Reality Check!

Hey everyone! I’ve been thinking about my journey on RBL2018 and have realized I have lost a lot of weight and inches off my waist. I really feel a lot better now overall. My pants size was 54 and is now 46. I’m doing really well so far I thought, but in reality I have let my self slowly go from working out 5 days a week and eating a really good diet that I worked on every week to making excuses to not go as much to the Y. When I go to the Y, I work really hard. I want to get back into my regular routine of going often to the Y. I don’t want to waste my opportunity I was given. Staying motivated is harder than I imagined. I believe every so often I will need to ask myself if I’m where I want to be in life with all aspects. I want to make a life style change that last longer that April 21, 2018. I want to look back and say in 2028, I remember the year I was given an opportunity to change my life and I’m still on my journey today. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. I’m going to make it.

I had a great Midpoint meeting and 4 week assessment!

Today, I heard amazing story’s from a few people in the RBL program. Plus, Gary from an earlier year. They all were inspiring to me. After that, me and my trainer and Sarah from Caine Halter went on an hour walk on the swamp rabbit trail. Lastly, I had my 4 week assessment and I lost nearly 20 lbs from the beginning of February and about 4″ off my waist. So excited!!!

Keeping my head above water!

Hey everyone, I had a team meeting tonight. Everything was good. I’m very excited to see how everyone is doing. After the meeting I was able to get in a Lower Body Workout. I was also able to increase near about all the weights on the sets. I had a rough week but I do believe it will get better. Plus, this morning when I weighed I was 320 lbs. At the beginning of February I was at 338 lbs. I’m really excited about losing the weight. Sometimes, I feel discouraged but I’m trying to keep my head above water. Thanks everyone for the encouragement.