“Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.” – Proverbs 12 : 25

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Sooooo…..RBL 2017 has came to a close.  The 5K has been ran, winners announced, and *Sigh*.  I type this a bit teary-eyed.  I already miss the camaraderie and team spirit.  I suffer from anxiety.  Not sure if it is a result or the cause of my weight.  I’ve always been a “big girl”. (I even had a doctor say that as an adult with a funny gruff voice and like football shoulder shrug gesture – can we say that was mortifying?)  And because of the anxiety I tend to worry and fret about strange issues as well as everyday phenomenon. For instance I held myself hostage and lived like a hermit for years in hope of avoiding any awkward references to my weight.  I felt that was easier for everyone.  Sad, right?  But true.  There was a point at my heaviest ( which was approximately 12 years ago and about 120 lbs heavier) that eating out was not only shameful but nerve-wracking – Will a chair hold?  Will I be able to slide into the booth?  Will other people judge my food choice?   I would smile on the outside but what a pit would grow in my stomach every single time I saw wicker furniture!    I told you some of my worries weren’t common (unless you too have anxiety and been there weight wise!)  I felt I had to apologize in my actions, manner, and demeanor every time I entered the room for just the way I looked on the outside.  And by the end of the day that would cause me to run to the grocery store or fast food and stuff down my feelings of inadequacy by gobbling as many calories as I could – to the point of being uncomfortable or feeling sick or both and then eat just a little more.  Awful!  So every once in a while I would get the courage to conquer something  out of my comfort zone and lose a little weight or try to be a little more active.  I started a blog in 2009 titled HealthFULL Journey and I am reclaiming that title.  The FULL is to focus on the FULL health (yes the physical but there is so much to a person and when all areas are improving true health can be claimed from the spiritual to the mental to the emotional to the financial and YES the social/relationship side as well!).  Also FULL stands for Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life.  So if you are curious to see how Rob’s Big Loser 2017 has encouraged me to not just get healthy in 12 weeks but truly inspired me to reclaim Psalm 139: 14 :

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;

your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalm 139: 14

You can find me on Facebook as HealthFULL Journey and also follow my blog.  Do you know what the best part of RBL was? Everything!  But if it was to be specific – the encouragement followed by the accountability.  We were provided three bright blue shirts (with a neon measuring tape image on the front )to wear working out.  Let me tell you these shirts are noticed.  It was great to find teammates but it also meant the other gym goers noticed.  And do you know what that thought did for my anxiety – raise it THROUGH THE ROOF!!!  It went against everything I try to avoid – standing out in the gym advertising I’m trying to get healthy – these are one of the times blending into the walls like a wallflower would be ideal!  But do you know what the response was to this action? Smiles, thumbs up, encouraging words, and questions about how I was doing – from STRANGERS!  From people I have envied my whole life (gorgeous, fit, healthy, abled – bodies) were asking me how I was doing ….at the gym?   No sneers, no insults, but encouragement from every which way I could imagine.  In these last few days I have had several people say how happy they are for me, how proud, and how they too have been following this amazing journey.  I truly was humbled, shocked, and caught off guard.  The anxiety has a way of creating a self focus and pushing away others resulting in the awareness level being toned down.

The team aspect of sharing with others who too want to get healthy for various reasons.  It’s an intimate, vulnerable walk to declare to the world I want to get healthier.  Which for many means burning calories through activity and eating healthier in hopes of eating calories that will be the most beneficial fuel.  But it also usually means fighting some inner demons, releasing some powerful emotions, and being open to change.  Oh the dreaded word of change!  But it is awfully hard to get different results if you aren’t willing to change yourself, your actions, or your choices.  That’s where the real work is!  And because of the awesome supporters of RBL and through Rob’s Big Losers we were able to receive such amazing help from Personal Trainers, Team Coaches, Inspirational Leadership, Supportive Staff, Great Teammates, and Phenomenal Supporters/Cheerleaders through our family, friends, HIS Radio Listeners, and the everyday Stranger: those words, those prayers, those financial gifts, those stories told and shared on this blog, were a much needed and welcomed balm to a very weary soul.  Thank you to all you have participated – whether known or unknown.  You helped change many lives! (It only takes a spark 😉 )

So what’s next.  My HealthFULL Journey continues and that I promise to share about it both in person and online. I am starting a FB accountability group as a daily check in to share healthy success as I got my water in, a workout in, and made great nutritional choices.  It is also a place to say today was a struggle but with a little encouragement I am going to conquer tomorrow better.  And hopefully, my anxiety will continue to shrink as I continue to grow in my relationship with Jesus and seek friendship amongst God’s Children.  God Bless and one last big heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!!!

