So many thoughts…

I cannot believe that we are beginning the final week of this part of the journey!  It has been filled with highs and lows, successes and failures, hope and disappointment…but thankfulness through it all!  I remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement, fear, and hope I felt when I found out that Jason and I were both going to have this opportunity. I knew this was a chance not only for us, but for our children, to create better habits. We started strong!!!  Then things started happening…sickness, work…life. I have continued to be consistent with workouts, but not as consistent in the eating choices. I haven’t gone back to where I was, I am still careful, but there are times when I slip. Then I just feel defeated. I have definitely learned that planning is key!!  With one competitive dancer daughter and one soccer playing daughter and life as a minister’s wife and teacher…if we don’t plan, we fail. I have also confirmed that my family is a team. When Jason and I work together for our common goal, we succeed. But if one of us gets slack, we both do. I have always know a huge part of weight loss is a mindset…that is more true now than ever. I can’t let one day or week of less than great choices defeat me. I have to get back in there and just do it. I am so thankful that I can see the change on the scale and in my clothes. Before this journey, weight loss seemed like a mountain too high for me to tackle. I have been reminded that God will give me the strength I need and that no mountain is too high for Him. Although RBL is coming to an end, this journey is really just beginning!  Here’s to the rest of our healthy lives!

Moving Forward

I’m sitting here tonight reflecting. Tomorrow, after almost 3 months, my dad comes home from rehab!  That is beyond exciting for me! It also is causing me to think about this journey. When I got the initial phone call about RBL, I was at the hospital while my dad was having surgery. Since that day, I have seen lots of victories and lots of struggles. If I am honest, these last 2 weeks have been far from the best. Our schedules have been crazy, we haven’t planned well, my weight has pretty much stayed the same. I need a fresh start. I need to stop thinking about what has been and focus on what can be. Here’s to not dwelling on the past but moving forward!

Perspective and U-Turns

I was visiting my dad at rehab earlier this week. (He fell in January and broke both legs. Had surgery and has been in rehab since then.) I was asking how therapy had been that day, and he told me that he was able to walk about 80 feet. I was thrilled for him!  It made me think about the workouts that I am doing. He has to work so very hard each day in order to regain a better quality of life. He never complains…never appears defeated…just keeps working. It led me to think, am I putting forth that same effort to improve my quality of life?  Sure, there are LOTS of differences, but seeing him struggle certainly puts into perspective the blessing of the challenge before me.

This week has also led me to think about U-Turns. I knew I was headed in the wrong direction with my health and was thankful to have the chance to turn that around. This week hasn’t been great for me on this journey. I haven’t planned well, so with busy schedules, I haven’t eaten or worked out as well as I should. I am finding myself at a place that I need to redirect my path…get back on track. That is the plan. In the meantime, just thankful for change, U-Turns…and new beginnings, again!!

House Cleaning Joy?!?

My daughter was sick today, so I stayed home with her. Typically, when one of my girls is sick, that is a day for me to sit in my chair, all comfy, watching TV and snacking. I would claim it was to rest or be ready if they needed me, but the truth was I just didn’t feel like doing anything…never had the energy. Today was different. I cleaned our house!  With my crazy schedule recently, it really needed it. As I vacuuming my living room, I realized that I had been working all morning, and wasn’t tired! It was an amazing feeling!  Now, I didn’t get the whole house clean, and the joy may not have been in the actual cleaning, but there was definite joy in the fact that I felt like doing it!  I love all the small changes that I see along the way!  Looking forward to more eye opening moments of joy!

Victories and thankfulness!

IMG_4349.JPGI am feeling so thankful tonight. Sometimes when life is hectic, it is hard to sit back and really see the victories you are experiencing. I am so excited that I have lost 15 pounds and 5 inches!  I can’t even believe it!  I was flipping through the pictures on my phone and found one of the scale early in this journey. It was a reminder of the progress I have made. Tonight my husband took a pic of me and placed it by one from November. I was blown away!  I am so thankful that God is allowing us to take this journey. I am so thankful that Jason and I get to do it together. I am so thankful that Abby wanted to walk with me tonight. She even encouraged me to jog!  I am so thankful that Katie is excited about the changes. I’m just so happy tonight!

