Here we go

So here we go….we are each on this journey for various reasons. For me personally to try and incorporate healthier lifestyle changes and to implement exercise routines that help me to become healthier overall is my goal. I have not made much progress in weight loss to date, but I have had some small positive changes in regards to other measurements. For me this is frustrating to not see changes in my weight as I am someone who associates results with tangible outcomes i.e. Weight loss! I know that it will happen with time; however, in the meantime it is frustrating and disheartening as well. I pray to stay the course and keep my focus along the way.

Where does time go?

Well here we are in week four. I have my reassessment tomorrow night and I know that I have not progressed as much as I would have liked to in these four weeks. I have experienced some setbacks due to sickness. However, I still have 8 valuable weeks in which I can continue to make tremendous improvements by the grace of God. I have to stay focused and keep my goal in sight. Nonetheless, I am looking forward to ramping my exercise schedule up over the next few weeks to help me facilitate completing the 5k.

Great meeting

We had our group meeting tonight and it was great! It was awesome seeing everyone motivated to continue with each of their workouts after our walk/jog during our team meeting. While we all completed the walk/jog at our own pace – we are all in this together. Each of us struggle in some aspect of this journey and I pray that we all keep our focus. There will be ups and downs, moments where we question what we are doing, thoughts about giving up etc.; however, we have been brought together as a team for this journey and remember God makes no mistakes!

Work + Progess = Motivation

I am back at it after a rough first week and a half due to being sick. While the first week was hard due to not being able to get in the gym – I did manage to lose 2 lbs. I have been diligent in making better food choices and believe it or not I can tell I feel better overall. I have always enjoyed foods that are high in carbs and constantly drank a lot of sodas. I do feel better overall after decreasing carbs and eliminating sodas. Food choices are such an important part of this journey. Prayers for each of us to make continued better choices in regards to the food we put in our body. Remember it takes work + progress to provide continued motivation! And remember while the scales may not always move in the direction you would like – do your best and give it your all.

Week one

So the first week for me has been unfortunately not as productive as I would like.   I have been sick and have not been able to get my meeting completed with a trainer to receive my “exercise prescription” nor was I able to go more than one time to the gym to workout. There is simply no other way to describe my feelings this week as other than being frustrated and disappointed. I know this is a new week and am praying for strength and healing to get back in there to begin this journey.

First appt @ the YMCA

So today I had my first appointment at the YMCA. Today was the day that I dreaded due to knowing that my initial results were going to be terrible. However, Rachel reminded me we all have room for improvement and if we didn’t we would never be able to set goals for ourselves. That is so true! While each of us face our own struggles and we each will set our own personal goals – we are all in this together. As we each make progress in this journey not only individually, but collectively I am reminded of the following scripture:

2 Timothy 1:7 New International Version (NIV) For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

Best wishes for a successful week!

Variety of emotions….

I have to say this is a wonderful opportunity that we have been provided with over the next 12 weeks. I certainly feel that God makes no mistakes and that our groups are together for a reason! The kickoff was a bundle of mixed emotions for me from “oh my I am really here” to “what have I gotten myself into”! I became rather overhwhelmed with emotion as our team was called down to the front of the stage during the kickoff event. I thought there is a reason and purpose as to why I have been chosen and am here tonight. I have failed to take care of myself for way too long. Now is the time and this is where and who I need to take this journey with in order to accomplish my goals. God makes no mistakes! So I am scheduled to have my Wellness Works appointment tomorrow. I know that it will validate that I need to make changes in my life. However, it will allow me to set goals in order to be a better me and I know that Philippians 4:13 will be my reminder each day my feet hit the floor.

Prayers for much success and a desire for healthy living for each one of us!