Trying to hang in there

Life is a struggle sometimes. After finishing RBL and taking on the rest of this journey on my own, I was ready to get at it! For 2 weeks or so I did great! Dropping another 6lbs.. then bronchitis hit. I am now in week 4 and 2nd round of antibiotics for this terrible sickness!! I pushed myself this week to get back to working out since the onset. I had gained the 6lbs I lost back on. I havent felt like focusing on the foods I had been eating, or making sure to get my water intake in. I changed that this week too. Gotta get back on track, whether my body likes it or not — although, after last night, I think I will rest from strenuous exercising until my lungs/chest gets better. Overheating causes the coughing and wheezing to worsen. Just want to stay focussed on this journey and continue to better myself. Keep me in your prayers that this illness passes soon. Stay focused! Be blessed!

Time flies when you’re having..

Who knew going to the gym, sweating, hardly able to move the next day could turn into something “fun”… but it has. It has become fun for me because I am able to look back and realize how far I have really come! I hate to see RBL end.. but so thankful for RBL helping me begin.

12 weeks ago I would have never thought it would be possible to walk 1.5 miles, carrying on a conversation through-out. But we did that last night! 12 weeks ago I got winded going from my house to my mailbox – my front yard is not very big. To me, that is bigger than any other success I could ever accomplish. With 2 little grandsons just coming up, I want to be able to keep up with them, play ball and chase them around the yard! I can now chase after the 20 month old much better than I could then.

With making my weight goal, exceeding stregnth goals, suprising myself with stamina goals and most importantly – FEELING BETTER .. I am looking forward to not only the next 12 weeks, but the rest of my life!! Having some weeks of not losing, or only losing a pound or 2 may not have seemed great at the time, but looking back, after it had accumulated since the beginning, it has been worth the struggle of pushing through!

Thank you to HIS Radio, to Rob for helping others in this powerful journey, to the Y for changing my mentality – turning my cants into cans, to all the coaches for helping me learn how to do it the right way, to all of the other RBLs (especially my wolfpack) who have given me so much encouragement along the way! Now lets kick this 5k and continue with the next phase on our journey!!

Devotions Drown Discouragement

I have always heard that God know just what you need at the right time you need it. Sometimes, we just have to be told several times before it sinks in – or we truly listen! As RBL is coming to a close, my mindset and WILL has to be prepared to take on this rest of this journey on my own. Then this morning in my devotion, I read from Philippians 3:13-14  “Brother and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal…”  Now, while I know this speak of being spiritually focused on persevering in Christ, I also see this with a physical implication as well. After all, we are the TEMPLE. My focus has to be to continue this journey until I am where I need to be. My WILL power has to continue to be what he WANTS me to be. Not going back to my familiar place of eating like I used to, not being active like I used to and treating my body is if it was mine.  I have to forget about that familiar place and keep make my new lifestyle my new familiar. My motto going forward is “I am not yet where I want to be, but I am far from where I used to be”.   Not going back!

1 Step Forward and 2 Steps Back

That’s the way the journey feels at times. Last week, due to a sinus infection, a daughter having her gall bladder removed, and other birthday and shower get-togethers, I was unable to go to the gym but only 1-2 times all week. It has shown up in my weight this week, even though I only had 1 cheat day. I still gained 2 pounds. Consistency in exercise and nutrition is vital in continuing to be successful in this journey long after the RBL program. That setback has fueled a deeper commitment to not let up after the next 2 weeks is done. I can’t slow down. I gotta keep pushing, harder! No doubt there will be setbacks here and there along they way.. but I want to have the mindset that I am taking MANY steps forward to that 1 step back. I have a desire to finish these 2 weeks STRONG .. sinus infection or no sinus infection!! But pray for me — the 5k does have me a little weary. These sinuses have begun making my energy level (and breathing) a struggle. I want to finish the race – regardless of what place I am in or how long it takes me to do it.