Hitting the Wall

…This is what the Lord says: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast number, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” – 2 Chronicles 20:15b

This verse brought me some much needed peace.  I have cried a lot today; by myself, by accident in front of my son, to a dear friend, a sniffle to my husband.  It has been a long rough week.  I was doing great on exercise and huge mentally and spiritually connected, and really staying on point nutritionally.  Then last weekend my schedule was not my own and I couldn’t go to the gym as I was on other people’s time and lost control of my food (but did what I could – brought snacks, had back up plans, and pushed through).  I exercised where and when I could.  I was staying in the game!  But then I crashed Monday and Tuesday – physically, mentally, spiritually, just all out crash.  I don’t know if I was physically sick with a virus or just literally did not have an ounce left in the tank.  So I slept…long and hard!  That helped by Wednesday I was pumped and back in the game – I did my interview and I worked out hard at the gym.  And when you put in that much effort at the gym you want to eat healthy!

But today!  I hit the wall again going what must have felt 100 mph because the crash hasn’t been pretty.  I ate fast food and I haven’t in months.  It didn’t taste the same and it certainly wasn’t a treat.  I didn’t really work out – a little walk for sanity but not really a workout.  I get grumpy and I certainly don’t feel those happy endorphins.  I have felt just out of control as I try to grasp straws of getting my responsibilities in check.  The problem is when you have a lot of “balls” to juggle that when you drop one it usually means the others will quickly drop as well.

So, I am checking in to say today was not a good day.  But the good news is today isn’t my only day.  I was off my game but have a chance to regroup and restart and reconnect.  I’m tired which means I need to pull my life back into balance.  It’s great to get physically healthier but not at the cost of EVERYTHING else.  Balance is important.  And I was trying to do everything according to Suzy’s plan and Suzy’s control.  Balance is a lot easier to attain and maintain when God is the captain.  So I confess to all of you – today I hit a wall full blast.  Today was not my best but I would rather have a small temporary crash, brush off the dirt and get back at it.  Then to get off track and STAY off track by not sharing I could use extra prayers. My usual choice would be to not open up but instead I’m saying yeah I do need extra help.  I have been very lucky and blessed with support and being able to stay focused.  But today I had some vision loss but really like this scripture I stumbled on:

…This is what the Lord says: ‘Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast number, for the battle is not yours, but God’s.” – 2 Chronicles 20:15b

I lose my way when I think this “health battle” is mine and mine alone to fight.

Dear Lord,

Help me/us remember that we are never alone.  That we serve an Almighty God who loves us wherever we are.  I am confessing that I tried to do this on my own.  But my life is not my own but one I choose to use as your servant.  Help us remember that as an individual we have little strength but together with You all things are possible.  Let me serve You and Your children. If it be Your Will please help us grow stronger in faith, in choices,  and in our bodies as we prepare and treat them as Your Temples.  In Your Precious and Holy Name. Amen!

Got My Kettle Bells On!

Be strong and courageous, for your work will be rewarded. Chronicles 15:7

I am falling in love with weights.  There is this little scheduled program called activtrax that the YMCA uses to tell you what machines/exercises to complete at what weight with suggested reps. It really takes the guesswork out of how to balance which weights to lift and when.  I really love the excitement what will the recommendations be for today.  And most of the machines really motivate me to push myself.  I enjoy it because I truly can see and feel the difference.  In the past I understood oh it helps make the muscles stronger maybe look more firm.  But I am feeling it especially when I lift more than I did before and it “hurts” even less.  I feel so professional when I have to take over the whole “jungle” to do crossovers.  But also super intimidated to squeak in there when the YMCA is a little more busy.

