Down 5 pounds, but…

Because I had too miss my first scheduled wellness check, I decided to go ahead and start eating healthy and doing some exercises at home while waiting for the new appointment. I knew if I lost any weight it wouldn’t count on the contest but it would count for me over all. This morning I got on the dreaded scales and I have lost 5 pounds! I went straight to the kitchen and picked up a 5 lb. bag of sugar and held it for a few seconds just to let it sink in how much that really is. We tend to think 1 lb or 5 lbs is nothing, but it really is. I’m a coffeeaholic and I’m down to one, maybe two cups a day now. I’m killing the water. Anyway, I’m super stoked about the weight loss, but bummed it won’t count in the contest. Oh well, yay me!

Off to a good start!

Yesterday I began a healthy eating program called Whole30 and made myself stay busy cleaning and moving all day. I am upset that I couldn’t make my assessment appointment due to circumstances out of my control but am anxiously awaiting a call to reschedule! I’ve decided to go ahead and get started before the assessment even though it won’t count. I’m doing this for me. So here’s to team Caine Halter and good luck to all!