Yesterday Was Another Sad… Yet Exciting Day… And I Just Had To Take Some Time To Reflect For Not Only My Amazing Team But Also Those Family and Friends Who Have Been Following My Journey…

I was up before the crack of dawn getting ready to participate in my First 5k run as a Robs Big Loser contestant… It still doesn’t feel real saying me/my/or I and run in the same sentence… I’m still in total awe of how far God has brought me these past few years. β™‘

I’m so thankful my baby Cris came to show his love and support. He gave me a drink each time I passed. And his proud approving grin kept me pressing on! I know mama had a great big grin on her face cheering me along too… it made me cry just thinking about it while I was out there…β™‘

I couldn’t help but think about how proud she would be… not just for all the work I’ve put in to achieve the weight loss but more than anything that my diabetes is under control now… without taking ANY medicine!! Those extremely high sugar levels that used to upset her so much no longer exist in my body!!!

πŸ‘Š Introducing proper nutrition and exercise gave the diabetes a nice lethal throat punch and it no longer plagues my life!!! πŸ‘Š That non-scale victory alone means more to me than the almost 100 pounds of extra baggage I’m no longer carrying. πŸ˜‰

Don’t get me wrong… I still have a long way to go in this journey… but I’m more confident than ever that with God as my strength…I can and will cross that final finish line with a smile on my face! He’s given me a glimpse of those wings that are sure to break through anytime now… the metamorphosis is well underway…β™‘

These past 12 weeks have played a significant role in that process… They have been Absolutely Amazing!!! My team and I have had highs… and lows… and many struggles… but even more victories!!! Through all the adversity, sickness, pain, and just life in general getting in the way of our accomplishments… we grew stronger as a team as we lifted each other up with messages of encouragement and prayers everyday. These awesome men and women have been a tremendous group of support and accountability and I really can’t express my gratitude! Accountability is definitely key!!! But the best part is… it doesn’t end here… because we’ve also built lasting relationships along the way as well and I will always have mad love for my team!!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each and every one of you!!! Rock on Rock Stars!!! You got this!!! May God richly bless you with an abundance of grace to finish your race! β™‘

I also want to thank those family and friends here who have taken time out of their day to offer a word of encouragement my way… you guys have been awesome too!!! And I also have mad love for you!!! Until we meet again… I pray you feel His love and strength helping you make it through whatever challenges you face! β™‘

Sweat Equity Saturday…

Triple the sweat equity this morning taking our Boot Camp outside!!! I’m so sore I can hardly move… I realize I still have a looooong way to go… I haven’t used an inhaler in years, but I definitely could have used one out there this morning! I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest the whole time! Plus, my body still hasn’t recovered from the pain of Thursdays Boot Camp… todays pain just decided it was going to pile right on top of it! 😣 When I tell you I am dead… I mean I can’t move… I’m sitting outside the grocery store wishing I had a personal shopper right about now…πŸ˜‚ Y’all pray I make it in there… I need my waters and Greek yogurts for the week…😍

On a positive note…it was great to have more of our team back this morning working out with us! β™‘ I’m hoping to see the rest back soon! We’re stronger together!!! πŸ’ͺ



Time & Strength

So yeah…my relationship with time isn’t pretty… it runs at a much faster pace and laps me continuously… taunting me as it passes…

However, I truly am TRYING to manage it better so bear with me… I’m making progress… but I think that journey will prove to be even tougher than this one… Especially when days turn into weeks before you realize it… It feels like it’s only been a few days since my last blog… Nope… two weeks already! And now we’re in week 8??? That just doesn’t seem possible…

Directly after my last blog…the sickness that plagued everyone else finally hit me… like a ton of bricks too… Actually, I think I was hit by two different ones… Boot camps managed to fall between hits so I made those… but I missed a few workouts… didn’t make it to the track near as much… and I graced Taco Bell with my presence after a few days of emotional madness…

I didn’t let it get the best of me though… I toughed it out… pushed through… refocused… and got back up ready to tackle my next small goal… which will help me claim Victory over my first BIG one…I’m so close I can taste it… I’m now just 14 pounds shy of losing 100 pounds since my highest weight in March 2015…

I’ve probably hit every possible roller coaster in the park… but thankfully God has managed to keep me on track by strategically placing amazing people and opportunities along the way to help…

This opportunity with RBL, in itself, has been MONUMENTAL in my success… I’m doing things now that I never imagined possible…

I grew up with asthma so even in my “skinny” days… I Never Ran… Never Planked before either… and certainly didn’t do Plank Push-Ups!!! Or Mountain Climbers!!! Or 6 Inches!!! Yeah, I’m still working on those… but I can at least do them now… even with the added weights… Squats!!! Yep… those too… as well as a number of other things… What is really incredible though is that I’m actually enjoying it!!! I look forward to it!!! I mean…we have a love/hate relationship… I dread doing them individually… but the victorious sense of accomplishment afterwards makes every burning muscle and bead of sweat worth it!!! I moan and groan and cry sometimes… yes… I cry… I get very emotional when I physically can’t do things… especially when it’s because I don’t have the strength because I don’t like to think of myself as weak… because I’m not… in any sense of the word… but I do have weaknesses… and I’m working very diligently to overcome them… and with God providing my strength… I will do just that…

I said all that to say this… NOTHING is impossible… even if it feels like it is… even if you can only start with 5 seconds at a time… like I had to on some things… do it everyday for 5 seconds…do it twice a day for 5 seconds…it will pay off!! I promise!! Next week you’ll realize you can do it for 10… then 20… then 30… before you know it, you’ll realize you’re doing things you once thought were impossible… and you’ll start to LOVE it too!!! So give it shot…

Until next time…Much Love and Many Blessings to You and Yours…β™‘

Catching Up….

