Lifestyle change accomplished 

If you had told me 12 weeks ago I would be down 3 pants sizes and 3 top sizes I would have said no way. I have moved from sedintary to active. The last two weeks have been off schedule due to Sciatica rearing its ugly head however I will be back at it soon. I don’t worry about falling off the wagon and going back as that is not an option!  I have lost those sizes by pushing myself to move. With Fibromyalgia you don’t want to move but that is now in remission and not an issue. I am no longer sluggish and tired all the time. The pep is back in the step. I made basic changes to eating without having a meal plan and it worked. I am thankful for this journey and will not get off the path of health!  I will be walking the 5k not running but who would have thought “i and 5k” would be in the same sentence!! :). Thank you for all of the prayers and encouragement.

I made 7 Miles!!!!

Today is huge for me!!  I was able to make the 7 mile mark in fact 7.04 miles lol. These spin classes have been a great addition for me. They have increased my strength and well being. From where I was a year ago very concerned about my health to now is night and day. But when this 12 weeks #RBL2017 are over my journey will not end. I will keep walking, spinning and moving towards the healthiest, strongest Cendy I can be!!

I can sweat again!!!

I can now sweat!  This has been an issue for me since I had a mild heat stroke many years ago!  But now I am and it is just another broken barrier!!  It is wonderful that I keep finding new areas to report and am thrilled about it!!

The sweat appeared on my Friday spin class. I really pushed myself and have increased in distance and endurance…I burned 262 calories!!!  I increased the tension all the way to 49 and plowed through it

Saturday was the group day at the Y and even though I was late Maddy went with me and web plowed through it together.

Pushing harder every day and staying focused.


What a difference!!

So this weekend I was able to walk up a hill without stopping!!!  Four weeks ago I would’ve had to stop and catch my breath and then continue on. This journey, four weeks in, has been life-changing for me. I am more energetic and my fibromyalgia seems to be totally in remission which is huge for me because of the achy feeling I had for years all the time.

I did another spin class on Friday and really pushed myself and that’s one thing that Rob’s big losers has allowed me to get the mindset of pushing a little bit harder I have an amazing support system which is also huge for me.

Last year my health seemed to be spiraling out of control my blood pressure was all over the place which had never  happened before. My pulse was very high and it just all hit at one time so I started making a few changes here and there. I went from taking  no medication to five pills a day which was Very sobering for me. Now all of that is a distant memory this has been the catalyst that I needed to get the rest of my health under control. Right when I heard about Rob’s big loser going to be doing it again All of the sudden my blood pressure was under control …I’m down to one pill and that was before I even started. I had had some major swelling in my ankles all of that went away and I know that that was God just preparing the path for me to join this amazing group and have this journey so I am very thankful


Pedal pedal pedal

How exciting took my first spin class last night we have a wonderful gym at our office and while I couldn’t do everything I certainly got a great start!! I will be doing another spin class today as this will help build my cardio along with the plan it is gentle on the knees and I feel fantastic when done.

I am so excited to be able to add more things to the plan it makes a huge difference for me to push myself to gain more strength and the ultimate goal is to be the healthiest that I can be!

So excited!

I woke up this past Thursday feeling a body shift. I feel thinner. My clothes are starting to fit differently and!!!! My thickness is not as thick.  People are starting to notice at work. 

I have started think long term…what about after the program, specifically not being able to do squats because of my knees (which have an internal flame right now lol). So my daughter and I joined the Y in Simpsonville. Yes it is a ride for me but something worth going after ,My Health, is what is important. 

I have been up and down in weight for a long time and with Fibromyalgia I have struggled with feeling tired and achy all the time. Well I am sleeping better that ever before and am so excited to see what my future holds. 

Now it is time to get ready to go meet my Sat At Home Team!  Keep moving!


I have had good runs and the oh am I going to make it runs. But Not and I mean not giving up!!  This is such a blessing to me to be part of this!  Yesterday at work one of my coworkers said hey when is your next weigh in because you are going to kill it!  So amazing because it was the first day I woke up actually feeling thinner. I feel my body changing. YAY!!!