So this is it 🙁🙄😃

Tonight is my last blog, tomorrow is the RBL 5K am I ready? I guess I am as ready as I am going to get!

Had my final assessment this past Wednesday night and was sooooo pleased with my results! I am down 26 pounds and a total of 23 inches!!

To say it was easy would be a lie, I have worked my booty off and tried very hard to stay faithful to my good food choices I have cheated, fell of the wagon, had family sickness and even crisis, but I have tried my best to use my workouts as a stress reliever, and that is what I think has helped me the most, channeling my stress by giving it to the LORD and trying to improve this temple he has given me!

Of course there is always room for improvement. I do plan on sticking with the plan by keeping a membership at the GIT YMCA. I want to continue my 6 day a week Y/home workouts and hope to see another success 12 weeks from now, which just happens to end right before my family’s beach vacation!  If I can achieve similar results this next 12 weeks, by then, I should be within site of my complete goal!

Tomorrow may be the end of the RBL competition, but I am only 12 weeks in, to the new healthier me!!

Insane week, but can’t lose focus!

So the past seven days have been insane to say the least!! I feel like this world is throwing so many things at me all at once, but I have to press forward. To me this is not a challenge, not a competition, not a game. To me this is a new life!! The life of making better choices, the life of trying to get exercise where ever I can!! As many of you know my precious sister has been in the hospital since March 20 due to a head on collision by an individual who made some very poor choices, sometimes that means I miss a workout at the Y but that just means I park further away from the hospital to get a good walk in, that I take the stairs instead.. That I make every thing I do an opportunity to do better.. In life my kids get sick, my kids need a visit to the hospital for an emergency, my brain does not always work and I need a CT scan, that means I AM LIVING LIFE, and how I treat my body does not take a backseat to things that happen….

Sometimes you just have to rearrange where you are sitting! ❤️❤️


So week 8 was an eventful one, started out last Saturday, had a horrible day, felt bad not up to going to the gym, no strength or motivation basically what I told myself was a wasted day.. On Sunday I felt a little better, made it to the gym and was able to do a little but still just wasn’t feeling it….

Then Monday came and at approximately 7 am I received the call no family member wishes to ever hear, my beautiful best friend, my sister had just been involved in a horrible head on collision,on her way to work.. WOW now that’s something that will wake you up, literally and figuratively!

She sustained multiple broken bones in her lower extremities, both femurs, hip, knee, tibia/fibula, pelvis and several ribs… But she was ALIVE PRAISE GOD!! So needless to say my Monday and Tuesday were a little crazy, by Wednesday things had started to take on a new “normal”for our family, as we continue to show our support and love, and help encourage her in this long, healing process.. That day as I left work I had so many things crowding my mind, do this, do that, anything and everything as long as it was not physical, and then it hit me…

You need to press on… I immediately started heading to the gym all the while thinking about the beautiful creature, I have the pleasure of calling my sister,  and what she would want me to do. See she’s one of my biggest encouragers, one that builds me up and motivates me to do better… Here I have these two functional legs that I can use to get stronger and I actually have the audacity to waste an opportunity to use them…

From this point forward, in my journey of a healthy me, each and every time I am in that gym I will dedicate it to her, by doing the best that I can do to make myself stronger so that when her journey begins I can try to be the solid rock for her, that she has ALWAYS been for me!!

It’s about more than weight!!

So I know the name of this competition makes everyone think about weight loss,

“Robs big losers”

but it’s so much more than that. Its actually all about winning… and I have had so many wins,

I win, every time I make a healthy food choice. I win, every time I choose water over soda. I win, every time I wear an outfit that’s loose.  I win, every time I go to the gym and work out. I win, each and every day I wake up and get to do it all over again.

So the way I see it, regardless of the outcome of this challenge, each day I invest in my health…





So here we are, almost at the end of week 6, halfway through the competition, and I find myself looking back on the past few weeks and realizing how fast the time has flown!

Now I could talk about how easy it has been to change so much about how I eat, or how easy all of these workouts have been, but something tells me you know better than that..

I have been working my self to death 6 days a week, and then I get on the scale and I’m down 1 pound, ONE POUND, or even NOTHING!!

And I wonder, how in the world am I ever going to get to my goal weight? I second guess the program, and then I hear those four little words, from a loving father, “my will be done”

❤️ Of course, for it was thee who made this opportunity possible, and it is thee who takes the pain from these run down, diseased knees, and it is thee who gives me the energy boost I need to make it to that 3rd mile, it is thee who take the cravings from my brain, and it is thee who helps me keep it all together and not go insane..

it is thee and not me !


I can’t believe we are so close to starting week 6! So far this has been a rewarding journey, hard but rewarding. Last night was the first workout I was unable to complete, I would have normally done 2.5 miles on the treadmill followed by the upper and lower body weight machines, but my body had other plans, I had to PUSH myself to make it to the 2 mile mark, and the weight that I would usually be able to do the full set of, I had to stop short… I felt better tonight and was able to do the full time I would normally do, at home, on the Elliptical. I can honestly say I really felt bad last night for not being able to finish and had to really pray for the Lord’s strength…… but tomorrow is another day.


So week four started this past weekend and I celebrated by increasing my cardio!!

I am now able to walk a full 2 miles and still be able to work out after the fact, and that makes me feel really good, considering the fact that it was just a few short months ago that, I was miserable after walking a very short distance!!

My weight loss has not been as great as the first week, which was a 7 lb loss, but I am averaging at least 2 lbs a week and I am satisfied with that, I know the weight came on over time, so I know it will take some time to get it off.

The beauty of it all is that I know success is not always measured by loss, it can be measured by feeling better, building muscles, being more active, and losing inches!!

I am encouraged daily by my loved ones and friends who have been a HUGE help to me, I have even been told that I have inspired others which always brings a smile to my face!!

Today I turn 44 and I am determined to get fit in my forties!!

Thank you to the good LORD above for the gift of life, and thank you to His Radio for the gift of a healthier me!!

Already week 3?

So hard to believe that we are starting in to week 3!! Time does fly when you are having fun. I am at that stage now where I look forward to the feeling I get after a workout, and because of that, I try to do whatever is needed to make sure I get to go! And if I miss one, like I did last week when I was sick, I feel horrible about it!  Don’t get me wrong it has not been easy but so far it’s been worth it! I have been trying to mix it up a little with my cardio, treadmill, elliptical, walking outside, just doing something to stay moving as much as I can. Still trying to tweek my diet, just watching my calorie intake and keeping track of EVERYTHING I eat, and it has really helped me to try to go for the things with fewer calories. It’s amazing how you never really think about how many calories you ingest until you start seeing it in writing!! Come on RBL2017 we CAN do this’!


Week one went great, tried my best to work through all the soreness from the workouts, and managed to work out 6 out of 7 days and it paid off, 7 pounds down!!

Now on to week 2, trying to go a little longer on my cardio and a little stronger on my strength training. And my family has been very supportive to me by giving me the motivation I need to get though each and every day!

Don’t get me wrong the first week was not a cake walk and I expect things will get harder before they get better, but I will continue to try to move forward, using The Lord as my guide and good health as my motivation!!


Thankful for this opportunity!!

I am so thankful to everyone involved for this opportunity to be able to focus on my health with a great team! The group at the GIT YMCA are a wonderful group or motivators that help to encourage each other to do our very best!! I started Saturday with my assessment and have been going strong ever since! Thank you so much for all of the support, I can’t wait to see what The Lord has in store for us all!!