So today was time with my personal trainer.  Besides the community – feel (support, teammates, prayer, encouragement) to RBL This is one of the most amazing blessings to work one on one with someone to push you past your boundaries – SAFELY past your boundaries.  If you have the extra money or really want to iHealthy life beginning March 2017 025nvest in your health I highly recommend book a couple sessions with a personal trainer!  So she grabbed Kettle Bells and walked me outside.  Oh so pretty today.  She then had me work those fifteen pound weights continuously and 15 plus 15 equals 30 lbs extra through all the movements – WOW!  Her favorite, I assume it must be her favorite because I kept repeating this “exercise” FOUR times.  I was to walk away from the gym to the road back to her, carrying that’s right 30 lbs. The way you hold them made it feel like I had packed two really heavy lunch pails and was walking to lunch.  The first time I passed another gentleman who also had a Personal Trainer who was making him carry what looked like a bucket of cement.  I figured I got the better end of the deal.  The next jaunt I felt those weights stretching my arms like gumby.  Third time I almost thought of jogging with them to stop the burning in my upper arms – my biceps and triceps were on FIRE! And the fourth trip felt very symbolic.  I still have a ways to go on this health journey but at my heaviest 12 years ago I weighed 120 lbs more than I do today.  That meant I carried four times the weight of those kettlebells for over a year everywhere I went.  No wonder I was exhausted crossing a room, that too many steps had me question a heart attack.  I was in pain because of carrying 30 lbs four times after working out pretty regularly for six weeks.  I barely moved 2000 steps in my heaviest days. Now I knock out 10000 pretty consistently.  That’s a major difference and why I am excited to be really doing it.

I have always known what was needed to eat healthier or
move more.  But no motivation I mean when you have an extra 120 lbs to bring with you it is challenging.  And I would tend to be good at eating right or moving more and rarely together.  Plus the mood/attitude/and spiritual side would be forgotten which means the negative criticism that abounds would usually win hands down.  Those thoughts – you can’t do this, it’s not working, you can’t be having fun, don’t you have other things that need your time/energy/attention.  I’m sure you can add more to this list.  But this year things clicked.  I
’ve tried I’m going to say 100 ideas – products (oh I am an infomercial junkie!), programs, meal plans, crazy fads, off the wall tips, I’ve tried it and obviously not been consistent or some of them were just awful schemes.  I’m finally in a place where I get it!  Where I feel the difference and I shut down those criticism voices as quickly as possible!  I seek out encouraging scripture, I pray, I grab a HEALTHY snack (this was a game changer) and I promise to work out daily.  It doesn’t have to be an hour long or super intense but extra movement to keep me both in the physical and mental game.  That is one of the non negotiable.  I also tell myself I can eat ANYTHING I choose not to eat EVERYTHING!  This isn’t a fad but a way of life.  So yes I could probably lose quicker if I was a little more strict with my eating.  But I really am working on habits that far extend 12 weeks or  12 months or even 12 years.  I’m really working towards my best version for God.  It means facing fears, being brave (when all I want to do is climb back into bed) and celebrate the victories.  I can walk across a room and not NEED to sit down.  I can climb a flight of stairs without

a second glance for the elevator.  I can choose to eat healthy even when those around me choose to eat a feast or fast food.  I don’t need a soda to get through the day.  I feel excited to know I have new active terminology.  I like who I am seeing in the mirror and that alone is a victory to be able to look in the mirror.  I hope those who have been discouraged – you probably know most of what you need to do you just need that permission/commitment/encouragement.  You are strong enough, you are brave enough, and you are worth it!  God Bless!

I Sprinted!

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, Hebrews 12: 1

So this week is mid-way and mindset challenging.  It is when you want to see the changes of six weeks and know that there is another six to come.  If the progress isn’t quite as fast it is easy to give away to the mindset. “Wow, getting healthy takes a lot of time.”  “There are so many other obligations that I could be fulfilling.” “I’m tired, it hurts, and the one that causes the biggest trip? It barely feels like it is worth it.”  These thoughts happen ALL the TIME to the best of us because it happens to EVERYONE, when challenges in life pop up, that negative voice wants to steal our joy and our efforts and point a very specific mirror and the down times, the pain, the tiredness, the frustration.  We have to let go of all the weights that drag us down, for many of us it is our own actual weight.  I read a statistic once that over 2/3 adult population OVER 66.6% is considered overweight and obese.  WOW! That is mind-blowing.  There are a lot of reasons how this happens why it persists but with changes we can change this statistic drastically.  It’s going to take work, its going to take truth, and probably the most challenging in our modern society of hitting the quick easy instant gratification – its going to take time.

