Way behind on my blogs, but up to date with my workouts.

I have continued to work through multiple health problems to keep running.  The best thing about the home program is that you can fit it into your schedule.  Unfortunately, my schedule changes week to week and that can be a big barrier to workouts.  Having the video’s allows me to fit my workout in early morning or late night.  Mornings are best because as the day goes on my energy goes down.  My work schedule has changed and thus block several of my team runs so I try to stay connected through our FB page.  I run two days a week by myself and one day a week with another group member which has been great blessing!  We encourage one another and keep each other motivated.    I have been working on the 22 min run.  So far I can make it about 19 minutes b/f I need to walk for 30 sec to 1 min and then I can return to a run.  I know our coach has us working on the 22 minute run but I have not accomplished that goal yet.  Perhaps today will be the day!  Due to a previous back surgery, each time I run I become inflamed and the next run requires even more pushing to work through the pain.  Apparently, the jarring of my body while I am running (even though it is more like a fast walk) it is just rough on my spine.  God continues to carry me on through the original shin splints, to the knee strains, and now back pain.   I knew this journey would improve my health but it would require working through pain.  I may not be the fastest, or the one who can run the furthest, but I will keep moving!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the race!


Overcome with emotions…

Today I struggled to get up and complete the running assignment simply because I have been feeling disappointed in my progress with weight loss.    I pushed my self to get up early and go through the motions to begin my workout still not really feeling productive or even positive.  I completed the first of the three 5 min runs and did not feel out of breath or desperate to hear the bell ring which signaled time to walk. Then the I completed the second 5 min run and my perspective began to change.  I started thinking that maybe my focus on the scale and my measurements going down was not really what defined success in my journey to get healthy.  Maybe my focus should be on how much better I feel while exercising, how my body seems stronger, and how my endurance and stamina had also improved.  Once I completed the last 5 min run I was literally in tears because I felt great and I felt like I could keep going.  God had revealed to me that my perspective needed to change for me to see the positive effects of the transformation occurring in me.   I was so focused on the old definitions of getting healthy that I could not see the improvements and changes that had occurred!!  I am sure anyone who was watching me would have thought I was having some sort of breakdown since I was crying, praising Jesus and just being grateful for the revelation.  I felt like my heavenly father reached down out of heaven and shook me into a new mind set and I was am  grateful for the new perspective.

I challenge each of you to reexamine your definition of success or your definition of “results” by changing your perspective.  Allow yourself to focus on the the good you have accomplished not on what you haven’t achieved yet.  I am feeling soooooo blessed!!!!! Praise his holy name.

5 minute running….

This week our team transitioned to the running routine that alternates between a 3 min run and a 5 minute run.  It surprised me how well each run actually went.  Tuesday I ran with my work buddy, Thursday I had a delay in my run due to a stomach bug.  I woke up in the morning nauseated and did not run.  As the day continued with me at work, I realized I was feeling better and decided to try and run after I got home.  It just turned out that besides work, I needed to pick up my youngest grandchild and keep him overnight.  This created another barrier to running.  He is 2 and not that easy to work around, unless it is a game for him!  Once my husband came home and we finished dinner I was finally able to think about my run.  So even though it was now 830 p.m. and at the end of my day, I began my run.  It was harder waiting till the end of the day to run but I managed.  I did not allow the barriers to become excuses!  My determination comes from God’s and the encouragement we receive from his word.  I know he will never give up on us and so I will not give up.  The progress for the actually weight loss has been slow but I feel good and my endurance and strength has increased.  I would be lying if I didn’t say I would like to see more results but I remind myself that my weight did not just show up one day.  It took years to become out of shape and overweight and thus it will take some time with a consistent workout plan and meal plan to see better results.  I remind myself the all this hard work will pay off in the end…I just need to stay on track!

Saturday I was not able to run with my team due to my grandson not feeling well so Sunday was the day that I ran and again was surprised at how much easier the 5 minutes runs were getting.  Now, let’s see how next week’s workout goes!



Small set back…

I have been keeping up with my workout and I am surprised at how much my endurance has increased!  The shin splints are healed and I am still having a few sore muscles with each work out but nothing that last.  Praise God.  I missed last Saturday due to an attack of all the pollen in our air.  Bubble bee season has not started yet but my sinuses decided to get a head start!

Today, I was back on the running schedule and started the 5 minute runs.  Again, I was surprised at how much my endurance has increased.  I still need to work on a rhythm for my breathing but I am sure it will come with time.

I am so blessed to have my running partner, Melisa Roper, who helps me stay on track during the week.  Sometimes I struggle with the excuses trying to get in the way of my workout but scheduling a run with a partner helps hold be accountable.  She has been a God sent!  Tonight I helped her get going since she was not really feeling like she wanted to run.  It is funny how God sends people in your life to help you with several types of needs even when you do not know you have the need!   I am grateful to the home group for keeping my working through the pain on those Saturday runs and Melisa for keeping me honest with my weekly workouts!  Now, I just need to get back into a routine with my blogging.

