I can’t believe our 12 weeks of Rob’s Big Loosers has come to an end.  Man did those 12 weeks go by quick.

The coaches and everyone who was a part of Rob’s Big Loosers was so supportive and encouraging, especially fellow LOOSERS.  Leslie’s weekly challenges and at home workouts really helped me stay on track.  I have already set a new 12 week goal and I am scheduling weekly workouts along with meal planning to continue my healthy lifestyle.

It felt so good accomplishing my 12 week weight loss goal of at least 30 pounds and finishing the 5K in under 30 minutes.  Thank you, thank you…….Sue, Leslie, Team, YMCA, His Radio, and Sponsors for all your help and support.  A special thank you to Rob for using your weight loss journey to help others.

I am excited about what each of us will accomplish over the next year and can’t wait to see who else is impacted by this awesome ministry in 2019.

Goal Met

Met one of my goals this week, finally below 200.  It has been 2.5 years since I have been at this weight and it feels really good.  Now onto my second goal, wearing my wedding ring.  I have never had it resized and it has been 10 years since I have worn it.  This is a goal I may not see by the end of Rob’s Big Loosers, but plan on wearing ring by the end of July.

When Scale Doesn’t Reflect Effort

This week I have worked out extra hard in the gym and weight hasn’t budged much.  To be honest I was disappointed, first week with no real weight loss. Than yesterday I was able to move my belt down another notch.  I may not always see change on the scale, but I know I am loosing inches and have a stronger healthier body.

Making Time

As a mom with 7 kidos it can be a bit overwhelming to fit excercise in on a daily bases.  I think anyone, no matter kids or not, can find it difficult to juggle personal time for health with every day things that must be done.

Since Rob’s Big Looser started I have decided my excercise is a must for the day.  To make everything work for me I get up an hour early.  Suprised at how much I can get done in that hour without kidos up and about.



Started using the C25K app today.  I love this app, since it gradually prepares you for a 5k over 2 months and you can always repeat weeks if you want to expand it to 12 weeks.

This is day 3 of new diet.  Finally over headaches from sugar and cafene withdrawal, so feeling much better.

We have an awesome team at the TR Y and Sue is great.  Looking forward to our weekly work outs.

You Got This

Finished my last training run before the 5k on Saturday.  The uphill part of the 4th loop was tuff, but I pushed through.  My son was at tennis tonight, so I missed my running partner.  I could still hear him saying good job mom and you got this.  Words we all need to remember Saturday during the run.  No matter if we are walking, running, or both we stuck with it and will be cheering each other on as we cross the finish line.

Count Down

Only two more group runs until the 5k.  I am excited and it has been awesome having my 14 year old son run with me, he has the gift of encouragement.  I do wish there were a few more weeks to prepair, but I know we are all going to do great.

This has been an amazing journey so far.  I may not be at the weight I would like, but I have lost weight and inches.  Plus with the help of our awesome trainer, Doug Loudermilk, I am running again.  Finished my 25 minute C25K jog tonight. 🤗

Thank you to everyone who as given of their time to make Rob’s Big Loser possible.