I really like variety and enjoy many of the cardio machines with different options.  My two least favorite would be the stairs (Can I be honest? Sometimes, in college I chose DIFFERENT electives to avoid climbing to the third floor.  Not a fan of steps.)  So why get on a machine and the best way to describe it is to climb up an escalator going down.  It is challenging, and frustrating, and daunting.  So I have a health challenge going with some friends we talk about different ways to work on fitness, nutrition, and the mindset and its fun with lots of variety and a friendly competition.  One of my friends is a flight attendant and she will walk up to 7 miles in a day IN HEELS! And then for her workout (which by the way I would count 7 miles in any form as my workout for the day) following her work day she will get on the stairclimber for 45 minutes to an hour!  Wow.  That is inspiring. ..At least I thought so.  I offered up a challenge.  Because of her dedication I would complete 20 minutes on the stairclimber this week.  It might take four attempts at five minutes but I was going to do it! And you know what?  I did Monday night for 25 MINUTES!  Sure it was slow and the machine kept wanting to amp it up to sprint mode but I would quickly adjust down to level one.  I climbed a total of 666 steps and 42 floors.  Wow! I have attempted this machine one other time years ago and was dying after five minutes!

So the other dreaded machine straight up treadmill.  I would so rather spend my cardio time “playing” on one of the other machines.  But we have a 5K coming up and probably should start attempting to work on jogging at least.  We had our group meeting last night.  It was rainy so we used the cardio machines.  Some on bikes due to ankle and foot issues, I think one tried the elliptical (the place was packed and we were lucky to get any machine) and the rest of us were on treadmills doing a program called Sprint 8.  The treadmill has you Sprint thirty seconds and then “recover” for 1 minute and thirty seconds.  I was going to first attempt Beginner but the sprint speed was a 2 mile hour which is about a walk.  So I gulped down my fear and tried the lowest intermediate level.  The trainer assured me I could turn down the speed at any time.  But part of this journey includes pushing ourselves outside our “comfort” zone.  Since a couple of months ago my comfort zone included tv, couch, and chips.  So I started the warm up and there was a moment of terror as the machine ticked down Ramping it up as the incline moved to 4 and the speed went from 2 mph to 5 mph.  I don’t know if I have ever successfully amped up a treadmill to 5 anything.  And for thirty seconds I Sprinted!  Me! No hands on the rails but pumping at my sides like a runner!  And how I loved how the machine counted down to the recovery.  I was much more prepared the second sprint and even the third where the sprint moved up to 5.2 mph and I continued to pump my arms and SURVIVE!  Not once did I fall off the machine.  On Sprint 6 I believe the machine moved to 5.5 mph.  Yeah I felt the difference of that.  I started to hold on with ten seconds to spare of the sprint.  Sprint 7 it was about halfway that I held the machine.  And Sprint 8 I just grabbed the railing but I FINISHED it.  I ran a total of four minutes at 5+ mph.  I sprinted and survived.  I have been announcing it to pretty much everyone.  I am in shock, deliriously overjoyed shock.  I ran.  On purpose, towards a goal and not away from a challenge.  That is HUGE!  I sprinted – I encourage everyone to step slightly outside of their comfort zone and try a challenging feat.  The accomplishment far outweighs the fear and the nervousness.  Good luck and know you are stronger than you think, and faster than you believer.  You got this!!!

Challenge Accepted!

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race,

I have kept the faith. – 2 Timothy 4: 7

Like you I have quite a few strengths, but I also have weaknesses.  I am a great cheerleader, ideas person including motivation, initiative, and creative, and crave variety so I look for new ways of doing things and appreciate other perspectives.  I do however lack perseverance.  I get tired, frustrated, let my perfectionist become a critic and shut everything down.  I get swept up in life’s chaos which means I will drop everything and “show up” but then not so good at picking up the project that was abandoned.  And because of all this undone-ness surrounding me.  I tend to get overwhelmed which is another reason to abandon ship and move on – I tend to like the new scenery anyways.  I’ve tried RBL before and because life happened I was caught up in the current.  My health caused an implosion.  One of my saving prayers was “Thank you Lord for letting me get as healthy as I could” because all that followed could have been much worse.  And once one part of your body falls out, quickly other parts follow due to the stress, the change of the workload, or there is a battle raging taking down whatever will succumb.  Also, when health quickly deteriorates other areas of life suffer as well.  Passing that semester became quickly questionable due to all the absences due to the sickness taking control of my schedule, body, and simply stated my life.  Dominoes kept falling and not just in my life but also of my loved ones.  When it rains, it pours!  I got to the halfway point of RBL 2015 and simply could go no farther.  I have a list of unfinished business in my life that I certainly am not proud of, but that is the past.

