Gorgeous day for a great workout

Today I decided to push myself harder than I have been. I was getting tired and ready to go home. I ran into Jason and talked a few minutes and his motivation made me want to keep going. I had already done the treadmill and exercise bike. I decided to get on the elliptical bike and do some more. I put my headphones on and turned on HisRadio.. when the song came on “there is power in the name of Jesus”. I closed my eyes and really wanted to sing to the top of my lungs, but instead I sang to myself and I went for it. The most intense work out yet. I left there feeling better than I did when I got there! Though I drove my convertible Mazda with the stick shift and my legs were so weak I didn’t know if I’d make it home. 😜😂 But I did and what a gorgeous day it is!!!

When you go a few days without exercising…

I got all my workouts in Mon thru Thurs last week and was really proud of my hard work. I took Friday off but then my granddaughter’s mother called and she and the baby were both sick again thanks to daycare. So I had that poor baby all weekend and though she is heavy to tote around, I didn’t get much exercise in this weekend other than all little yard work. So I come busting up in the Y this morning thinking I was going to rule.. whew it’s almost like starting over. Granted I haven’t had much sleep, I got wore out pretty quick. So I will definitely be back tomorrow. Well unless my sweet baby needs me. But that is my plan. On the bright side, I still ate properly and I dropped 4 lbs.

Slaying the giant…

This morning my Bible study was on slaying the giant. I shared this with my team.

“Slaying the giant of insecurity frees you from the bonds of inadequacy that have kept you from pursuing your dreams.”
God’s children have no excuse for living with insecurity when He has promised us that we can do all things through him who strengthens us.
I needed this. Push on my fellow RBL’s!

This morning I pushed my insecurities aside and went to a fitness class where I didn’t know a soul. They welcomed me with open arms. The trainer was so friendly and gave me some tips on other classes that might be helpful. I did the whole hour and though I was exhausted, after a fifteen minute break, I went on into the gym and did my workout. Today, with God’s help, I slayed the giant. Tonight my Fitbit went off and startled me. I had over 10,000 steps. What a sense of accomplishment! Thank you Lord.

Yay, progress!

Today I was able to do 30 minutes on the treadmill with a slight incline and faster pace. I felt like I could do more but didn’t want to overdo it, having just gotten over that virus and still have a head cold. I did however do 20 minutes on the bike as well as my weight machines. I just know when all this sickness is out of my body, I am going to see more improvements and surpass my own expectations. I know, because the Lord has been right there with me every step of the way. I’ve made sure to include him in this experience and it’s been phenomenal what he is doing through me. Super excited for this opportunity!

I cried in the parking lot after my workout

I was so overcome with emotion that I just can’t put into words how grateful I am for this opportunity, for a husband who pushed me to get out of bed even when the pain was unbearable and my Lord who heard my cries for the last four years and is giving me a fresh start.

Today I did my assigned workout and was pleased,  but I managed to do 25 minutes on the treadmill at a 3.1 pace and 15 minutes on the bike.  Last year I could hardly walk around the grocery store and the year before that I was in a wheelchair after a botched back surgery and then another to repair that mess.  I never thought I’d be here again.  Praise the Lord for his infinite love and mercy.

A little setback is not going to stop me

I was so on track with my new eating plan and just got started on my workout when I got sick. Of course I couldn’t eat anything the first day and could barely keep down water. The second day I started drinking vitamin water to try to get my electrolytes back to good and nibbling on crackers. Well that negated my meal plan but I had no choice. Today I felt better and got up and thinking I would go the the gym today but after doing a little laundry and cleaning, I knew I was still too weak and not up to par. So I’ve focused on getting stronger and am praying tomorrow will be the beginning again. I refuse to give up this time and trying not to get discouraged because that’s what satan wants us to do. I’m going to do this. I’m going to finish with results. God willing.

Sick and frustrated

I’ve been taking care of my granddaughter because she got sick at daycare and her mother and Nana both caught that nasty virus. Though I’ve missed my workouts and group meeting which is frustrating, she comes first. I thought her daddy could watch her in the mornings and I’d workout early. Then I got hit by this devil of a bug. It is a rough one and very contagious so I’m trying to get feeling better and sure don’t want to bring that to the YMCA. So please pray that it passes quickly, our baby girl feels better soon and I can get back on track! Thx

My first workout went great

I do pretty good on the weights, especially leg strength. But I can feel my arms and legs already beginning to ache from the workout today. I totally surprised myself on the cardio since that is my biggest struggle. I did twenty minutes on the octagon bike and rather enjoyed it. But I opted for what I thought would be easiest. Tomorrow I’m getting on the treadmill to see if I can walk any length of time. Since the back surgeries, I’ve had problems with pain in my back and hips that only allows me to do so much. But it’s a goal I aim to conquer. See not only do I want this weight off, but I want this pain gone as well. I’m believing I will accomplish both thanks to Rob’s big losers and the good Lord above!

My wellness assessment…

I can’t tell you how shocked and satisfied I am to have been able to do all of the assessment. The two minute step up/down was the hardest for me but I did it. Last year I couldn’t do but 30 seconds. I wanted to stop before time was up but Kelsi cheered me on and I cheered myself on. Quitting is easy. Pushing yourself past the comfort zone is where the results are. I want results!! Y’all better suit up because I’m in it to win it!