Not end! Just getting started!!!!

Over the last 11 weeks my life has been anything but sedentary. My body has endured things that I never knew it could do anymore; sometimes we under estimate what we can do. God’s word says “We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.” Trust me when I say, I’ve asked God for lots of strength lately. My body is still screaming at me but I’ve never felt better.

When I started my journey at the Y, my goal was to lose as much weight as I can and do a low carb diet to get rid of this excess weight I’ve put on.   I’ve endured the flu and shingles while on my journey but I never gave up.  But something has happened in this journey; I decided not to diet and eat to live instead of live to eat. Sure I still love food and I have cravings, but they no longer own me.  If I have a craving, I will take a bite and walk away.  I don’t just sit there and gorge myself any more.

Exercise has become a habit and not a dredge. Sure there is some days that I’m really tired and just want to go home and rest.  Sometimes we need to listen to our bodies.  Rest is just as important as diet and exercise,  but I can tell the difference when it’s much needed rest and when it’s the “just don’t want too.”   But with saying all this, Robs Biggest Loser and this program at the Y has given me new life.  It gave me a kick in the butt that I so badly needed to get back on track with my life.  And for that I am truly grateful.  Thank You for giving me life.  This is not the end of my journey but the beginning for a new life.

No more Diets

I’m so glad that I can have a healthy lifestyle.  We tend to to “diet” because that’s what we’re programed to do when we’re over weight.  We restrict what we think we’re not allowed to eat so we start feeling deprived.  If I have learned anything from my journey is I’m not on a diet. I’m on a life style change.  Diets never work.  Once I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish I go to my old ways. I never really changed my habits just my food intake to accomplish my goal.  I’m down 24 bs not because of being on a diet, because I’m choosing life. Heathy habits with invigorating exercise.  I’m not giving up anything. But old habits and it feels good.😋

Life Style Change

I don’t want just to lose weight  and work out for twelve weeks and see how it goes.  I don’t want to work out five or seven days  a week and expect my life to change.  I told my husband today that I want to be able to do today what I’m willing to do every day.  I know this already sounds weird but yesterday was an eye opener for me.  I’ve been stressing about what will happen to me after RBL that I’m not realizing what is happening to me now.  I felt lost yesterday not going to the gym.  My life before was the gym was a chore that I know I need to do but really don’t want to take the time to get dress and drive all the way there.  And to answer your question, no I didn’t go to the gym yesterday but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I have been neglecting my poor house and husband.

I feel different than before when I lost weight.  I don’t want to go back to what I once was.  I want to live and give God a healthy temple He can be proud of .  I love what Suzy posted on Face book with the lady and It’s true.  God did create us and I don’t want to shorten the life He has given me but my unhealthy choices.

So………. after our twelve weeks with RBL is over then our journey will begin.  Was this just a temporary fix or will this be our lifestyle change?  So who’s ever reading this I’d like to get together and continue on our journey of healthy habits. I love hiking and there’s Falls park to go walking maybe jogging too.  It doesn’t have to end in twelve weeks.   There are great recipes to help with cravings too.  I have learned that I can live without beef and pork.  At first I knew my body would go into utter shock.  I love shake N Bake pork chops.  I could eat them everyday not to mention my love for a medium rear steak.  Yummy.  And I’m not saying that I will never eat them again but until I’m strong enough to realize that food is nourishment and not a soothing drug for whatever ale’s me, then I choose to sustain from them. If I’ve learned anything from this experience is that I’m stronger than I thought I was and I matter! God is my creator, redeemer and He loves me unconditional. It’s time for me to love me too!


I’ve been a little discourage over my lack of weight loss.  Working out 4 to 5 days a week and I’ve increased my calorie intake to make sure I’m eating enough.  Even though I wish I was losing weight I’m no longer on blood pressure meds.  That of course make me very excited.  Working out has now become a habit.  I’m still really worried about what will happen after our weeks of workout are over but that will for another day to worry about.  But…. I will stay strong.  What I was is not what I am!!!   They say what you do for 20 days becomes a habit.  I think I like this healthy habit.  🙂


My husband once did a sermon on the Kung Fu Panda cartoon movie……… I know it sounds really crazy but let me explain…..

You have this over weight Panda who shockingly finds himself chosen as the next “Dragon Warrior”.  He has not training, very much over weight and loves to eat.  Wow that sounds like me.  Any how, the other warriors are dumbfounded and quite upset on how this happened.  How can someone so unlikely be able to save their world when he can’t even walk up a flight of stair without giving out of breath?  The master in this film is determined to make “Po” quit.    He has tried everything short of kicking him our to death to get him to give up.  I’m saying all this because of one point in the movie changed everything. His master put him through so much torcher and pain and finally asked him why was he still there? His response was “Anything you can make me is better than what I am”.

