Is it really week 4 already??

I can’t believe we are already in week 4! My house is finally back to normal and we are all well! Praise Jesus! I didn’t eat so great last week, but I am back on track this week!!! I am seeing results on the scale and in my clothes fitting not as tight as they were!!! I did get into a pair of jeans, that before were just too tight! Yay me!!!!

Sickness needs to go!!!

This will be a short post today. This week has been straight from the devil. I was not feeling good, this sinus yuck is horrible, but I did make it to the gym to workout a couple of times. And then my 2year old Jaxon was diagnosed with the flu, type B this weekend and he is just pitiful, if you could say a prayer for him!!! And pray this momma doesn’t get the flu!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that!! Here’s to praying this week to being better!!!!

Second Chance

Hey friends!!! My name is Heather, and this is my second chance! I am so excited to be on this journey again!! Last year in 2016 I was chosen to be on RBL and I feel like everything was throw against, I was really sick, and then my son got really sick and was admitted to the hospital and just everything (really the devil) was knocking at my door!!!! Back in January I decided to try this again and so blessed that God and His Radio gave me a second chance!! I am in week 2 and have muscles and my whole body is sore!!!!! #allfotHim #rbl2017 #secondchance