What an amazing 12 weeks!!!

It just hit me at our last meeting last night that I hadn’t blogged in a while and that this will probably be my last one!! How bittersweet!! But I am praying to continue the journey –at our meeting they talked about scholarship for membership and that gave me hope 🙂

I can’t thank everyone enough at the Y-Caine Halter and His Radio crew and everyone who has encouraged me along the way!!

I did not meet all my goals as I heard others say as well, but I finished the 12 weeks, I lost 1/2 the weight of my goal (better than nothing LOL) and I am able to run the 5 K on Saturday and I will finish it!!!—all in all I would say that is pretty successful!! 🙂

Thank you, Lord Jesus for this amazing opportunity and all these amazing people!

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can!! :)

Met with Rachel-my trainer Thursday to get a plan for the last 2 + weeks before the 5K and Friday night after I week and a half of only walking a friend’s dog, I ran/walked a 5K in 57 minutes, 53 seconds!! I was so happy and encouraged!! I knew I could do it now. for the actual 5K on the 21st!! I thought the time off would ruin me, instead God used the resting of my knee for HIS Glory and got me through! Even though my knee did start to hurt again half way through, I knew I could finish it. But Lord, it would be really great if my knee could be completely healed 🙂
Anyway, it’s nice to be hopeful again! Thank you, Lord! and thank you for all those who encourage me!! 🙂

Over a week now . . . .

It’s been over a week now since I have run at all anywhere-treadmill, trail, ANYWHERE -AAAAGGGHHH!!
My knee seems a lot better-the brace is helping-so I am going to the Y tonight and I will try a slow jog!! Say a prayer please! I need to get back on track at least a little bit to face the 5K !

Praying for all who are sick and injured!! 🙂

It is what it is!! YEAH!!! :)

So my knee refuses to heal-even with some time off–not sure quite what to do?? Can’t afford any medical bills right now-no insurance–trying to still do strength training and some walking. It is getting kind of hard to not be discouraged 😦 Please pray for me if you would 🙂
Still not giving up-just need some encouragement and healing, Lord-thank you!!


Can’t believe it’s WEEK 8!!!

It went slowly for awhile there. BUT NOW . . . . .WOW!!! only 4 weeks to go??!?!?!?!? How did that happen? I don’t feel ready for the 5K like I want to be–sometimes it feels like my energy, speed, endurance is in week 1–like this weekend–but it was hotter too-I’m hoping that was the culprit-LOL anyway, I am going to work out extra hard tonight after taking a day of rest yesterday! Trying to stay encouraged! 🙂


Thank you, Allison for the pic!! 🙂 and thank you so much to you and everyone at HIS RADIO for their support encouragement and making this possible!! Brian posted that this is so much better when we’re doing it together and pushing and encouraging each other!! Couldn’t agree more 🙂 Thank you, Lord for making this possible:)

And so goes the journey . . . .

I have pushed passed the 11 lb barrier finally!!! and have lost 12 lbs now–I know the numbers shouldn’t matter, but sometimes they just do!! LOL-I have re-assessed that I will probably have to walk/run the 5K and I am working on acceptance of that.  I will keep working hard and praying and let God work in me 🙂

Run the race!!

I am feeling sluggish and weary and discouraged about not being where I want to be as far as being ready for the 5K. So I decided to look up Scripture verses about running the race to stay encouraged! Here they are:

Hebrews 12:1  “. . . and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us. ” Although, this is meant for our spiritual race/growth here on earth-we can apply it to any area of our lives I believe.

1 Corinthians 9:24 Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.

My winning would be running steadily without walking-not winning the 5K, but I am not feeling like I can meet that goal at this point. Any guidance, suggestions, encouragement would be appreciate 🙂

Some lessons need to be learned the hard way-Ugh and LOL!!!

I took two days off in a row last week . . . . . . NEVER AGAIN!!! It wasn’t necessarily intentional, but boy did I learn that does not work for me!!! I almost felt like I was starting over on Thursday and all my stats seemed to fall away!! BUT–I know now and will only ever intentionally take off one day at a time!! No pun intended! LOL

Anyway, I got a light work out in Thursday at least-then hit it hard again Friday and Saturday!! Feeling like I am back on track!! Woo hoo!! Plus I met with Rachel for my 4 week assessment and I have lost 9 lbs and 4% body fat-she was proud of me and then felt awesome!!

Ready to work out hard again tonight!!

Thanks to all those who encourage me!! 🙂 Love, prayers, and encouragement back at ya!!

Haven’t posted in a while

Good Morning All-

Not enough hours in the day some days!! LOL I don’t know how people get through their days and struggles without God??!?!?!? Life is tough and busy-but with God it’s not only possible it’s rewarding and joyful 🙂

Worked hard last Thursday through this Monday-took last night off and tonight is rehearsal for church, but plan to hit the gym and workout hard Thursday through Monday again–sticking to a better diet has seemed to get a little easier-LOL 🙂 Praise God!!

Stay strong and encouraged by God’s great love and mercy!! 🙂