This journey to a better me is going to happen because, like Po said, I want and desire to be better than what I was.  The movie really has a lot of great quotes in it but the Master realized that no matter what he did to discourage Po, Po was all in.  I’m all in!!!  I am a little afraid of the last day we can go to the Y.  What do I do then?  No more gym or personal trainer. I told our group last night that I hate the person I stare at in the mirror but I’m the only one who can change that.  Gym or no gym I do not plan on going back to the old ways.  My blood pressure is awesome. My heart is awesome. Cpap your next so get ready for the closet!!!!  I’m struggling with the pounds lost but I can feel my body is much happier than before.  So as it also says in the move “If you want a different result, stop doing what you are doing right now because what you are doing right now has given you the result and lead you where you are today.”   I want a healthy lifestyle.  I want to be able to go hiking an not stop every few to catch my breath.  I want to make my body a living sacrifice to Him!!!


Feeling defeated but I Praise

This week has been a rough one.  I have the shingles.  Just what I wanted.:-(  But I will still praise.  Since my praise team has elevated our worship we seem to be afflicted with some short of illness.   BUT WE PRAISE!! I have the shingles, one has the flu, other have been battling skin cancer and colds but we still praise.  My daughter is in the hospital with a an intestinal infection, dehydration and bed sores, but still we praise.

We aren’t praising our inflections but we are praising our Maker who gave His life so that we can be heirs to the King.  When you read the book of Job you realize that nothing you have is yours.  Our homes, family, our lives all belong to Jesus.  When we stand on His promises nothing we endure could ever come close to what he has endured for us.  People as me all the time, how do still smile with everything that has happened to you.  Jesus is my joy!! When I feel down I draw on His strength. With His strength nothing is impossible.

So even though I’m unable to work out this week I will still eat healthy, rest and work even harder next week.

Resting Heart Rate

In December I was given gift certificates to Amazon for a total of $75.00 so I thought, this year I really want to tract my steps and heart rate.  I broke down and bought me a fit bit 2.  I came up the other half of the money and made my order. When I put it on my heart was over 100.  I thought may it was due to my excitement but when I went to bed it was still over 100.  My heart rate felt like it was rather fast but I had no idea how fast.   When I started warring it I thought maybe it was broken. I downloaded an app on my phone that tracks your heart rate but it said the same speed as my fitbit. My resting heart rate while I slept was 107.  To be honest I was really worried.  I looked it up on the internet to see if this was normal or not.  Of course not, so my worrying only elevated it more.

I’m saying this because last week my resting heart was 80. I’m so exited and it’s still under 100.  Now when I work out its way over 100 but I have a feeling my heart is thanking me.  I really love being at the Y and I’m going to hate it when this is over.  I was thinking everybody is creating a fund me page for everything under the sun why not start my own……keep me healthy fund so I can stay at the Y 🙂 Of course I would never do that.  Regardless of whether I get to stay or not my journey will not end.  I’m working on a rate of 70!!!!



To row or not to row

Ok, Shawnese had Leann and I do circuit training.  One part of our training was the row machine.  Well……….. let me tell ya.  If you can do more than five mins your are the “Man”;  I knew I was going to die Friday.  My body was in utter shocked.  But I’ll tell you,  now I’m determined to beat that machine.  If can do an hour on that machine then a 5k will be a stroll in the lily fields.

I must say though,  I’m quite impressed with the Y.  I’ve never enjoyed going to a gym because I felt so intimidated with the equipment.  The workers are fantastic. They can tell when your struggling to figure out what machines to use and jump right in there to help.

Well, I’m kind of ranting today but I really feel good.  I told my husband earlier that I was coming home after work because we haven’t been able to spend any quality time together.  He’s either working or I’m at the gym.  But I texted him back and said I was going to the gym anyways.  I’m doing this for me.  Not for anybody else but me.  I want to be able to run more than 60 seconds at a time.  I want to be able to put my socks and shoes on without being winded.  I want to get up off the floor without help.  I want to be able to look in the mirror and smile at the person I see.  I want to be proud of me.  That might sound silly but I’m tired of who I have become.  I want the old me back and she coming back full force. My joy in the Lord and I will live life for Him.

Another week closer

Last night was great with our team.  I really enjoy the group work outs. This way we can support and bond closer with each other.  It also puts a little bit of competitive spark in there too.  Gus we are all coming for you this week. 🙂  He did such an awesome job and was this weeks winner in our group.  I can’t wait until I’m in the double digits.  My goal next week is to be 10 + pounds closer to my Cindy Crawford bod.  I can dream!!  Seriously my goal isn’t just about weight loss, its about health change; physically and mentally.  It’s been an emotional roller coaster but I ready to commit.


I can hear my joints and muscles screaming “What do you think you are doing?” Every inch is aching and I love it!!!!  Feeling alive is an awesome feeling.  I don’t want to just get by I want to change my life for the good forever.  I don’t want just a 12 week changeover I want a lifetime change.  Even thought my body is screaming help; my heart, mind and soul are loving it.  When I started this journey I was really worried about my commitment.  It would mean that I would have to feel again.  I guess I felt I didn’t deserve it.  But, If I didn’t then Jesus wouldn’t of had to die.  This road, even only a few weeks in, has been emotionally hard.  I’ve had to  think, really think about things that have happened in life and evaluate why I keep sabotaging my health.  I guess that’s part of living again.