But Did You Die

Today was the first Monday after Day light savings time change. Yes, I got up at 4:00 am in order to get to the Y for a 5:15 class. Yes, I wanted to stay in bed on this cold and rainy day but that would not help me get to my goal. I really like Doug the instructor of the class. Today he wore a shirt that reminded me that I am not going to die from a little exercise. While I may have felt like I was about to die I kept going. I did not get fat in one day and taking off the pounds will not happen in a day. I must keep going even if tired.


It fits better

Friday night I worked The Blake Shelton concert. It had been a few weeks since I worked so when I put my shirt on I fit better!  I was pleasantly surprised! I had a tough week. My car broke down twice so I did not get to the YMCA much this week. Putting on the shirt just made me aware that the exercise was working even without a weight loss. I am praying this week is a better week and I can get to my workouts!

No more gluten free pasta

I have to eat gluten free do to allergies. Lets be honest, most gluten free things don’t taste that great. I normally cut up some veggies or use spaghetti squash as my pasta. I had found this little peeler and thought this could be a game changer. Well, I like it! It’s easy to use and simple to clean. It was worth the $1.29 I spent on it. I wished I had bought two!

I had a Ball!

Tonight my son had his Grand Ball for cotillion. Moms get to go and dance with their sons for one song. This was the first year that I felt wonderful. I look at this picture and can’t believe it is me! For most of my life I was very over weight, seeing myself at a somewhat normal weight is something I can get use to for sure!

I was craving ice cream!

It had been a crazy day at work and I thought ice cream sure sounds good right now. I asked my son did he want some ice cream and of course he said yes! As I drove to Bruster’s I thought why am I letting my emotions tell me what to eat. So I decided not to get an ice cream!! Instead I went home and made a yummy smoothie!!! Oh my, so good and good for me! I put frozen pineapple, hand full of spinach, half a banana, little orange juice, a half scoop of protein powder and some ice in a blender. Then I sat outside watching my girls and enjoyed my shake!

Planning Ahead

I am a busy lady! I started school last week along with working two jobs. I needed to make sure I could have nutritious food for the hectic times. I took an afternoon to prep some things. It made life a little easier to pick something good to eat as I walked out the door. I even roasted sweet potatoes which I ate for breakfast and dinner.

Self control

Photo Feb 16, 7 24 14 PM.jpgWe ate out at El Tejano Mexican restaurant. I don’t get to eat out much do to food allergies but have eaten here and never had a reaction. The problem eating at any Mexican restaurant is self control over how many chips you eat! I have been really good with my food choices this week and did not want to mess it up by eating a whole basket of chips. I decided to count out ten chips. I then saw how many I would have instead of mindlessly eating chips and not know how many I had stuffed in my face.  I also had a whole bowl of salsa with the ten chips. Yummy