Being Silent

Okay, I know I get very silent and in my head sometimes and it’s a struggle for me to let go of these insecurities.   Let me tell you a little bit of my story.  June of last year, I went with my family to Myrtle Beach for the memorial day weekend.  My mom and I went down early and needless to say, it didn’t start well, just a lot of little things went wrong.  My daughter and her girls came down later that night, went down to help them get things up stairs, well I fell in the parking lot, hard fall and scrapped my leg, thank goodness nothing broken, just bruised and battered and my pride.  Well weekend went on, got a little sunshine and on the leg I scrapped I thought it was sun but by the following weekend, I had red streaks running down my leg, and that meant a trip to the emergency room, where they scared me worse.   All this said, I ended up out of work for almost 3 weeks, with my leg propped up and a serious bacterial infection that scared me to death.  I tell you all this to say I found out during all this, my blood sugar A1C was over 10, I knew something was not right.  So for the rest of the month of June I started Janumet meds and then went back in July. I had lost a little weight and was giving up sugar (very very hard to do) and it still wasn’t good and I didn’t want to give myself shots, so we added another medicine on with the ultimate goal of losing weight and getting off the meds.   WELL I can say I stopped taking one of my meds this past Friday.  I’ll be honest, I have had a tough time with my tummy and fatigue.  I thought it was just that I worked out so hard on Thursday but it’s the meds but today is the first day I don’t feel like I have been run over by a mack truck.   Woooohoooo!  So I will start back with my workouts again tomorrow, my doctor said give it at least five days to clear my system, today is the 5th day and my blood sugar is still good and I feel better.  And I’ll be honest when I’m not exercising and eating right, I get silent.  So today I’m trying to stop that trend and do better.   Thank you for reading/listening and keep up the hard work.

Some Days You Just Don’t Want to DO It

Some days you just don’t want to do it…..get up, walk on that blasted treadmill one more step, no crunches today please, can I please have some chocolate…….oh well, the thing is that attitude is what got me to this stage/size/shape and I think I’ve had enough days of just don’t want to DO it, now I need a lot of days that I DO WANT to do it……So even as that mean old treadmill this morning wanted me to get off, I didn’t.    Have a good day everyone.

I will be an overcomer

Oh what a Bible study today. I battle a lot in my head and I’ve come to realize a lot of it is the sneaky devil but I’m doing the ‘I am loved ‘ Bible study by Wendy Blight. I have to share, all afternoon just felt blah. So talking with the Lord on the way home and I have a very long drive home, about everything being the same and how this not fun and what do I need to do, just blah blah with a lot of whining. Well I know one thing he showed me what I need to be doing and that is to be an overcomer. Wendy states this “we are either overcome or we are overcomers, We can allow the devil to make us feel overcome by our circumstances, our emotions and difficult trials but when we yield our lives and surrender our hearts to Christ , the evil one can not hold us captive. God infuses us with a new nature, a new identity, a new empowerment and a new equipping”

WOW it’s Like new strength for me. I hope someone can get this like I did.

Good Morning

Good Foggy morning,

It’s week three for me and I intend to do even better.  I didn’t make the best food choices over the weekend but I was very conscious of what I was eating.   I did workout Saturday and took Sunday as a day of rest.  I have three more weeks before my next assessment and I really want that BMI to go down some, that is my main goal.   I hope everyone has a good and great day.

Sunday evening and getting ready

It’s late evening my bags r packed for the gym. I haven’t had the time to cook this weekend like last weekend but sitting here thinking about what I will eat next week and stay on plan. Today is my day of rest I have worked out 6 days straight and even got to workout with my daughter yesterday a first. I was sitting here going over my visualization notebook things I want to do, pages from my weight watchers logs from 15 years ago and yes I kept them they r being a great motivational tool for me. I have scriptures quotes and pictures of me in all shapes and sizes and for the first time in a very long time I have ….

1. Made through the 2nd week blues and not crashed and landed.

2. I’m kinda looking forward to next week and working harder.

3. Actually thinking about what I can eat ahead of time and how to stay on goal.

And not matter what comes my way this coming week I realized this past week with the Bible study I’m doing ‘I am loved’

Scared to Death

I avoided posting yesterday because I didn’t want to admit my feelings but here goes.

I was looking at the calendars and looking at the couch to 5K programs online and all were 12 weeks, 8 weeks, 9 weeks and then I got to thinking about it’s a 5K Suzanne and running, Suzanne.  I have done two 5k’s and walked them both.  So I’m scared to death, because I would like to jog/run some of this 5k and the devil is trying his very best to talk me out of it, seriously.  If you could hear the conversations in my head…lol, I’m not looney, you would understand.   So long story short, I was emailing my very best friend who talked me into sending my application in for this and I was telling her, okay I’ll admit it, I’m scared to death- I’m gonna fail, I’m gonna fall down, I may be the only one who walks it and what if I’m the last person.  And I so depend on her to tell me like it is and she did.  Her comments and I can hear her saying , “SO WHAT, you can do this and remember about 14 years ago you did 50 miles with me in three days.  Nothing matters but finishing”.  She did a half marathon awhile back and she told me through all her training and through the race, all she was concerned about was finishing, she didn’t care if she was the last one and she had to drag herself across the finish line. She did finish and I’m so proud of her.   So today while I have been working out and it’s the 2nd week of working out blues, where it’s hot, it’s long, my muscles and bones even hurt.  I hate stinky clothes and just all of it, I prayed, “Lord give me just a little more strength”  and he did and I thank him so much.

Okay I am ready for this coming week Bring it on

Okay did make it to the gym Friday had to use a little mind trickery but I did it. Had one of my grands most of the day yesterday so we did projects had a good day. Went grocery shopping early today, love me some Aldi. Have cooked and prepped my meals for lunch and supper and in the frig , gym bag repacked everything clean and I’m ready to go woooohooooo

4 Day in a Row…..woooohooooo

Well today makes four days in a row, I have made it to the YMCA and worked out.  I am still doing my morning workout at home, treadmill and starting doing my ab workouts at home because i’ll be honest, it’s hard getting up off that floor at the Y and just not comfortable yet trying to get myself off the floor…   I hope everyone is doing well and we have our second team meeting tonight and I can’t wait.

I really wanted fast food tonight

I really wanted to stop and buy something fatty and fast tonight. My work out today kicked my butt and I wanted something to satisfy my hurting body Butttttttttt I didn’t. I came home started some dish water and put my skinless chicken breast in the air fryer and put some stir fry in some olive oil and I had chicken stir fry (see picture below….if I can get it to load) and made enough for my lunch tomorrow double win and sat at my kitchen table and did my ‘I am loved’ Bible study while I ate. Thank you Lord