Birthday Success

My birthday was Saturday and I really debated on whether or not to get on the scale when I went to the Y to run with my group. I didn’t want to be disappointed on my birthday but I did want to know if what I’m doing is making a difference. I did end up getting on the scale (it was the first time since the night we all weighed in). I’m excited to say I’ve lost 8lbs!! That was motivation to stick to my diet the rest of the weekend. My run wasn’t my best but I didn’t quit. I just had to say, “keep on moving” in my best Dory voice. I hope everyone has a great week.

Keep giving glory to God. He is making all of this possible because I know I’m not capable of doing it on my own.


So I’ve written this post in my head several times this week. It never sounds nice and I feel ignorant so I keep putting it off. First of all, as much as I love my at home team I’m completely jealous of the Y teams (yes, I know I’m not supposed to want what others have). I read about their workouts and counting calories and think “I want to be able to do that.” But honestly, I don’t have the first clue about dieting or nutrition. See I’m one of the lucky people who hasn’t struggled with weight all of my life . When I got married the first time at 21 my dress was a size 2 &had to be taken in. 6 years later I had my first child. I put on some weight over the years but I was still only about a size 6.  After my divorce I put on more weight but I still was only a size 10 (in my world, clothes size matters, not the scale). 10s are much easier to shop for than 2s so that was okay. Fast forward…2ND marriage (it’s FABULOUS by the way), a set of twins and many years later I’ve managed to make my way to a size 16 & 200lbs. That’s why I applied for RBL. I don’t have a clue about how to lose weight. I’m doing the at home workouts and the C25K runs but I feel like I should be doing more. I started a KETO diet to help kick the carb/sugar habit. I chose that because I have a friend who has had great success with it AND because I don’t know anything about choosing healthy food or counting calories. I don’t really know if I’m losing weight but I’m not hungry and I’ve been able to cut out sweets, Cokes, pasta etc…without much effort. My current debate is when to get back on the scale…

Small success..I’ll take it

Today at school we had a “Souper Bowl” lunch where everyone brought soups and desserts to share. I had a small bowl of soup that fit most to my diet and totally skipped the dessert table. I LOVE dessert so this was a really big deal for me. I couldn’t do it on my own. God must be really looking out for me.

I’m looking forward to working out with my at home team tomorrow.

Have a great week!


My Idea

Hi y’all! My name is Teresa and I decided that not only do I NEED to lose weight, I FINALLY WANT to lose weight. Since this new adventure is my idea instead of my husband’s idea and not a suggestion from the doctor, I’m finally owning it and feeling successful. The first week is going better than I expected. I’m trying to break the sugar addiction and I’m sticking to my workout schedule. It’s taking lots of prayer and willpower, but with God’s help I feel great! I want to say thanks to His Radio and my at home coach, Doug, for the opportunity and support.

Have a great week!