So I did nothing

I didn’t do anything today. I was busy at work and had to go
straight home afterwards because I am on call. I decided I’d do the walk/run outside the neighborhood but I didn’t even get that far; it was too cold ugh. I thought that’s ok maybe I’ll go to the gym afterwards, but after dinner I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing tight running clothes and doing another exhausting run. Well at least I walked a bit, and I started parking farther away so I walk more.

Cement legs

We talked about cement legs when running, where during the run you feel like your legs are like cement blocks and you feel like you just can’t do it.

After today’s run at the Y, I did a couple of sets of exercises on the weight machines, then stretched a bit and got in the car to go home.

After the 30-minute drive home, I got out of the car and I felt it… cement legs. My legs just don’t want to move. I’m relaxing them now.