It was a good plan

Today was going to be filled with activity. I had a really good plan. Take the oldest to school and go straight to the gym with the younger 2. Do the Zumba class at 9:15 and my activtrax workout with a nice 10 minute cooldown after. Well I got so far as opening up the app to see my activtrax workout and the phone rang. My oldest had a fever and I needed to go pick him up asap. The rest of the day was spent trying to help a 7 year old boy feel comfortable enough to rest, and to keep his younger brothers from being to crazy loud. Which was a workout in itself 🙂

I had a really good plan that went in the trash when my little needed me. But I still got a great workout with Zumba and during the little people nap I did some weights at the house 🙂

The best laid plans get blown to smitherines when tiny humans get involved. Knowing God is in control of them too keeps me on the crazy side of sane 😉

Didn’t know I’d miss it

Do you remember that pain we all felt last week? We still feel it I’m sure, but the great feeling after a hard workout has somewhat overshadowed the pain. I’m not saying it’s wonderful to ache everywhere just to stand up, but the endorphin release from the workout is great. And as I haven’t been in the gym since Wednesday I’m missing that release! I didn’t realize I would miss that, and I’m hoping to be able to get back to the Y tomorrow now that the littles are feeling better 🙂

Trying hard not to give in. 

The first week and a half of this challenge has been great, but when sickness hits the excuses just come rolling through your head. And when it’s your baby that’s sick it’s so much easier to just say yes to fast food and chocolate.

But I knew I’d have to write this blog, I knew Kelsi would see my nutrition and workouts on activtrax, and I would lose headway in my challenge. So I knuckled down and did a 20 minute walk around my house, and the at home workout.

I am so very tired, and I know tonight is going to be filled with taking care of a croupy little boy. But I praise God I don’t have the guilt of giving into the temptation of food and laziness.

Know what I love??

What I love about living in 2017 and not 1917??? Modern technology!!

We had our first team meeting at the gym tonight and it was POURING rain! I got another run in on the way from the car to the front door 😉 We had a great meeting, and I got to know some of the stories in the lives of people who are working so hard next to me.

The meeting wrapped up and the rain had let up a little but my jacket was still cold and wet. When I got home I said hey to my husband and kids, grabbed my flannel jammies and ran to the laundry room. 5 minutes in the dryer and I got to change into warm comfy clothes and go snuggle with 3 of the reasons I’m on this journey.

Yay for modern tech and flannel!

A little setback…

  Well this morning I went to weigh in and I’ve only lost 2 lbs 😦 I did a Zumba class and my activtrax workout this morning thinking about those 2lbs and hoping that I was burning off 5lbs in one day. I know it doesn’t work that way but I’m really hoping that the effort I’m putting in will start showing in numbers. 

I know I’m getting healthier, I know the weight will eventually come off, but truely the waiting is tough!

A good kind of hurt


  Today was my first ActivTrax workout and after doing cardio each day this week and a group class on Tuesday, my legs and abs HURT! I was getting ready to leave the gym today after some more time on the treadmill and got halfway down the stairs, I then realized I’d brought my kids today and had to go back up the stairs to get them! :0( My boys were happy to see me which was a nice pick me up, but then Little Man (17 months old) decided Mommy needed to carry him. I was quickly reminded of those rope pull downs and pec flies. 

     Now that I’m at home and doing chores around the house I definitely feel the muscles I worked today, but it is a wonderful reminder of the hard work I did and the awesome opportunity that has been given to me. 

     So even though it hurts, it’s a good hurt :0)

Getting back on track…

Hello! I’m Maribeth and I’m part of the Caine-Halter team. I am on this journey to get back to the healthy person I was before I had kids, and gave into the temptation to eat everything! I have been married to a wonderful man named William for a little over 10 years and we have 3 boys (or monkeys depending on the amount of suger they’ve had that day:)  I studied health and fitness in college so I know what to do to maintain a healthy body. But it’s the doing that has been the hard part for me. It’s very easy to find excuses to not get up and walk, or to have just one more “snack size” candy bar. But when God gives you a 7 year old boy who has no filter and is learning health in school, you hear many inconvient truths about yourself and your habits. 

So when I heard Rob talking about his Big Loser program again this year I knew it was time for me to stop making excuses and start taking steps. Applying to be on a team was the first step for all of us and each next step will be hard, but if it’s not hard it’s not worth doing 🙂 

I had my fitness evaluation with Kelsey on Monday and today I went to the core and more class. I’ve always enjoyed group glasses more than working out by myself, and this was no different. It was hard and now I hurt but it’s a good hurt and I earned it! I’m looking forward to seeing what new thing I learn about myself through this and I know God put us all here for a reason.