Final Assessment

I had my final assessment with Betsy this morning. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have lost a total of 8 pounds, resting heart rate down, blood pressure down, total body fat down, lost a total of 13 inches overall, aerobic capacity up from Average to Excellent, Upper body strength from NEEDS IMPROVEMENT to Fair (still need to work on this) Lower Body Strength from Average to Superior (thanks to the elliptical) Flexibility from NEEDS IMPROVEMENT to Fair (needs work). But the one thing that I am so excited about is that I feel so much better!!! Stronger, healthier and a much better out look on life.
I plan on joining next week (the joining fee is waived until the end of the month) and IF anyone is interested in joining and we join as a “team”, we both will get 20% off out membership each month. Anyone want to join with me?
Again, thank you WLFJ, YMCA and everyone who provided this opportunity for me. See you all tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful day!!!

Last Week

I can not believe that this journey is coming to a end. I have truly enjoyed these past 12 weeks. I hate to see this end.

I have come so far since the first day I walked up that BIG hill and then climbed ALL those stairs for my first work out at the Cain Halter Y. I was exhausted by the time I entered the eight room. Honestly I had to catch my breath before doing anything else.
This morning as I was walking into the Y, I thought about that day, and this morning I even parked further away (on purpose) and I noticed that the walk UP THE HILL and then the CLIMB UP THE STAIRS, I was not even breathing hard and then onto the Elliptical for 30 minutes.

AS I think about the final walk/run coming up on Saturday, I am really sad that we are ending our journey together. I have enjoyed getting to know you all at the Cain Halter Y.
I hope to be able to join the Y next week so that I can continue working out and getting stronger each day.

Although I have not lost many pounds, I have lost inches and this week-end while trying on clothes, I was able to go down a whole size (and they were a little loose) I was doing the HAPPY DANCE in the dressing room at Belks.

Again, I want to thank HIS Radio 89.3, YMCA, Besty Gold, and everyone that is involved with allowing me to make these changes. I will forever be grateful.

I hope we can all stay in touch.
See you all Saturday!!!

Happy Tuesday Afternoon

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful afternoon.

I sure hate to see this journey come to a end. I so hope that I will be able to afford to join the Y to keep up with the progress that I have made these past weeks.

I am feeling stronger every day and am noticing that I am able to endure longer periods of exercise. I actually was able to go beyond what the active trax suggested this morning working out about 1 1/2 hours this morning.

Getting to the Y each morning and beginning the day with a good work out, gets my body and mind ready for the many blessings that God has in store for me and helps me to keep my mind focused on these blessings and not on the news of the day>\

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter and celebrate our Living Savior with happiness, health and love with your family as well as the ones who your cherish and treasure.


I believe I have finally diagnosed my problem….POLLEN. This morning when I woke up I had a headache, scratchy throat and dry cough…just not feeling well. Needless to say, I did not make it to the Y this morning.
On my way to work, I was sneezing a lot and it occurred to me that this pollen could be causing me to not feel well. (I was outside awhile last night and my car has quite a bite of pollen on it.)
Tomorrow is a brand new day….going to go work out and meet with Betsy at 12.
No more excuses…just get up, get to Y, work out, and be proud of myself. I still have headache, scratchy throat and cough, nothing changed by me not working out, only feeling guilty for letting today get past me and not work out.

New Week

Thank you everyone for prayers last week. I have no idea what was going on with me, but I am much better today!!!
This morning I woke up DETERMINED to get to the Y before work and I DID. I arrived just a little before 7am and ran into a couple more of RBL and caught up with them for awhile. After talking with Gus and Diane, I started on the Elliptical for 30 minutes.
Afterwards I began the activtrax and then I realized it was 8:00, so I was not able to complete everything. (I have to be at work at 9.
I have felt so much better today with so much more energy.
On another note, YESTERDAY I was able to get wear a pair of pants that I have not been able to get into for a couple of years and they were a little BAGGY. I was “happy dancing” all morning getting ready for church. At church I received many compliments on how good I was looking…Even got a whistle…(from a very good friends husband).
I am so very thankful for the opportunity that I have been given and I sure hope that I will be able to continue working out after this “AWSOME JOURNEY ends.


