Oh ring where art thou?

So I now know the hard way that when a person looses weight they even loose in their fingers. My wedding ring fell off and I can’t find it anywhere! It just does not feel right not having a ring. I’ve been married for 14 yrs so that ring was very special. The budget says I can’t get a new one at this time either. So please help me pray I can find it soon. I’m happy I loosing weight but not loosing my ring.

The final week

Only one week left and I’m scared out of my mind. I’ve done so well and came so far but after this week I’m on my own. I can do this! I am going to keep at it. Eating healthy and being active. My goal is to be at my target weight by the end of the year and that’s very much possible. I’m going to keep in touch with my team and we can all hold each other accountable. No longer will I stress eat but now I will stress exercise!

Doctor doctor

So last week I went to the doctor. But before that I went the week I started RBL. My A1C was high and was told I was on the verge of being a diabetic. I also was told I had a fatty liver and my bad cholesterol levels were too high and my good cholesterol was too low. I had sleep apnea and high blood pressure as well. So last week I was tested for everything again and my doctor was literally in tears! He said I have lost 50 pounds since my last visit and yesterday he called with my results for my blood test and everything is now normal! He told me he was very proud of me and he wished all of his patients listen to his advice as well as I did LOL. Hard work really does pay off!

No excuse!

So this week has been a very very busy week and I’ve had very little time to go to the YMCA for my workouts. We are moving this Saturday to a new home and I’ve been spending most of my time getting our new house ready. So I’ve been turning the work at our house into a workout. Just like when I was ripping up carpet I make sure to squat and when I paint with the roller up and down I do squats instead of simply bending over. The house is totally empty and is big inside so I’ll do laps in the house. Before my journey with RBL I would have used this time remodeling as an excuse not to exorcise….not this time!! New body, new mindset.

7Yrs and 5K

So very proud of my handsome son! Running in the Zoom in the Zoo! He’s 7 and just ran his first 5k today! He’s such a good runner. Last week he ran 1.5 miles without a break! I’ve always worried about my kiddos taking on the bad eating and lack of exercise habbits I’ve shown them but since now I’m on this new journey living and eating healthy I feel like they are wanting to follow in my footsteps. I’ve had to talk to them and apologize for the poor example I’ve set before them. And now look! I couldn’t be happier ❤20170401_080144

40 on 40!

Here’s my video! By the way, I hit a milestone! My goal was to loose 40 on my 40th Birthday and I did! I also wanted to say that I hope I do not come across as bragging or arrogant. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a humble person. I tell y’all and friends and family about my pounds lost not to make anyone feel bad but to encourage others and also I thrive on compliments and the “way to go’s”. I have always had a very poor self esteem and always have had a lack of confidence in myself. I was the fat kid in school who was the last one to get picked and never won anything. So to know I’m doing something well and people are noticing and compliment me for accomplishing goals is part of the fuel to help me continue. Of course being healty for my family is fuel as well. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt or discourage anyone from loosing weight or folks see my results and just want to quit. I personally wish the contest had a separate womens and mens contest and 2 winners are named.


20170323_082315-1So during my workout this morning I was walking the track and I stumbled across this little piece of paper with only “40” on it. Ironically today is my last day in my 30’s and it’s like a sign from God that 40 is a new start. A fresh new beginning. As I was walking past it I was doing something good…getting fit….making a new me…walking into my 40’s the right way. It’s crazy how God can use something so small to make be think big!

3 Lonely Fries

So yesterday I was taking my parents around to run errands and my mother wants to stop at Wendy’s to get everyone some lunch. I took them there but declined to partake in the fast-food. So like pizza, I am a fast food addict. As I was passing out the greasy burgers and chicken nuggets I noticed there were three very lonely french fries in the bottom of the Wendy’s sack. They looked up at me and said “please hold me”. I just could not resist the sad look on they’re tiny faces so I held them. Then I ate them. Well they got very angry at me because the rest of the day my stomach was hurting and I was up a good part of the night over 3 lonely fries.

Seriously though after eating very healthy for the last 6 weeks the way my body rejected three greasy french fries says a lot to me about the times I had supersize french fries with triple cheeseburgers and a large milkshake with a large tea all in one setting. My body over the years adapted to the unhealthy food but I was actually smothering myself in fat and empty calories. Whenever I would eat something healthy it would make me sick because my body was rejecting it and now just the opposite is happening. That food was poison to my body and my brain told my body to get rid of those foreign objects.

So next time I take my parents to run errands I will very politely suggest someplace healthy like subway or I will pack my lunch before I take them places. And next time I see those three little monsters in the bottom of a fast food sack I will choose to ignore them.