Today was a good day

First thing,  I got an AM run in before all the rain. We had an awards ceremony and many coworkers were recognized for incredible work.  I am thankful to get more than 11,500 steps!  My daughter played phenomenal in a soccer match (they won a really tough team). I am listening to a book on Audible, “So Long Insecurity” by Beth Moore.  I am so encouraged by the Word.  I hope you have had a blessed day as well. Keep moving!

Eat, train, live.

Eat, Train & Live

That is my motto this week

Plan for the week:  Scheduled my workouts.  Packed some salads to take to work or have when hunger strikes. Drinking water and tea.  Taking my supplements.

Activities: My goal is to run, row and lift twice this week and swim and sauna on Saturday.  Splitting in up and making it different forms of movement making it less monotonous.

What are you planning for this week?

Speed and Agility:

I thought this was a superb article speaking to the athlete in all of us about
speed and agility.

Great job on our Saturday morning run at GHS Family YMCA.
Thank you Wanda for your encouragement all along the way!

Here is a the definition of athlete because we are performing on a weekly basis as just that!


Jim Thorpe during the 1912 Olympics – Way to go team~

Stress Buster

Today, I ran the first session of week four C25K.  I felt a rhythm being born and tension released while running at 12pm. The of my work day a great stress buster.

Veggie of the week: asparagus

Positive habit: aware of sugar levels

I plan to watch “That Sugar Film” this week.  That should fix it!

Verse of the week dealing with personal insecurities.

Proverbs 31:25 “she is clothed with strength and (honor) dignity”.

in Christ Jesus

A Good Dose of Positive

Big thanks for Leslie Knox for an informative and educational session about food. Your time in preparation and presentation are super appreciated. We talked about life, habits, triggers, stress, supplements and developing choice-by-choices for health and longevity!  We as a group are going to new territory of strength and better living.

Big thanks to our trainer Doug Loudermilk, who shows up, works out and never tires of inspiring, listening to our problems and helping us to develop solutions.  You are making a difference!

Also a big thanks to the  YMCA for sponsoring us.  Your facilities are beautiful.  I look forward to training on Saturdays all week!


Way to go “At Home Group” it was a solid performance in great weather.  (PTL)

I spend an entire morning training.  I got to experience Body Combat-WOW was that fun!  My arms will be feeling it tomorrow.



Integrated into everyday life

I want to integrate health choices into everyday life.  Today, I ran/walked at the indoor track where my work offers “walk at work” time.  Once, a week we get to meet and walk on-the-clock.  I got to show up and work in some running.  I am learning to schedule those appointments and that is working.  Life will rush by and I will give myself excuses but making habits requires effort.  The reward is feeling better, less stress and in the long run, health.


On the food scene, my goal for this week was to use My Fitness Pal for every meal. Every time I log the food.  I see options in each food choice to make my meal choices leaner.  Little simple things add up to equal less. At work they celebrated my birthday.  It was fun but food choices are not easy sometimes.  Glad to get a run in.

Since we are on week four, I have two more workouts to get in and three more for the rest of twelve weeks.  That is twenty-six more workouts.  I will try to learn new things with each opportunity.


Blow Horn

That is what I needed on Saturday!  The run was fun.  Tomorrow is another day to excel.

Three positive things in my life right now:

  1. Eggs, black beans and salsa- my go to breakfast.  Lots of protein and taste is extraordinary.
  2. My husband gave his testimony at our church.  Praise the Lord been saved for twenty-five years.
  3. I have a good job, that I love.  God is good. Keep praising him in this journey.


Running week three tomorrow at the track to get some Vitamin D (sun).  Clothes are fitting looser!  🙂

Monday’s Run & Broccoli Fun

That three minute run stint was difficult but that three minute walk never felt so good in all my life.  I finished completing 2 miles in 33 minutes and for the day I got 7,100 steps.  Good day all-in-all.  Yes, I ate my broccoli but it didn’t sculpt it first (haha)th-1.jpeg

th.jpegEnjoy your journey!

Ps. What are three things you are grateful for today?

  1. a weekend with some rest and recuperation
  2. I made it through Monday
  3. God is magnificent in every perceivable way

Live an Example

Today my ten year old daughter joined me for our Couch 2 5K at the outside track.  The weather was bursting with Springness.  She was struggling with a cold and had the flu last week.  We shared our goals for the next seven days.  Her’s was to get to bed at a decent time.  Mine was to eat broccoli everyday (my fave). Not snack in the evening after 8pm and walk at the outdoor track twice this week. We ran, talked and drank lots of water. We shared in the cheerful group discussion and stretched.  Afterwards, we went to the sauna- great for her breathing then drove home.

It really hit me how we all make choices to show the next generation how important health and vitality is to us.  How we feel better and are more apt to make good food choices. We can work a defense plan for working out during the week and an offensive plan in how we eat. Our daily habits play out, what is normal to us speaks loudly to our families and friends.

Great job to all in the group for completing a challenging outdoor workout!  th.jpeg

Thanks Doug for blowing his whistle & continuing to pour inspiration & knowledge into us. 24466-Run-And-Be-Happy.jpg