Food Prep.


Today I prepared some meals for the week. Eating right is the hardest for me so if I don’t prepare I’ll give in to the bad food. I have given up sugar, salt, red meat and mostly dairy. So I made green smoothies with spinach, pineapples, peaches and egg whites for breakfast and sweet potato chips (baked) with cinnamon to snack. I got this, Keep on pushing forward!

First weekend

This past weekend was hard. We took a trip to see family and there was no healthy choices. I was surround by all of my favorite junk food chips, gummies, cookies and there was even a gravy biscuit the next morning. I had no choice. I ate a small portion of gravy biscuit with water instead of Dr. Pepper and I took a trip to the store. At the store I bought some protein bars, fruit and waters. The rest of the week I was determined. Next time I’ll be more prepared!

Wellness test

Today I was really busy with normal day to day things and had to make time to get my wellness test done and eat right. The test was not hard but did come  with a shock to realty of where I really am at has far as my health goes. Overall I am pumped and my family is being supportive in my eating habits which by the way is the hardest part for me. Day 1 of the rest of my life!