Dressing Room Dread to Delight

One of the dreaded things ever for me is trying on clothes. The critical opinion of myself (my weight) in just about anything I would try on. Usually leaving me in tears and most of the time leaving the store empty handed. That was before my life, and attitude, changed with RBL. This weekend was the first time I went clothes shopping for ME! Found a dress I absolutely loved! Only problem was they only had 2. One would have been too big even 2 months ago, the other was 2 sizes smaller. My mind rushed with thoughts of discouragement if I went to try it on and it didnt fit. But then I thought of a positive — if its close it will give me something to strive for to hit by the end of the month. I grabbed another dress in my current size as a “Plan B”. Much to my excitement and surprise… IT FIT!! I was so elated!!! Now I guess next step is to start saving for a new wardrobe I will need in the coming months. And to look FORWARD to trying clothes on again is a wonderful feeling!!


Weekend Trip

This past weekend we took a group of young people to Camp Awanita. I have to say I was feeling a bit stressed when we got there and seen how wide-spread everything was. I knew it would be a weekend of walking – with hills. To say I was feeling a bit of anxiety over it, would be an understatement (just ask others in the group! lol).  I tackled hills, paddle boats, TONS of walking, a ropes course (minus attempting the wall, but braved crawling through a tire – even with a bit of a panic attack half-way through), and 4 consecutive volleyball matches – that just about done me in! I believe I am more sore from this weekend than I have been from any workout I have done so far at the Y. Proud of (most) of the food choices I made over the weekend. I didn’t make ALL great choices, but I guess we will see how good/bad it effected me when I hit the gym tonight.  The main thing I learned is to stop getting over-anxious over things that USED to give me breathing trouble! I never once lost my breath … well, except for the claustrophobic panic attack inside that stinking tire!! Awesome to see how far I have come since the middle of January – I couldn’t have made it thru half of what I did this weekend before then! What a BREATH of fresh air!

Size Changing

A month or so ago I bought a pair of capri’s from a consignment site. I was inching close to a size 22, but I was feeling really confident in my ability to make this weight-loss/healthy lifestyle thing work – so I ordered the size 18. This morning I decided, let’s just try it on to see how close I can get to getting them on. Let me tell you!! I was BEYOND elated when I not only got them on, but they fit well… with even a little bit of room to spare. I don’t think I can say (yet) that I LOVE trying on clothes .. but I am loving the ability to wear a size I haven’t worn in the past 2 years!! 5 more weeks of RBL — maybe I will see a size 16 by then!!

Don’t give up, TRY!

Since joining RBL in January, I began a workout group at my church. Mainly because I knew at some point RBL would end and I wanted to have a jump-start on a group that will still continue long after RBL ends. Our lady who comes up with the weekly exercise is working on becoming a crossfit instructor and she works on us each week. When I walked in yesterday she had the WOD (WorkOut of the Day) written on the board. I have to say I ’bout had a stroke!   100 shoulder taps, 80 bicycle crunches, 60 air squats, 40 sit ups, 20 push ups.  You couldn’t move on to the next exercise until you complete the previous. We had a 15 minute time limit to complete the workout. My body tried to convince me “you can’t do this” – but I kept telling myself “you CAN do this” and I had a super group of ladies who pushed me through as well! When you find yourself on the verge of giving up – You gotta push yourself to keep going (and surround yourself with people who encourage and motivate you)! I honestly don’t know what I would do without my “losers” group!! By the end, I had finished strong, with 30 seconds to spare!  You never know what you can or can’t do, if you don’t try; and when you try – try HARD!!

#Wolfpack – Strength in Numbers

#wolfpack  became a symbol of our group at the GHS Y when Mike Collier talked about feeling like we are a part of a pack – we all are going after the same goal. When you can rejoice with those who are accomplishing goals, even if they are farther along in their journey than you are; When you feel the hurt of others that are facing struggles beyond their control that is hindering their progress; that’s when you realize the TEAM aspect of this journey. As I Corinthians 12:26 says: “And if one member suffers, all the parts share the suffering; if one member is honored, all rejoice with it.”    There really is strength in numbers. If I am alone and get discouraged, chances are I will stay that way. But when we have each other, you know that you are not alone. Not only are your team-mates  there to encourage you, but they are also empathetic to your struggle because we are all facing similar struggles. I plan to keep my pack close because at the end of the next 6 weeks, these relationships won’t end just because RBL does.