This past 5 weeks has really flown by! I really don’t know where the time has gone…or maybe I do…

I’ve been working out at the gym 3-4 nights a week on my strength training.

I’ve been doing Boot Camps on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays with Lou and the rest of my team! By the way…Team Verde Rocks!!! Just sayin…

I’ve been walking at least 3 miles a day 4-5 days a week at my local track. At first, I was walking 5 miles, but decided that was just to much once I started strength training and Boot Camps.
I’ve also been meeting with my personal trainer, Bridgett, on Tuesdays before Boot Camp…Yes, that is a triple whammy on Tuesdays! But together, they are toughening me up…so I try not to refer to them as Torture Tuesdays! But rest assured…I’m dead on Wednesday!

Nutritionally…I’ve made A LOT of changes as well. I eat a ton of vegetables now…rarely anything fried…lean meats…mostly boneless chicken breasts,Β  turkey burgers, and fish. I’ve hit a few bumps along the way with this, but I try not to let it get me down when I do. I take it one meal at a time. However, I do meal prep occasionally since I find it helps to have something quick and easy to heat up when I’m in a rush.

My weight has been doing its own thing since we started this. In the beginning, I dropped a substantial amount. Then, managed to gain almost half of my loss back the following week. I spent the next few weeks losing it all over again. I have NOT seen the consistency on the scale that I anticipated…especially considering all the work I’ve been putting in as well as all the nutritional changes. However, I have seen a dramatic difference in my clothing even when the numbers on the scale increased…my waistline has been decreasing…so I’m trying not to let it discourage me to much. My total loss since Kickoff as of Saturdays weigh in was -18 pounds. πŸ’ͺ

I feel very blessed to be given this opportunity…especially the love and support I receive from my team and my trainers!!! They are, by far, the BEST!!!

I’m also blessed by the support coming in from family, friends, other RBL contestants, and even total strangers who recognize my shirt sometimes. I couldn’t make it without you guys!!!

Again, I apologize for not keeping up with the blog and I will try to do better from here on out! Many Blessings to you and yours!!!

~ Kristina ~

Metamorphosis…It’s All Part Of The Process

In September 2016, I was walking along the beach in California looking for seashells with a sweet friend I met while vacationing there. As we made our way down the shoreline, she found so many beautiful shells, as well as a couple sand dollars. However, all I could find was one broken piece after another. I could not, for the life of me, find a whole shell. I admit…I felt so broken at the time. My heart was heavy. I couldn’t stop grieving the loss of my mother in July 2015. The brokeness consumed my heart. As I walked along the beach, I remember praying to find a whole shell which I felt would represent me being made whole again. But in that moment, I clearly heard God tell me to take all those broken pieces and make something beautiful because that was exactly what He was going to do with me. He said a metamorphosis was about to take place and that I would be healed mind, body and soul. The only metamorphosis that came to mind at the time was that of a butterfly. Instantly, tears streamed down my cheeks as I explained to my friend what God had just revealed to me. In that exact moment, I glanced down and FINALLY found a WHOLE sand dollar!! Words can’t express what took place in my heart that day and in the days ahead. The Lord took me on more adventures in that six week vacation than I had been on in my entire life! And let’s just say He’s been making good on His promises ever since. β™‘

Near the end of December, Rob posted a link to join “RBL 2017” on Facebook. I’ve always wanted to sign up, but something has always held me back. Well, this year…I felt God nudging me to join. After wrestling with a list of reasons why now wasn’t a good time, and receiving a number of confirmations about “His perfect timing”…I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and submitted my entry. Then, I prayed…His will be done. β™‘

Needless to say, doors started opening, I stepped out in faith a few times, and here we are. I attended the “RBL Kickoff” last Thursday and became part of the most amazing group…The Verde Rockstars!!! β™‘

Friday, my son and I hit the gym for a few hours. I managed about 3.5 miles in 2(30 minute) sessions on the treadmill…about 7.5 miles on the bike…as well as some light weights. My son and I had so much fun challenging each other. He was so supportive, encouraging me every step of the way…saying “You got this mama”, “You can do it”, etc…giving me that approving smile n’ wink and random high fives.Β  I know I wouldn’t have pushed myself no where near as hard had he not been there. We’ve been through a lot these past few years and this is EXACTLY what we needed. I’m so thankful to Rob…HisRadio…the YMCA…and all the sponsors for the opportunity to not only transform my body…but also my soul by rebuilding a healthy relationship with my son in the process. God had more in mind than I imagined. β™‘

Of course, the enemy doesn’t like when things start coming together…so yeah, we ran into adversity right away. Upon returning to our car after our amazing workout, we found my driver side window busted out and my purse missing. A couple hours later, after talking with the police, our 25 minute drive home was miserably cold with temperatures in the mid 30’s…but we made it home without further incident. 😨

Saturday morning rolled around early after our late night and I didn’t make it to my 1st Bootcamp. Honestly, I started to grin and bear it, I just cant do cold that early and it was in the low 30’s. Sorry, I’m a Florida girl. However, I did drive to a nearby track to complete the challenge. I sent the results in via our group messaging app. That is when I realized how AMAZING my team is!!! They were so supportive and encouraging!!! We’ve been praying and lifting each other up ever since and I really look forward to the next 12 weeks with these Rockstars!!!! β™‘

Sunday, my son and I made our way back to the gym…still freezing on the way there and back…but we decided working out together was totallyΒ  worth it and we weren’t going to let the enemy stand in our way! β™‘

I’m looking forward to warmer days ahead…but in the meantime…we’re just gonna keep pressing forward, leaning into Him, and trusting His process. β™‘

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.Β Β  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:11