Today I am here by God’s Grace (in so many ways and areas of my life!) and once again at the halfway point of Rob’s Big Losers.  Anxious would be a truthful word.  I worry I am going to have a major health decline again.  I worry about an injury.  I worry for what wrench or temptation the Enemy plans to throw upon my path.  But not this round!  I am truly making life changes.  This week was insane – including three trips to school plus regular driving duties and I am on the road for about 1000 miles (that is a lot of time stuck sitting! That doesn’t include the other times I have to sit while I am in class learning or doing homework or finishing up actual work!)  I have a class that meets 8:30 p.m.- 11:30 p.m. on a Friday night – you read that correctly.  It’s crazy I know, but please believe me when I share I live a very up and down all around hectic schedule.  The good news I still choose health as a priority.  I am incorporating healthy habits and daily healthy choices that support the lifestyle I want to actually live.

Some changes – because of the late class I invited my husband and son to come on a mini trip.  They get to enjoy hotel life including a pool while I attend class and I get to enjoy their company for the 4+ hour drive.  The car tends to be where we spend a lot of family time for the last couple of years!  One night we stayed in the hotel.  I packed workout clothes.  I have done this quite a bit, but have NEVER used them.  They literally take up space in my bag.  But not this trip- I put them on first thing this morning and did a quick workout on the elliptical and even completed half of my weights (Activtrax).  Then up was “free” breakfast with delicious choices of waffles, bagels, biscuits and gravy, and pastries.  I loooooooooooooooooove sweets!  And juice selection of orange or apple or lemonade.  My breakfast choice was eggs with salsa and an apple with peanut butter and water to drink.  Not because I had to but because I chose to.  Several weeks ago I freaked what was I going to eat and it finally started to click I can’t have an almost heart attack every meal.  Make smart choices and move on with life.  Its that perfectionist wanting to stop the train! And then for family fun we headed to an awesome Farmer’s Market where we picked up a minimum of ten DIFFERENT vegetables!!! Then it was lunch time we stopped for fast food through a window so that we could picnic and watch the planes take off/land.  My choice after quick research was a grilled chicken apple pecan salad with pomegranate vinaigrette.  It was delicious and filling.  I went for the full size because I still panic I will still be hungry.  I could have totally ordered the half size as I was unable to eat the full.  Still learning – consistently and constantly.

And I asked my husband if we could head home early.  I really wanted to finish my weights workout.  I had set a goal for myself – 200,000 pounds lifted in one week. I was under it by 5000 lbs.  I could have called it a good try or close enough.  But I am trying really hard to be better at finishing at what I start or at least giving everything I have to reach my goal.  And you know what I did it – I dared myself to challenge myself and I accepted the challenge and surpassed it!!!! That is an awesome feeling. I have fought a good fight.  I will finish this race.  I will keep the faith.  I pray you do the same.  God Bless!

charlotte-workout (My gym workout while out of town! Challenge Accepted!!!)

Amazing Support

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. – Proverbs 27:17

How are doing reader?  Me, I have some good days, I have some blah days, but I am blessed to have amazing support!  I have friends I can call on anytime of day or night.  A couple of them I talk to every single day.  These individuals truly know my best, my worst, my fears, my hopes.  I also have a great family that mostly lives nearby.  Some acquaintances and some new friends and even some strangers rooting for me because they at least know one thing about me – I want to get healthier.  Not just say it because we are expected to say we want to live in good health.  But that I have claimed 2017 as my Year to hit ultimate health for myself or at least give every single drop of sweat, every frustrated whine/grunt, every single last hunger pain to really be my best version.  Because God wants me at my best to show up for the work /purpose God has called me specifically to do.  That’s true for every person reading this and for that matter for every person not.  God created all of us to be us and our best versions so that we can serve God and each other.

That’s right we are called to be in relationship with one another.  I can’t believe how much more aware I’ve become of other people since RBL 2017 began!  A lot of people think I am an extrovert – certain energies and environments help me go full blast but I need recuperation time – it gets draining.  But this environment created has really plugged me into my extrovert social side.

