The en….wait no, The beginning!

What a journey! I learned so much during this time. I’ve learned that I have a sugar addiction, I still hate running but want to anyways but haven’t,  I learned I may never glisten even if I’m 130 lbs (some peeps just don’t glisten), and I learned I have to eat unprocessed foods or I will find the nearest cupcake and eat It!
I didn’t lose what I wanted, but I gain more then I wanted. Or so I thought. I gained a group of people who I love! My team mates have a special place in my heart. They are truly the best! Smiles every time I see them. Encouraging words! Wow. I didn’t expect that. I hope they keep coming to  the Y cause I need them there!
Misty! Our coach! I can’t say enough about her. She is THE sweetest person and that girl always had something encouraging and kind to say and I love that Girl!
God! But…God. Through every low He was still there. I love that when it gets tough I have someone I can turn too. People who don’t believe…who do they lol too? Who calms their fears and walks with them through their storms? I can’t imagine life without my creator.
I am so blessed and so thankful for this experience. I love the whole process of helping people gain confidence and lose weight and get life back. How awesome is that? We are a part of that! You go His Radio with your bad self helping all these people! Rob, you are the hands and feet of God. Showing love and support and sharing God’s love and faithfulness. How about that? You guys keep helping people cause you know so many need it!
A million thank you’s for whoever it was that looked at that picture, and read my why, and said yes..thats one of the ones we need in this competition! I love you all!

Missing my blogs

Things have been so  busy .  I’m hanging in there mostly. I’ve had a few bad weeks and i just really want to get back in there like I did at the beginning. Spiritually I’m doing great. I’m in His word and really feeling God in my life. But y’all I  want to eat everything I see! I’m never gonna glisten when I workout if I don’t get it together!

Stress eater

Terrible week, and great week in one? Bad stuff: only went to the gym 2 times, blogged 1 time, ate  like crap.

Good stuff: got a promotion, lost 3 inches since I started, started a small groups at church for families who need restoration from addiction.

These things make me nervous and take me out of my comfort zone so I feel like I’m just stress eating again. I hate this feeling. What if I don’t get back on track?  What if I gain it all back? Reminds me of DC Talk song that I LOVE…what if I stumble what if I fall, what if I  lose my steps and I make fools of us all.

So I’m aging myself now Lol!

But what if I get it together, rock my promotion, lose the weight, and help bring addicts back to the Lord?

So basically I needed to talk myself down from the ledge. We all stumble, we all fall. But what sets us apart is that we get back up, look to Jesus, and start again this time with ur head a little higher, crown a little straighter, smile a little bigger.

So what if I stink this week. Next week I plan on stinking, glistening even. Next week I find my mojo again and I finish this race looking only in my lane! Straight ahead focused on God cause in the end He is what matters. Devil got in my head and he is evicted. I don’t have the room for him.

Thanks for all the blogging you guys are doing. It reAlly motivated my today seeing all the weight lose and video blogs! Your all amazing and I love that i have supporters I don’t even know! Keep it up guys!

13th Anniversary!

So today is my 13th Anniversary and my husband asked if I wanted to go out to eat and we would get something healthy. I thought about this for a min or 2 and said No! I have  my team meeting, body combat, and I know me! There will be no healthy  eating!  So I’ll be spending my night at the gym but he will be with me. We spent Valentine’s Day in Body Combat, we’ll  spent the anniversary there too! It’s good to know i can say no sometimes! He’s a wonderful support system. He’s on my team Every time. I am so very thankful for this man! God is good guys!  Everyday God is good!

Seven days straight!

I’ve worked out a total of 7 days straight! I worked out hard this week so I’m feeling good! Still haven’t seen any of that glistening stuff yet but I know it’s coming soon.

Both kids were sick this week but I managed to make it anyways! Determined to work out 7 days this week as well!

Why don’t I look cute when I sweat like the cute fit girls?

I’ve noticed that every time I go to the gym the fit girls always look so cute coming out of those beast mode, TRX, HIIT classes that kick you butt. I have since noticed that when I  come out of these classes I look a lot different!

People tend to stare. My face is beat red, I smell so bad I can smell myself, I can barely make it to the car, and I can’t breath.

You know it’s bad when the instructor insists you go take a break or get a drink of water because they think your gonna code on them right there!

I assure you I am fine. I may not look it, but I am every white. I turn red all the time. I sunburn when it’s 30 degrees outside if the sun shines a bit!

Back to the cute girls, they don’t sweat. They glisten. I want to glisten too. Maybe one day I shall glisten in the YMCA as well. Until then I’m just going to enjoy it. Every gross ounce of it.

Dirtiest Battles

Today my daughter woke up sick, so I had to miss church. I was supposed to be in our children’s church, Kidpak, and would have missed the service. While meal prepping I decided to live stream. What a blessing in disguise!
I attend Free Chapel  in Spartenburg,which is a satellite campus for Free Chapel Gainsville. Paster said the place  you fought your dirtiest battle, will be the place of your greatest victory. I am not a very emotional person but this brought tears to my eyes.
About 9-10 years ago we moved to Greenville SC  and we loved this place! We bought a house, got pregnant with my daughter, and settled in. My husband was an alcoholic and lost his job that November. Here I was pregnent, the breadwinner, almost Christmas, and fallen away from God. My son was 7.  How was I going to buy presents or even pay bills.
Well long story short we had Jordyn, filed for bankruptcy,  lost our house to foreclosure, and moved back to GA close to family. The worst experience of my life, the dirtiest battles we fought. I never wanted to see that town again. It was horrible!
It took several years to repair all of this and finally my husband beat his addiction and is almost 3 years sober! He WAS an alcoholic! He WAS healed from this. It was announced that our church (Free Chapel Gainsville, GA ) was opening a new campus the same week my husband old me we belonged in Greenville, SC.  He wanted to move back. I was, like, are you kidding Me? I will never go back unless God himself comes down and tells me to.
Well that Sunday I said God, if I’m supposed to move back then let the new campus location be in Greenville, SC. I thought to myself, this will never happen! All the places to open a new campus, this will so go in my favor!  Pastor announces that we are opening our satellite campus later that year in Greenville-Spartenburg SC! My mouth fell open and I literally said out loud “you have got to be kidding me God! Come on!” Looked over at my husbad, with tears in his eyes, and I sighed and said “well I guess we’re moving back to SC.”
Fast forward almost 2 years later and life is great! The dirtiest battles were fought here. But God gave me a word today. He said my greatest victories will be won here. I’ve already had many victories here, but I believe He has more for me. Weight loss is one of them. My weight has held me back from what I’m supposed to be doing and it’s not going to  do this any longer.