The Hardest Week

I am not normally one who longs for Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I love weekends, but this one cannot come soon enough. This has been the hardest week so far. The workouts and eating have been fine, but the craziness of the week has really made me struggle. I have been away from my children and have just felt like I have neglected everything at home. I know that in the long run this will all be worth it, and I really am loving this journey, but I thrive on family time. Fortunately, next week is looking less hectic. Until then, I will enjoy tomorrow’s workout, treasure the weekend, and look forward with anticipation to what God has in store for me. Even in the craziness, I am blessed!

The Tortoise and the Hare…

This week, I have heard people reference the story of The Tortoise  and the Hare in many different contexts. It’s a story that honestly I don’t think of that often. I have taught it at school, have read it with my children, but never really thought of it beyond that. This morning, that story came to my mind. I think it is a reminder of this journey. If I’m honest, I would love to be seeing some HUGE changes on the scale. I mean who wouldn’t like a quick, noticeable change that is just…done. The reality of this is that I am not interested in a short term, quick diet that will lead to failure 2 months after this competition ends. I am looking for long term, positive results. Given that, I have to remind myself that “slow and steady wins the race.”  Of course, competition is fun, but in the end, if we come out healthier than we were before, we are all winners. I may not be losing double digits each week, but I am losing each week. For that, I am eternally grateful. I will continue to attack this change at a pace that I can continue long after these 12 weeks have passed. Here’s to healthy living!!

I need a reset!

After being sick last week, I was really excited to get back to working out. I am still coughing and not 100%, but much better. So last night I decided to try TRX. Nothing against it, but it just isn’t for me…at least not yet. I can see myself enjoying that when I am stronger, but just not yet. I went today to do an ActivTrax workout. I love those (except the floor part, I never know quite how to do all those!), but I hate the cardio part. Physically it is ok. I can walk at a good pace, I can bike or row…I just don’t like to. I get bored!  I try listening to music, watching TV, doing Virtual Active, praying…but nothing makes that time pass quickly enough. In talking to my husband, I decided that today I would switch it up some. I would begin my workout by doing 5-6 minutes on a variety of machines. I decided that I would start with the elliptical. Let me say…the only thing I hate worse than cardio is the elliptical!!!  I cringe at the thought of that horrid machine!!  I got on, convincing myself that I can do anything for 5 minutes. I got to 5, then to 10…I actually did 15 minutes on the elliptical!  Now I know that isn’t much to some, but it was HUGE for me!  While I was on it, God spoke to me. I knew in my mind that since being sick, the scale probably would not move, but I was still hopeful. I stepped on and of course, it was about the same as last week. God reminded me that sometimes we all need a reset. This journey as a whole has been a reset for me as well as my family. We are resetting how we eat, how we live, how we think. This week, I needed to remind myself that after being sick, I need to reset…to get back on track. Being on that elliptical today reminded me that even when we feel down or discouraged, God is still at work and will reveal Himself to us in ways that we can’t imagine. Whether it is in the elliptical, treadmill, the floor, rising in your car…He is there. Not only does He allow resets, He will give us the strength and courage to do it!  This journey started one month ago yesterday. From the time I stepped on the scale that day until now, I am thankful to be down 10 pounds. I have a long way to go, but I’m thankful for the “reset” in my life!

The Best Part…

There are so many parts of this journey that I am loving. I love the support and encouragement we are receiving. I love how I feel after a workout. I love the feeling of accomplishment at the end of a day with healthy eating. I love seeing the scale go down and the clothes fit better. But the very best part of this has been the joy of doing this as a family. Seeing my husband make progress is so exciting. Seeing the awareness and changes my children are making is so rewarding. I am so thankful that this journey is one my family can do together. That is the best part!