Going Strong

I just wanted to give an update. Since April I’ve started going to the Y, not as often as I should but I’m still trying. I’ve also stuck pretty close to my eating plan. During the actual 12 week journey I didn’t have any cheat days now I have one about once a month. I got on the scale at the GHS YMCA today & I’m down 39 pounds since the beginning. I’m also down 2 sizes. I’m not where I want to be yet but I’m very thankful to be on my way.20170620_144506This is my hubby and I about a week ago after a water ride of course. He’s eating right & exercising with me & losing weight too!

Day 1, Week 13

I was so excited & incredibly honored to win the weight loss challenge for the At Home Group.  I had a cheat  day with eating yesterday & I’m back on track today.  I started my day getting up REALLY early to goto GHS YMCA to try the Body Combat Class.  I survived about 1/2 the class. I’ll do better next week!

I feel like we finished our first 12 weeks strong on Saturday, but let’s keep going!!


So the past 2 weeks pretty much the ONLY exercise I’ve done is running with the At Home group on Saturdays. I don’t have any excuses. I simply didn’t do anything. I gained 2 lbs this week so I’ve vowed to do better this week & finish strong.

On a more positive note: I just completed my first run of the week and I feel great! AND  when I went to the doctor last week, he took me off of one of my blood pressure medicines.

So, I challenge each of you to finish week 12 strong and keep fighting and working hard until you reach your goals.

See y’all Saturday!


God was preparing me

For some reason when I was in the interview room on kick-off night & I was asked WHY I wanted to be on this journey I said several things.  The one that stuck out had something to do with the fact that my son was almost 20 and for all I know I could be a grandparent soon. After I left the room, I thought to myself why in the world would I say that!?

We’ll a few weeks later my son announced that I will get to be a grandma in November! It’s not the way I would’ve planned it but God’s timing is not ours. AND I truly believe babies blessing so meet baby bean:


Pray for his/her mommy. She’s really been sick.


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Blood Work

I had blood work done at the beginning of the month. I was a little worried about my cholesterol levels because I’m on a high fat, low carb diet. I got my results today….






My cholesterol levels are perfect! Everything else looks good too! I’m super excited because I’m losing weight and feeling better. I was afraid bloodwork would be bad & I’d have to change what I was doing. Now to wait for the April Dr appointment to see how the blood pressure is doing.

Awesome Celebration

We had a great group meet today to celebrate the half way point of RBL. I enjoyed the message brought by a previous RBL contestant and the encouragement given by Rob, Leslie and the mentors. The best part was hearing from current RBL contestant. Hearing their struggles & successes was the best encouragement of all. Thanks to all of you for being on this journey together.

Finally proof!

This might not be a big deal to some but for me this is huge! I’ve had a very hard time finding boots to fit on my calves the last several years. I got these boots for Christmas and I could barely zip them. Now there is a gap & I can even fit my hand down in there! Now that’s motivation to keep going.

Favorite Verse?

I’m doing pretty good with my at home workout, my running and my eating. They could always be better But I’m seeing change . My next challenge/improvement I want to make is to get better at reading my Bible everyday. So, please post the “address” for your favorite verse. Don’t type the whole thing out. I want to look it up.

Thanks in advance for helping!