I have been struggling this week to do my work-outs. Seems like I have been so tired all week. I feel ok, just a little headache and scratchy throat, just NO ENERGY, just want to sleep.
I did make myself go Tuesday and Thursday morning and I did feel better afterwards, but getting up and getting to the Y this week has been tough.
Even now @ 12:45 on Friday afternoon, I just want to go home and take a nap. Usually on Friday afternoons I go to bank, grocery shopping, getting gas, all of my regular week-end chores, but I just want to sleep.
Maybe a little nap is what I need and then I will be able to get back on track. I do not want to waste one day of this opportunity to work out and get healthier.
I hope you all have a blessed week-end. Stay safe and if you get a chance, please whisper a prayer for me.

My goodness

I was scheduled to work out with Betsy yesterday morning. When I arrived, I did not feel well…but who does at 7am on your day off???
I began my work out with a warm up on the treadmill, and then did a little weight resistance…and still not feeling well. While doing squats IT HIT ME…I was sick.
I HAD TO CANCELLE with Betsy and on the way home, my head began hurting so bad and I felt so nauseous. By the time I got home, I had a full blown migraine. I crawled back in bed a slept until 1:30 pm. When I woke up I felt much better, but still a slight headache.
I went back to Y this morning and was able to complete work out this morning and I feel so much better.
Betsy and I are rescheduled for tomorrow morning, hopefully tomorrow at 7am will be much better.

Tuesday morning workout

Good afternoon everyone.
I actually made it to the Y this morning. I worked out for about a hour and I am just to proud of myself for working up to be able to stay on the Elliptical (sp?) machine for a full 30 minutes. Man, that thing is a work out for me. After about 10-12 minutes I am sweating, but after about 20 minutes I am in the “ZONE”. It may sound gross, but getting sweaty makes me feel like I am actually accomplishing something.
Before I began this journey, I was so intimated by the Elliptical machine…I felt that there would be no way I could actually do this. This is ONE of the accomplishments that I am so thrilled about.
I used to watch the people who worked out on them and thought, they must really be in GREAT shape. Now I feel that I am getting in good shape and I sure do feel better.
After the Elliptical, I did my active trax circuit…this is also becoming more tolerable.
I can not express how thankful that I am to everyone at the Y, WLFJ and everyone involved for allowing me this opportunity to participate in RBL. I have only lost 6 pounds, but what I am noticing the most is that I am not so out of breath walking and just participating in life.
Before my knee replacement last year I was very limited on the activity that I could do because I was in so much pain and I just did not want to do anything that would or could cause any swelling or additional pain.
Since I have had my knee replaced, and given this opportunity life is great. The skies are blue again, the grass will be green soon and the snow this past week-end was a beautiful reminder that my Father is a Good Good Father!

Progress being made!!!

Yesterday I meet with Betsy and she said, lets go outside today. Sort of scared me, because all I could think is that she is going to have me running. Although I do need to start getting in shape for the 5K…I ABSOUTHLY HATE to run. Even as a child I did not run. I have tried to be a runner several times and people have told me that I will eventually love it…that has never happened.

Anyway we went outside for a long brisk walk and I really enjoyed being outside. The weather was nice and we ended up in Cleveland Park. We came across many people outside enjoying the weather either running, walking, biking and eating lunch.

We stopped at a couple of benches in the park and did left lifts, step ups, and then holdingo nto a monkey bar doing leg lifts.

I really enjoyed walking and talking with Betsy durning our walk, and it did not seem like we had actually walked the entire hours until the last 5-10 minutes.

Today when I went to work out I tackled the Elliptical. I impressed myself.I actually stayed on it for 20 minutes and man was I sweating. but it felt so good. I weighed again and I have lost another pound.

I know it sounds concieded, but I am PROUD of myself. I have come along way in the past couple of weeks. Feeling stronger, sleeping better and waking refreshed and ready to go to the Y.

Again, I am so thankful and blessed to be a part of this journey with God, RBL and the Cain Halter YMC.

Pressing on

I did not feel well this past week-end so I took it easy and rested. I went back to Y and worked out this morning and I feel so much better…accomplished and proud of myself for pressing on.
Weight loss is still not but about 3.5 lbs, but my clothes are beginning to get baggy…YEAH!!!
I hate that I am not able to go to meetings on Tuesday night, but I have to work late on Tuesday evenings. I often wonder what I am missing. I need to get on some sort of training program for the 5K that is coming up. I know I can walk it, but I don’t want to be the only one walking. Going to put this on my to do list this week…training for the 5K. Sort of scares me to think about running, but going to press on.