Can we be real – the gym is an intimidating place! There are these amazingly buff people who you know in a glance have been there more than a time or two.  Their muscles and confidence – Wow!  Let’s just say it makes me want to hightail it and head back to my car sometimes.  It makes the wallflower side of me freeze and pray for camouflage – just maybe if I stay real still I will blend in with this treadmill!  Except I tend to wear a bright blue t-shirt EVERYTIME I’m in the gym.  It’s been several weeks I’ve been going and for the most part know the lay of gym floor and equipment.  But there are times I scan my recommended workout – see the dumbbells required and gulp – usually check out the area.  Is it on the slow side? Or wait until it clears out?  I’m getting braver to just go over there when I need to get the workout done but I am still nervous for one of these buff characters to call me out as a phony.  But it hasn’t happened – not a single time and I am going to roughly estimate I’ve seen at least 500 – 750 different people in the gym (really rough estimate and I go a scattering of times so I rarely see the same group).  I approached a lady yesterday to share a piece of equipment to balance as I did a one legged dumbbell calf raise (I’m throwing that out there because the first time I read that on my workout I went huh? but now I know – learning every day – every SINGLE day!).  She gave me the sweetest smile and nodded of course.  Today I reached for a dumbbell and there was only one.  I glanced around in my confusion.  And one of the buff gentleman approached me – are you looking for the missing one?  I was ready to squeak no and scurry like a mouse across the floor.  Except he was super jovial and friendly.  He pointed that he had used it to prop open the door.  Exchanged it and handed me my missing dumbbell.  I am still astounded that strangers want to help me on my journey to good health.  For so long I spent fixated that people I didn’t know would ridicule me, stand in opposition, or at least silently mock me.  How we build up and believe these ridiculous lies!

This experience creating a team atmosphere in a radio family world is nothing less than comforting, mind-blowing, and Amazing!!!  We who listen to His Radio pray together, share our stories, cheer on life moments, and come together in amazing support.  Because of everyone sharpening my iron I am becoming daily one step closer to my goal of me being my best version for God.  I wouldn’t be the same without all of you! Thank you for the prayers, the encouragement, and amazing support!   This girl feels blessed – Thank you! Lets keep working together to sharpen one another!

Rotten Temptation!

On reaching the place, he said to them,

“Pray that you will not fall into temptation.” – Luke 22:40

Oh is this a verse I needed to read today!  These sneaky weekends have so many memories/habits of treats, snacks, and indulgence.  I did okay for breakfast – great for lunch but that mid-afternoon to suppertime.  It was like my kitchen had sonar and was calling me home.  It was insane how often I found myself drifting to the kitchen.  I would try to trick myself – oh good I’ll grab water since I’m here. Oh I’ve been meaning to throw that away.  Oh I should scrub that counter or clean that dish.  Anything but grab the munchies.  I finally succumbed …to bean chips.  I know strange right?  I was eyeing the popcorn.  I tasted two kernels and dramatically switched to the newly bought black bean snack – 6 ingredients for 22 pieces at 130 calories.  Not quite popcorn, nor chips but felt victorious.  But then dinner time came and went and I didn’t eat afraid I would give into temptation.  I kept putting it off until I was starving and snappy because I was so hungry!  I jerked open the fridge – full but needs some cleaning out – popped open the freezer.  There in the corner of the door they beckoned – the pizza rolls.  Oh how I could eat a 1/3 or half a bag (or roughly 16 to 20 rolls in a sitting) with a big ol’ heap of ranch.  The thought of a quick comfort food tantalized my taste buds.  I even pulled them out of the freezer roughly 400 calories for 12.  I could eat 12 and be satisfied.  But I wouldn’t, I would feel awful.  I constantly tell myself I CAN eat anything! I just choose not to eat EVERYTHING!  I try to tell myself this or answer the curious people who ask this question because I don’t want to forbid myself.  I don’t want to act like I’m on a “diet” because this is a lifestyle change not a fad.  Will I ever eat pizza rolls again? Probably – but not in a rush, not because I didn’t feel I couldn’t make a choice, it will be planned.  And honestly? I couldn’t handle the guilt that I knew would rush to my thoughts and heart after eating that kind of dinner.  In four weeks I haven’t eaten pizza. (We came close with pizza soup suggested by a fellow RBL and it was delicious!) Our household lived on pizza – at least 2 – 3 meals a week (I am pretty sure I have had pizza at least five days in a week before) pre-RBL.  So when I eat pizza again it’s going to be the good stuff and planned and with some veggie counterbalance most likely a salad.  I eat a lot of salads.  They can offer a lot of variety with a lot of different flavors and if made carefully can be pretty low calorie – remember not all salads are the same! Some could easily double my pizza roll consumption 😉  So I didn’t eat the pizza rolls I was able to refocus.  I ended up with a couple of low carb wraps with slices of canadian bacon and cheese wedges – coming in at 312 calories which I upped with an apple and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and just under a cup of blueberries.  Delicious!  Filling and without the overwhelming guilt I feared.  But please understand that wasn’t easy – it was challenging and although I am full now (there is an itsy bitsy part of me that wants to pull out those pizza rolls but nowhere as crazy as I felt a few hours earlier!)  And I love my pb and apple and the blueberries allowed me to feel like I was snacking on something like popcorn except they were so sweet.  A couple of weeks ago I probably would have found them tart as many sweet items as I chose to eat.  But nowawdays a big ol’ bowl of blueberries rivals candy or the snack like popcorn.