Third team workout can be summed up with four letters. P-A-I-N!!!!

Today’s workout was difficult to say the least, but I was able to keep going.  I am still nursing some terrible shin splints which according to the doctor, is causing knee pain.  So this morning  I laid in bed thinking of all the reasons why I could stay in bed  and not go run with my team but I kept coming back to the one reason why I had to get up.  That reason was the promise I made to myself that was to STOP THE EXCUSES!!!  Yes, I had been in pain all week in spite of the ice, heat, massage, and support brace.  Yes, it was cold outside and our team was to run outside today.  Yes, I did not want to take a chance to hurt worse but I still had to admit that all those reasons were really EXCUSES!  I got up, dressed, prayed, and prepared for our workout.  I wish I could tell you that once I got there it was all good and just the average workout but that is not the truth.  It hurt, a lot, so I had to do some kind of speed walk when I was suppose to be running.  Each team mate that passed me did so with an encouraging word.  Several of us were struggling this week but we all  made it through the training.  When we were done and we were stretching, we started talking about our struggles and successes.  One thing that all of us had in common was that we all keep showing up, no one has quit, and all of us noticed that we were not working as hard to breath as we were with our first workout!  Several of us were battling an injury or sore muscles but we could also see the benefits of how our endurance had changed.  This realization gave me a little lift and a reminder that pain is just a part of the journey but it did not stop me or my teammates.  Our lives can be like that sometimes, full of pain from illness, loss, or devastation of some sort but our heavenly father carries us and guides us through the journey.   Isn’t his love, grace, and strength an amazing thing?  I know he will heal these silly shin splints and pains in my knees.  I know he will continue to give us the strength to continue this journey to health!

2nd Team run and I almost passed out!

Saturday our team met at the YMCA for our second workout together.  I have been sick the week earlier but I was determine not to give in so I got up and drove to the Y praying I would feel better once I got going.  I was excited to here that everyone was able to stay on track all week and complete their workouts.  Then we started running and I knew from the start that I was struggling.  My legs felt like they were stuck in mud or like they had 50 pounds weights on them.  Doug’s smile and cheer kept me going but each minute brought more pain.  By the third run I was starting to think I was going to have to quit.  I felt defeated before I even finished the thought.  Then some of my teammates would go by or come up beside me and say come on you can do it and I would complete another lap.  One lap at a time my team would encourage me to keep going and by the 6th lap I was at a whole new level of pain and I had to slow down even on the run but I did not stop.  By the 7th round I was nauseated, overheated, and had what I thought was a pulled muscle in my knee, yet I kept going.   The final lap was very hard, but I kept going and during the cool down I actually got worse.  I don’t know if it was the virus or my poor body condition, but this was truly a struggle.  I   went home and iced my knee and the next day did some stretches so we will see how the rest of the week goes.

A morning at the gym and a night at the circus…

I have continued to stay strong.  I have accomplished my first week of home running sessions and my two day of exercise on my arms as well as the suggestion exercises that Rob shared.  So I was thinking, good job, keep it up, you got this….then it was time to take the grand son to the circus. I knew I would be tempted to dive into any number of the junk food cravings once the aroma hit so I began to panic!  Oh, no what if I can’t get through the first week without sticking to my goal of only eating good food.  So I prayed  and formulated a plan.  Instead of just one salad for lunch I will pack 2 and then eat one just before leaving work to head to the circus.  That way I would not be tempted. (Good plan right?)

Well, we all know even the best plans have flaws.  I did not have a hard time until that heavenly scent of cotton candy, popcorn, and the other treats seemed to saturate the air to the point of removing all my oxygen!  (or that is what it seemed like)  Panic set in, I began to pray for focus, I told myself I am not hungry and that sweet aroma was nothing but a trap, but it was still difficult to resist.  I am happy to report that I did not give in to ANY of those sweet treat and the circus was a wonderful show!  Thank you lord for helping me through one of the hurdles.  Isn’t it crazy how you may never think of eating those things until you find yourself in that type of environment.  It is almost like we are conditions to eat the junk if we are out having fun.  I am determine to not give up!


First day of my team’s group workout!

First day of my team’s group workout! I am both excited and scared to death! As I heard the alarm go off this morning I did my usual slow roll to turn it off and began thinking about the day ahead. I quickly remembered that this is the first day of the organized workout session […]

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First home work out…

Today was the first day I had to force myself to get up and complete the morning walk/job program.  I was up and moving at 6 and at first it was hard to just get dressed and outside.  Once I got started I was surprised how well it went.  I spent more time stretching before and after the exercise and that helped the soreness throughout the day.  I kept telling myself, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.  Interesting enough, that when I got home and read Rob’s post and video, he had used the same verse.  I am determine to get healthy and complete this challenge.  I am very grateful for the opportunity.  I really like how everyone is trying to encourage one another….we will overcome the battle of the bulge together!