Been a while

It’s been a while since I have posted. Things have been crazy busy. I was down for a week with the Flu. This past week one of my children has had to go to the emergency room and may have some gallbladder issues. My wife also had some oral surgery. Work has also been very demanding. I haven’t been to the YMCA is two weeks.


Just saying all that is tiring. But today is time to get back on the proverbial horse. I’ll be back at the YMCA today and see if we can finish strong.

RBL uniform

I have to admit that wearing the RBL t-shirt into the gym the first day was a little intimidating. I am already having to go work out beside people that are in great shape and don’t want to bring attention to the fact that I am not. Wearing the t-shirt just yells out that I am not one of those fit people.

I now feel very different about the RBL t-shirt. I have gotten so much encouragement from people at the YMCA who seem to be genuinely excited about me being there. Now the shirt represents time to go to work, time to get it done, time take another step closer to my goal. I take pride in wearing my RBL t-shirt.


It Really Works (My A1C Test)

I received some test results today and I wanted to share a little background and some success.  For those that may be unaware, the A1C test is a measures the average levels of blood glucose over the last 90 days.  A normal reading is below 5.7, a reading of 5.7 to 6.4 is pre-diabetic and 6.5 and above is diabetic. In December, I had blood work done and my A1C was 6.4+. Basically, I was as close to being diabetic without the official diagnosis as I could be.

I began to eat healthy on December 20th (horrible time to change eating habits).  I cut out all extra sugars, have only drank water or black coffee, and stopped eating processed foods.  I lost about 15 pounds from December 20th thru the end of January.  Unfortunately, none of that weight lost counted towards RBL.  However, I definitely began to feel better.

Today, I got updated blood work that showed by A1C dropped from 6.4+ to 5.6.  I am out of the pre-diabetic range!  Eating clean, along with the exercise I am getting as part of RBL really works.  I am on a better path now and my health has forever changed for the better.


Family Benefits Too!

It’s 9 PM on Monday evening and I just got back from the YMCA. ¬†Had a good upper body workout and a 1.15 mile run/walk. The family is getting excited and starting to reap the benefits of the RBL program as well. ¬†My wife and daughter¬†got a good hour and half workout in the pool this evening and my son and I will catch some court time in the morning with some basketball. ¬†I can’t thank Rob, HIS Radio, and the YMCA enough for providing this program. ¬†You guys rock!

I also want to say a special thank you to Carolyn, my best friend and the best wife ever. She has been super supportive. (I love you baby!)

I find that I am really getting energized by the workouts and look forward to the next trip as soon as I finish the current workout. ¬†Cravings aren’t killing me and eating ‘clean’ isn’t as tough as I thought it would be. However, I am having trouble making time to prepare meals. ¬†For instance, this morning was crazy busy and I didn’t get the chance to prep a salad before work. ¬†I ended up eating a pop-tart around 1 PM because I was starving. ¬†Definitely not ‘clean’ and definitely not nutritional.

It’s getting late so it’s time to tuck in the young ‘uns and prep tomorrow’s meals.

Great People at the Y

I just finished my second lifting workout of the week and topped it off with a one-on-one basketball with my 14 year old son. ¬†It’s more competitive than you’d think as he’s already taller than me. ¬†While working out, one of the Wellness Coaches introduced herself. ¬†Her name is Tamika Pollard and she was a contestant in the 2016 RBL contest. ¬†It was super encouraging to know that she went from contestant to now working at the YMCA and helping others achieve their goals.

This has been a hard week to maintain healthy eating habits. ¬†I was traveling for work the first few days of the week, had two separate birthday dinners (Outback and Pizza Inn), and took a pack of kids to the Circus. ¬†I still managed to stay away from most processed foods and removed much of the sugar. ¬†I definitely didn’t drink enough water. ¬†I am looking forward to next week where I can plan meals better.

Week 2, here i come…

Wonderfully Sore

I had my assessment on Wednesday and then first workout on Thursday. It’s now Friday morning and I can’t move my arms. I didn’t expect this level of soreness right away. I think the soreness is a testament to the effectiveness of the Y’s Wellness Works Program. The soreness is a reminder that I am on my way to a healthy body! I am wonderfully sore.