s a coming.

And on that horrible day 2000 years ago, Jesus the Christ, the Lord of glory, the only begotten Son of God, the only perfect man died on the cross of Calvary. Satan thought that he had won the victory. Surely he had destroyed the Son of God. Finally he had disproved the prophecy God had uttered in the Garden and the one who was to crush his head had been destroyed. But that was Friday.

Now it’s Sunday. And just about dawn on that first day of the week, there was a great earthquake. But that wasn’t the only thing that was shaking because now it’s Sunday. And the angel of the Lord is coming down out of heaven and rolling the stone away from the door of the tomb. Yes, it’s Sunday, and the angel of the Lord is sitting on that stone and the guards posted at the tomb to keep the body from disappearing were shaking in their boots because it’s Sunday, and the lamb that was silent before the slaughter is now the resurrected lion from the tribe of Judah, for He is not here, the angel says. He is risen indeed.

It’s Sunday, and the crucified and resurrected Christ has defeated death, hell, sin and the grave. It’s Sunday. And now everything has changed. It’s the age of grace, God’s grace poured out on all who would look to that crucified lamb of Calvary. Grace freely given to all who would believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross of Calvary was buried and rose again. All because it’s Sunday. BUT SUNDAY’S ACOMIN’!

Started off good…

I’ve had a few good weeks. One thing is I finally realized that because of the strength trainning I’m not losing as much weight but I do feel the inches coming off. I didn’t put this weight on in 12 weeks so it going to take a while. Had to go to doctor today. Sinus infection and 2 ear infections. Going to have to rest today but praying I can do some cardio tomorrow

Flying By…..

Time is flying by.  I think I might cry on my last time in our journey. I’ve learned so much and have laughted and cried with the best group of guys. I feel like I’ve made lifetime friends. And I’m feeling so much better about my life. My 13 year old granddaughter told me last week she was proud of me and that feels amazing. Do I wish I could have pay more weight?  Without a doubt but this weight didn’t happen in 12 weeks and I’m on the road and WILL NOT stop.  Gods blessing to all of you guys. We are all winners because we are all God’s children

Blogging is important

I’ve known since day one that blogging is important but it got home today. I love to read and share in your journey. I went to the celebration today and heard some amazing stories. I don’t know why I get so nervous in front of people because of you knew me you would think I could get up and talk in front of anyone. Lol  that’s one of the many reasons I love to read your blogs and can just put it out there. I wish I could remember your names share if you read this please. This last week smacked me down. I have been going to the gym every day and I know I’ve been tired a lot but I through that was how it is working and going straight to the gym. With the help of my trainers and team members I realized not eating enough was draining me. I was so tired by the middle of the week. So I’m making sure I have enough calories and protein to keep me going. Still tired but do I g it right. Expecting some good results from this learning experience

Reaching out 

I’ve been trying to get to the gym everyday which is hard when you work and have family to take care of but I don’t want to waste a minute. I don’t want to have regrets when our journey is over. I plan on the is being a life changing journey and we all need to give our all. I have the best group and love them all to the moon and back.  I pray that all of you guys give it your all reach out if struggling. I do and sometimes that all it takes to get my energy back. BLESSING TO ALL MY NEW FRIENDS

Meant to be

I have been going to quite a few of classes at the gym and I love it. I love the fact that I’m going so out of my confort zone to do these and that I’m getting to do them with my team. Today I was meeting some of them to do a aqua Zumba class. I went to my gym first to do my strength trainning and to the one on Adams mill rd at 9 to do the class. Found out they had cancelled the class but there was a ultimate aqua class. I can’t swim so I was so disappointed because this class consist of the deep end too. I was going home but decided to wait to tell the others. My teammate came in and was disappointed too but the trainer came over and told us to come try it and that we could stay in the shallow end. So glad I stayed. So much fun. Such a great work out and my teammate told me she would have left if I had not been there. It was so meant to happen this way. I mean I was so disappointed. Out of my co fort zone but I didn’t want to miss a opportunity  and of course, our GOD always has a plan. Again the trainers at the YMCA took care of us.