Rotten temptation – but pulling strength from the Word and my awesome Savior –

On reaching the place, he said to them,

“Pray that you will not fall into temptation.” – Luke 22:40.

I prayed and today with God’s help I did not fall into temptation.  Moment by moment we push forward.  Thank you for being part of the journey – encouragement, support, prayers, are felt and welcomed!  God’s Blessings to y’all and may we continue to meet each other on this HealthFULL (Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life) Journey!

Healthy Habits

For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. – 1 Timothy 4:8

A couple of days ago I shared how this health journey is a family thing.  Well it continues to move along that way.  On Monday with it being a holiday we as a family all had a day off together.  Not that common in our household!  It was a lot of fun with a lot of healthy initiatives without even trying!  It started with me running over to the gym.  We had planned on taking an afternoon hike, but plans can go awry.  If we did – awesome! If not, I was able to get my workout in!  I rush home to take our son to the dentist.  When feeling blah or not our best it is easier to find reasons to not make our doctor appointments then have to admit our faults or listen to what we need to fix.  Our son had a great check up and we let him “plan” the afternoon.  First up – Frankie’s Fun Park for Putt Putt.  We agreed and all of us played.  There was a time in my life not that long ago that I physically wasn’t able to play a game of putt putt.  I had a lot of pain issues and standing/walking could easily put me in bed for the afternoon if not for the day.  Not only did I play the full game – I did not need to sit down once.  This is a huge victory!!! I stopped at the end of the game and just shook my head in shock and then shared my revelation with my husband.  Because of the pain issue you may have seen me sitting on the floor in Toys R Us or Walmart without me batting an eye.  You certainly would have seen me rushing from bench to bench at putt putt, at the park, or in the mall just to save strength to make it back to the car and home!

Next up – lunch out. This is still a tricky situation for me.  A lot of restaurants have some friendly and tasty low calorie options. But the restaurants my son was suggesting had fewer choices but I preplanned my order.  ( I do this every time we go out these days – this trick alone has easily saved between 400 – 1000 calories A MEAL!!!)

Our day is not done as we head over to Trader Joe’s for some healthy snacks and dinner options.  But wait – Academy Sports is next door let’s take a peek.  Wow talk about a family shopping spree: a new bike helmet for our son, some new tennis shoes for both me and my hubby, but the big new item *drumroll please* a tennis racket for our son.  Why?  because I love working out at the Y and am beyond blessed by this opportunity from His Radio and all of the sponsors but there will be an after to this journey.  How are we going to stay healthy?  What lifestyle changes are happening to encourage this healthFULL Journey to continue?  So we are seeking out opportunities to what we can continue to do as a family. We have a tennis court in our neighborhood and our son loves to play sports.  So with new purchase in hand (literally – you know how six year olds can be with a new item 🙂 ) we went home (after a quick stop at Trader Joe’s – Love that place!).

Can anyone guess what our son’s first question was upon our arrival home?  When are we going to play tennis?  I guess right now.  So we pulled out our tennis rackets, blew off the dust, and jumped back into the car.  Now call me naive, ignorant, or plain ditzy but I had envisioned how the three of us would hit the ball over the net back and forth.  I have no idea why I thought my son would be a tennis prodigy.  Sure I figured a stumble here or there but we were starting from scratch!

Why? Because he had never played before.  He hadn’t developed the skills or practiced before Monday.  So we covered some basics – like let’s keep the racket in the same hand.  Look at the ball.  Keep trying even when it’s hard.  Have fun!  Any of this sound familiar?  Because we all need to hone our skills – whether they are brand new or it has been so long we have to start over from scratch.  Many of us have shared how muscles who have disappeared are being worked again.  Equipment is being sought whether being unpacked, found, or bought.  Choices are being made to take what we have learned and pursue it.  I’ve heard frustration of former athletes who feel like a failure because of getting out of shape or those who dreamed of playing sports frustrated at breathing heavy walking across a room.  This isn’t easy folks.  But with (re)learning the basics, practice, perseverance, and having some fun – we really can take this opportunity and teach ourselves some healthy habits that not just last a couple of months but that we can carry with us always.

