Non Scale Victory!

This entire time I have not been able to weigh myself at the YMCA because the scale does not go up high enough. Looking at it now… I really think it has been for the best. I see people post about loosing a few pounds and gaining some back and that is so frustrating. I just think to myself I am almost grateful that I can’t tell my weight.

I feel better! I eat better! I sleep better at night. Shirts fit me better and I have more energy that is all I need. I know I am doing a good job and I am doing what I can to loose the weight. Sometimes the scale is more of a headache than a help. I know this is working because the way I feel. I am glad the scale cannot take that away from me.



YMCA Staff !!

Can I start off by saying I have not once ever… other than maybe Chick Fil A, met such a nice staff. I love the staff at the YMCA in Simpsonville, they are so encouraging and seem really invested in my over all health. Not one time have I felt like I do not belong or am not in good enough shape to work out at their gym. The staff has become half the reason I enjoy going in to work out so much. I know I am going to be met with great smiles and have a great conversation. I was speaking to one person there who said they have been there for 10 years! How amazing is that!? I love the staff at my YMCA Simpsonville

Heart Burn caused by my Water!?

I have gone to drinking mostly water. The first few weeks I had terrible heart burn from drinking so much water. I thought maybe the soda and tea does a better job at coating my stomach to help keep the acid reflex down. I learned thought if I buy and drink water with a hire PH level I don’t get heart burn like I normally would.┬áSo now I pick up water that has a PH level of 9.5 or higher. I have not had heart burn since then!

Thinking of Magnolia (soon to be born daughter)

Every time I come across the app where it wants me to do my best. I think about Magnolia. She is my soon to be born daughter. Especially when it comes to curls. The other day I was really hurting while doing curls and I told myself this is similar to me picking up Magnolia one more time…. and one more time… and one more time.

Becoming a little Addicted

We are a couple weeks into Rob’s big looser and I may be a little addicted. I love everything about it. I like the pain, I like the sweat, I like mostly my shirt hanging a little more flat.

I am on workout 9 and have had the app for 8 days. I am not very far ahead but I want to get the work outs in when I can. I don’t always have a lot of free time contrary to the believe of the YMCA staff.

This is really a great thing for me. Exactly what I needed.

Why this lifestyle change excites me!

I was at the Y yesterday and my wife and I where working out together. I looked around and saw all the kids running around, all the adults working out and the staff with smiles on their faces. I realized then I am excited for this lifestyle change because I am excited about my daughter growing up emerged in the YMCA and all it has to offer.

My wife grew up at the Y in the pool swimming competitively while I grew up at Ryan’s buffet eating what seemed like competitively. We have a chance right now as a couple to shape the life of my daughter who is coming this May. We can allow her to fall in love with being active and exercise. She has the chance to start her life off right.

This is a lifestyle change and it is not only effecting myself but my family. My family deserves the ability to be happy and healthy.

My hate for squats is changing


I have always been a big guy and my knees have never been what they should. I have hated squats since high school and now… for the first time I think maybe I don’t HATE them as much as I did a few weeks ago.

The app at the YMCA has been pushing my limits in a really good way. I go from arms one day, to legs the next back to arms and doing the best I can do that day, then to legs and doing the best I can do that day. Yesterday at the gym I finally did squats without hurting as much as I normally do. Almost, dare I say… I liked it? I don’t know if I will go that far but sure enough it did not hurt as much as I thought it would.


I can tell a difference

This is my second week of working out and I have been able to go almost every day which I love! I like everything about the YMCA, the community is amazing and the encouragement is great!

I can already tell a difference. I am sleeping better, I am wanting to make healthier choices in food. I don’t crave sweet tea and soda. I don’t even crave McDonald’s. When I look down at my shirt it no longer sticks out quite as far as it used to do.

Another big difference and one that may be the best difference for me is my heart does not race like it used to when moving around my day normally. I did have trouble getting up out of chairs and a couch. I still have some trouble because I am so tall but it is not because I don’t have the energy. I love that difference.