Lets finish strong

Only 2 weeks to go until the 5K so lets try and finish strong. I my self have not been feeling well this past week and missed alot of workouts. Now that I am on the mend a starting to feel better, its an all out strong effort to finish the RBL season strong. Lets all try and maximise our workout opportunities and regardless of where we finish on 10/22 know that this is just the beginning of a healthy lifestyle.  God is pleased will ALL of us for our efforts to improve our health.  He is most PLEASED with us ALL and no effort has gone unnoticed..

On the Road

Trying to get as much time in the GHS Y as I can before wife and I drive to east Texas 1300 miles  for her dads 75yr Birthday. Its about a 14 hr drive and we stop 1/2 way. Hotels will have a gym and road restaurants will be a challange..  Back is sore this week but not enough to keep me down.

Had an epidural 2 weeks ago that helped some but didn’t last as long as expected.



Strong Core = Less Pain

A few years back, my L5 /S1 required major fusion surgery to correct a collapsed vertibre that sat on my sciatic nerve and caused excruciating lower back pain and a condition known as “Drop Foot” which is a constant lass a feeling in my foot. Needless to say that was a difficult year of rehab / Major narcotic Pain meds and months of  immobility.

Now jump to 2017. I am part of RBL and working with a great GHS team to strengthen my core.

What I have found with under my Drs supervision is that the more my core can stay tight around the spine, the less movement in the area = LESS PAIN ..

The results have been remarkable. WIth the expert help of GHS trainer Shaun and the support of my GHS team mates, I have seen a drastic improvement in  both my mobility and a reduction in pain.  Not having to take Opiod pain meds is an answer to prayer. Being able to excercise/swim / lift weights / squats  has given me a new positive new vision on my post retirement quality of life.

I still get quarterly spinal injections however I am close to the point on not needing those fun shots either. 🙂

I can’t thank RBL enough for picking me to be on the team .

It just shows that getting off the couch / setting goals and working with a Team can change your Life from misery to anticipation to what God has planned for my post retirement life.

Retirement is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

Praise GOD

Sincerely,   Bill Reeves  aka    Mr Bill

A real man does Pilates

Took my first Pilates class at GHS on and what a great CORE workout. Great for my back and abs. Issue I had was that I was the only MALE in the class..  I stayed the whole time to be able to retain my man card.  I am in awe of the ladies that can stretch and bend like Gumby. I will definitely add this class to my weekly cardio along with some Yoga.

It was not easy by any means so guys y’all need to try Pilates to get the that 6 pack abs.

See ya on the floor   🙂






Thankyou HIS Radio

I realized with my previous back surgery of s1/l5 fusion, i need to be extra vigilant in my workouts. Thanks to HIS radio who is paying for Big Loser, I am able to afford a 30 min per week session with trainer Sean who will help me stay in correct form on the machines and also guide me to keep my back safe from harm and to reach my RBL2017 Goals.

GOD sure is awesome to know what I need even before I do .. Amen.

Team GHS Meeting

Great night meeting the GHS team. Sharing our reasons for wanting to succeed was a bonding moment . Looking forward to meeting again and working together in the GYM to reach our goals… Reach person is special and we all appreciate your prayers as we each deal with issues that only GOD can heal.

Retire from the couch

My name is Bill Reeves and 61 years young.  I recently decided to retire from the stress and angst of a Global Aerospace company. What I have found is that after 36 years of managing a fleet of turbine engines for both commercial and military aircraft, is that now “What do I do”?

I have been becoming a couch potato and doing zero exercise with high calorie cookies and treats to pass the day. I realized that from personal experience and also research statistics show that inactivity post retirement = an early trip to my savior. Even though I look forward to that day, my family would prefer I stay around longer to enjoy me warm and loving presence 🙂

I have a blended family who includes my  loving wife and 3 beautiful adult children.

I am thankful to HIS Radio / GHS YMCA & RBL for this opportunity to start a new lifestyle that will help me live long & prosper.

Thank you and cya at the Y.


Bill Reeves