Thursday was another gorgeous day so my son and I grabbed our rackets and gave tennis another go.  I’m excited for the differences our family is experiencing from nutrition to activity to time together- some really healthy habits are forming and growing!  God Bless!


It’s a Family Thing


Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old

they will not turn from it. – Proverbs 22:6

Like many of us I wear many hats and play many roles.  Being a mom and being a wife are some of my favorites.  I have amazing Godly men in my family from my dad to my brother and to my household now that includes my husband and my son.  Our son is six and he’s curious and he learned/inherited his father’s love of sports.  We have promised him for a long time that we would get back to a gym as a family.  So that our son could swim and play basketball and just hang out with other kids.  He is my biggest cheerleader and coach.  I’ve really claimed 2017 as my year to become my best version – healthy, connected, and thriving.  I will lead a life with a HealthFULL  (Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life) Balance. So I have participated in several friendly health challenges.  One turned into a long-term accountability group.  Which means I did exercises at home before (and still do) RBL 2017.  My son would cheer me on and sometimes like a good trainer join me in the trenches.  I am still not quite in as good of shape as the professionals in the videos.  But my six year old trainer doesn’t see it that way.  Mommy they go deeper, stretch longer,  push yourself farther.  Okay honey I’ll try.  You can do it Mommy – you can do it!  I want to cry just thinking about it.  I’ve shared with people having a young child is like living with your conscience outside your body.  Because kids don’t filter – they say what they’re thinking, what they see, and they ask questions – LOUDLY!  But they also aren’t embarrassed to shout their encouragement – or drop everything to run and give a hug or a high five.  I’m nodding because my husband and I have dropped the ball several times and yet our kid is doing some amazing things.  We both want to encourage him to live a healthy life – to have fun, play hard, and eat healthy or a more balanced diet than chicken (tenders/nuggets) and fries.  How does he learn?  Like most of us – when we see it around us it is more recognizable then when someone just tells us what to do.  The last few times we have gone out to eat my son excitedly shares his observation “We are all drinking water.”  Yes son we sure are.  Can I tell you how much this little change saves both on the waistline and the pocketbook?

We also are doing more activities as a family.  If I want to get a workout in with lifting weights my husband and son will go play basketball or if my hubby is working we let our son hang out in the kid’s area – which he loves!  We also go for more family walks including a portion of the Swamp Rabbit Trail.  My son likes to race sprints in between and enjoys nature – as he kicks leaves, or points out wildlife (usually crazy squirrels but we did catch a glimpse of what we think is a heron – big bird in a tree). I love that my son is gaining memories and time with us now and in the future as we get healthier together as a family.  Like I said – It’s a Family Thing! 😉 God bless y’all!!!

Some days are better than others!

I’m not saying that I have this all together, that I have it made. But I am well on my way, reaching out for Christ, who has so wondrously reached out for me. Friends, don’t get me wrong: By no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward—to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.                                       – Philippians 3:14 – The Message


I’m trying – I’m trying to eat right, work hard, have fun, and walk as close to God as possible.  Some days are better than others! And some days are rough.  But I keep trudging along.  This picture is my fitbit I hit all my goals.  It doesn’t happen everyday but there are days like Thursday where I can nail it.  We all want instant success – we want the scale to say low numbers, our cravings to stay away, our muscles to grow, our waists to shrink, and our mirrors and peers to see  the difference.  We feel different.  We want that acknowledgement – hey your hard work is paying off.  We want the prize and the treasure now because many of us are working hard.  But that’s not how life works.  We don’t get a cookie for every right choice, a compliment for every tough workout, and sometimes the scale refuses to budge.  Sometimes the scale does move in the direction we want but not enough.  So on days where my fitbit celebrates my goals – I should too!  Because I’m doing the work and there are days like Friday where I want to throw in the towel because life was overwhelming, because a sugary treat or crunchy chip would have tasted fabulous in the moment, and because I failed to plan.  It happens – life happens – so on the days that are rough we can lean in closer to God with a simple prayer of Help , seek a supportive encouraging friend and on the days we hit our goals let’s celebrate!  Keep our eyes on the prize – that God is good ALL THE TIME! And every day with consistent good choices we become a step healthier, a bit stronger, and hopefully that much closer to God 🙂  Blessings dear friends – let us find a HealthFULL (Feeling Unbelievable & Loving Life) Balance on our HealthFULL Journey.  Thank you His Radio and RBL 2017 to helping more of my some days be better!!!