You’ve got this!

Today I reflect in the battle I’m trying to concur.

As I was scrolling through Instagram today, I noticed this quote posted by a good friend of mine. “You are beautiful. You are strong. You are a women warrior trained by the king for the very battle that is in front of you. You’ve got this.”

She posted this with a completely different type battle in mind. She’s pregnant with conjoined twins. She knows the likelihood of bringing her babies home or even holding them alive is almost at 0%. I’ve followed her post the past 8 months as she’s carried these sweet girls and I’ve thought, “wow, she’s so strong and beautiful”. Her battles is much larger than mine.

I sit here now and think about the battle I’m facing I’d trying to change my lifestyle and lose weight. I struggle often with cravings, not wanting to exercise, and trying to break the habit of fast unhealthy food. My battle is so small. I can’t do this. I’ve got this. You’ve got this! We’ve got this!!!!

Week 1 Wrap Up

Wow! Week one – the week I looked forward to for a month, the week I was so nervous about, the week I was so excited about, the week I had so many questions about, the week I found so many answers, the week I changed my lifestyle, the week I let go of the old me, and the week I started the new me. Meet Carrie Owens… 29 year old (big 30 next month!) Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, and NOW RBL family member and health fanatic.

Now to catch up and recap this week-

*The Kick-off – What an awesome event!? I never expected to leave so pumped and excited. I knew from the start that my coach was awesome (Sue). Our team (GIT) chatted as if we had known each other forever! This night was the first night to the rest of our lives. It really did change me in so many ways. I am forever grateful.

*Wellness Works Appointment – After feeling so pumped at the Kick-off event, how could this one appointment be even better. I was nervous about what to expect. Could I do it? Would I be too out of shape? What will they say when they measure and weigh me? None of these things even crossed my mind as I started this appointment with Sue. It was like she erased all the bad and for the first time I wasn’t embarrassed to weigh in or measure my strength because I knew from that point on, things would be forever changed. Again… I left feeling more pumped than ever. How could I be so excited for a weight lose challenge and lifestyle change? But I was!

*Meal Prep – This week my husband and I have learned that we love so many healthy meal options. I teach kindergarten and he works for Berea Public Service so neither of us have more than 25-30 minutes for lunch daily. We have always meal prepped but everything was frozen, prepackaged, and loaded with sugars, carbs, and everything else toxic to our bodies. Or it was fast food! We sat down last weekend and put together some meals and a grocery list. We have not only enjoyed the meals we have made, but the time we have spent together grocery shopping and cooking. More than one blessing for our meal prep time…. healthier meals and little date nights together in our kitchen.

*Weekly check-ins – I found this week that I love being held accountable for my new lifestyle change. I love having the best team to motivate and encourage me. This week I have done several independent workouts but my most favorite are with my new family. We have met a couple of times to run together. We have also met even with only 1-2 other members. The companionship and openness of our team is awesome. TEAM GIT in Travelers Rest…. thank you all! I am loving it already!

*Week 1 wrap-up – Ok, here it is… this week I lost 12 pounds! My goal was 3-5. All I can say is GOD is good!

Thank you RBL for this chance. Thank you for this team and family. Thank you for forever changing my life already!