Junk food…

So when I first started RBL I remember it was so so hard to not eat unhealthy. It seemed everywhere I looked there was always junk food. Everywhere I went or looked that’s all I could think of. However no matter how much my body craved it I didn’t give in.

Now with only a little over 4 weeks left junk food doesn’t tempt me anymore. Sure it looks good, but I think now what it will do to my body. How it will make me feel. I think is it worth it? Nope… So i have learned to enjoy other things. If I want something sweet I turned to a piece of dried fruit, or a banana with peanut butter and a little honey, or a cup of tea with honey, or a smoothie with spinach raspberries and almond milk… It’s amazing how that fulfills me now and I feel good about myself after I eat it. Not like before where I would always feel guilty for eating something bad.

Worth it

Last night was my first night back at the y in over a week. Me and my girls have been on vacation and sick.. It seemed like I would never get back to the y. When I was away I missed it, which is not like me because I hate working out.. well until recently. I have come to enjoy it.

So last night went good. I did my aqua bootcamp class, and am happy to say that after the top of my bathing suit almost fell off I now am able to get a smaller one! Lol After that I did my regular weights and cardio. It was really hard to get through all of that after being gone for all that time. However I did it! Also I weighed myself last night and was down 4 pounds! So that made it all worth it!!

Sickness Be Gone!

So went to bed last night, woke up this morning feeling like I did at the beginning of last week… To make matters worse my 1 year old has it now and my 9 year old is still dealing with food poisoning. Ugh… I am trying not to let this get me down but it’s hard not to be. I haven’t been to the y in a week. I got home Tuesday from my trip up north. I was able to do some exercising up there and have tried to do some at home but my body can’t handle it. Also it’s hard to exercise with my 1 year old attached to my leg… :’/ I can’t wait for all of this sickness to be gone!!!! OK ok I am done with my pity party.. lol I just am trying to be real…


Me and my girls got home yesterday night from NH. We had an amazing time, even though I was sick the whole time… I am still not feeling 100%, however tomorrow I will be back into my routine.

I am amazed more and more at the changes not just with me but my family as well. We have changed our way of life so much these past weeks not just physically but spiritually as well. We are closer now than we were before! I am truelly blessed! 🙂

Hello From NH

Hello from NH, where its freezing and there is tons of snow! I am here visiting family. I am still sick however I have been staying very active and have done really good with my diet. Yesterday we took the kids swimming at a nearby hotel pool and I was able to do some exercises that I normally do at aqua bootcamp while I was there.

I feel like I have lost more weight as being sick I don’t really have an appetite. I get home tomorrow and will be back at the gym on Wed evening! I must say being away from the y made me realize even more how much I do enjoy working out, so it will be nice to get back into my routine.


Looking in the mirror…

So last night I took a bath.. Before I got into the tub I looked at myself in the mirror. I don’t normally do this unclothed because I always hate what I see… However last night I for whatever reason I decided to do this.. and what I saw shocked me… I couldn’t believe the changes in my body. Where there used to be fat was either muscle or way way less fat.. I could tell a difference before but as I stood there I was in awe because I could really tell a difference!

So if you are feeling discouraged like myself at times for not loosing as many pounds. Before you jump into the shower or tub, take a second to really look at yourself in the mirror. Chances are you are like me and have lost a whole bunch of inches!



So my daughter got the chance to do the color run 5k last weekend. She came home very excited and informed me that there is another 5k run in Anderson on April 8 for cancer and wanted to do it with me. I didn’t even hesitate I told her let’s do it! It will be fun…..

Now as I am reflecting on that convesation today I am amazed because a year ago my idea of fun was alot different… We would of went to a movie and indulged in way too much soda and popcorn, or went out for ice cream, or some other activity where food was involved. The thought of doing a 5k never even would of crossed my mind… Now I will be doing two in one month!! Crazy!!! So this opportunity is not only helping me change my body, but my mind as well! 🙂