Ghosts of the Past

I used to work for a great architect who religiously called me ‘Biggun’.  That name has stuck with me for quite some time.  I didn’t mind it so much, and don’t really care if someone calls me names, or makes fun of me.  Some people just find their self-worth in that, and people usually understand that they are…  mean and disrespectful.

I saw him again the other day, and felt like I had to remind him of what my name was.  He knew exactly who I was…  I was Biggun.

I don’t care to be remembered for that anymore.  Great motivation though.

Beast Mode

I did the Eastside Y’s Beast Mode workout today, and it was pretty awesome/brutal.  It was such a challenging and rewarding experience that I would have to recommend to anyone.  The instructor is really nice and understanding, and sets the standard for you to check yourself.

It is not for the faint of heart, but you’ll be glad you did it.

Image result for beast mode meme

Keeping the pace

The race has started, and its time to keep the momentum.  That has been a weak point for me in the past, so prayers are appreciated.

Thanks to friends and family for a wonderful support system.  It means a lot, and I’m very thankful!  Very thankful to have the opportunity through the YMCA and RBL!

Warrior Mentality

Only lost a couple of pounds for the week 1 challenge, didn’t eat as well as I would have liked, etc.  And after years of abusing my body with food, somehow, I consider myself an expert in eating healthy.  Not going to work that way!

I’m going to have to learn to do this.  Not going to happen overnight.shutterstock_546629683

The Road Not Taken

It is going to be the proverbial long road ahead.  I’ve never been able to lose weight, and given food a priority over many things in life.  It’s time to start putting God and family first.


I have the choice of two roads to travel on, and I’m going to take the one I’ve never traveled.  Your prayers are appreciated.

Thanks all!