Encouragement is something we need to get and give. This past week was bumpy. I didn’t get to work out as much as I wanted to and lots of issues this week. But I have been encouraged. Seeing other team members through the week cheering you on. Seeing Brian and Rob at Winter Jam. Little things can have great effects. I have really been blessed by our weekly meetings. The meetings are a awesome time of sharing together. Look for encouragement and be encouraging.

Just do it.

I bet you thought the title is about working out. No. It’s about writing this blog. I kept saying I am fixing to do it. But I got to get to the gym I do it after.  I am tired now I will do it in the morning. I am running late. I will do it after work. So the circle goes. Sometimes you just got to stop and do it.


I normally will grab something healthier from Chic-fil-a in the morning on my way to work while listening to His Radio, but this morning I was running late. Chic-fil-a had 15 to 20 cars in front of me. I can’t be late for work. Burger King across the street had 0 cars. Well I chose 0 cars and got the two for $4.00.

Got to get up earlier but I stay too late at the YMCA.

Keeping the right frame of mind

We are in week 3 now. I was told that I was the winner last week at Eastside YMCA. I am in this to win. I don’t mean the App Rob’s Big Loser but to win my health back. I  had reached the point of I got to do better or I would not be able to function.

Week 3 has been tough so far. I am not doing as well. I must keep going or I will not be able to go at all.

Take one away.

I had my doctor appointment yesterday. Doctor Rashid ask me what my sugar was running now. I gave him the number for the past few days and you should have seen the look on his face. He said really. He asked had I changed anything. I told him yes that I was doing Wellness Works at the YMCA. I am on 3 different sugar pills. One of them I take twice a day. The one I take twice a day, Doctor Rashid said take one of those away. As I continue to improve I hope to soon take them all away.

Thank you for all your support.