Best Wishes, Heavy Hearted

Guys, I talked to Rob and Lou about my situation. I can’t tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you. It may not seem as if I was around much, but I always continued to work and push myself which resulted in a 48.6lb weight loss. The crazy thing is that it is almost exactly what I had lost my first time. While on this journey, I was blessed with an unexpected opportunity to have some major reconstructive dental work done while being a part of RBL2017. It ended up being a bit tougher than we had anticipated or expected and definitely has sidelined me a bit. Like I told Rob, I was on this journey to become stronger & healthier-emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. Part of the physical improvement has been all my dental work. It was a tough road, Kristina can probably relate. After infection moved into my bone the work got to be much more extensive. So I’m relaxing now preparing for one more surgery to remove some bone and then I should definitely be on mend. So a huge thank you to Rob, Lou, Bridgett, Bev all my Verdae Teammates and all the RBL’ers of 2017, you made me proud, it was an honor to be included. Congratulations to who ends up on top, but don’t forget we all Won when we took that first step to better and healthier lives. 12 weeks is just a tiny glimpse of what we all have in store. I pray we all stay the course and give thanks to His Radio, Rob and everyone involved with the annual Rob’s Big Losers. It has been a blessing in all our lives.

The Scale, None of your business!

So I have been thinking about this for some time. I have never been a fan of the scale, especially if you are doing weight training. It’s hard to gunge muscle gain while measuring fat loss using just a scale. It’s not because I am slow to lose the pounds, actually that’s quite the opposite.  I have always said that to use a scale frequently is is putting yourself on an emotional roller coaster. So with that being said I am no longer going to disclose how much weight I have lost. You see, I think we should be proud of our hard work, because that’s what it is-it’s hard and it’s work. You know what though, a lot of people are out there are working just as hard as I am and maybe harder who don’t see the results on the scale. People need to know that it is extremely healthy to only loose a pound or two a week The last thing I want to do is unintentionally discourage another RBL’er or even someone at home who reads our blogs and is going through there own struggle. When we brag about how much weight we have lost I am certain its only out of pride and having a sense of accomplishment. The ramifications could be negative though, it may be they one thing that someone hears to push them over the edge and they quit “well I’m just not losing weight so I quit”. I do not want to have anything to do with that. I am not out to beat anyone, I am out to help motivate, support and encourage my team and everyone else. Just take a minute and think out it the next time you want to shout from the proverbial mountaintops how much weight you have lost. Yes most people will be  ecstatic for you, but I promise there are some that may take it as the final blow. Not to mention when we start to hit that 8-9 week plateau & become discourage with the stalling of your progress

Get on your knees, then off your butt!

I haven’t had much chance to blog since my return from Cuba. Since returning I have found this new vigor, an enthusiastic injection of motivation. This weekend was so fulfilling to see my brothers and sisters facing some of the same challenges and some different ones too. Like we were told, Keep the Course!. Don’t look at the 5K as the end, but just another milestone. The changes are for life, and just like life we will stumble along the way but we must stay the course.  After all, we are not on diets, diets fail. We are rebooting and changing a lifetime of bad programming. We are rebuilding a high performance engine to run like a race car. Tell yourself what ever you have to, to understand the good we are doing for ourselves. You can draw comparisons to so many things in our life, find which one you can relate to. Also STOP making excuses. The biggest obstacle you are facing is YOU! YOU will tell yourself a laundry list of excuses why you cant do something,(kids ball games,no time to cook,just too tough, I just feel uncomfortable at the gym). A lot of us have been doing that most of our lives and that’s why we are where we are now. We really have to get over ourselves. Please don’t think I am preaching or calling anyone out, I am telling myself this as much as anyone else.  So take a look at your self and ask are you really happy with your state in life.

It doesn’t have to be something negative that knocks us off track, it can just as easily happen when something happy or posative happens in our life that will derail us. All of a sudden we are happy again, and our health or physical state doesn’t become as important to us as much as did at one point. You had better believe Satan will use good in your life to distract you and knock you off course as well as evil. He loves it when we are content, because when we are content we are also idle, idle in our spiritual lives and idle in our physical life, yet we think everything is fine…not so. Yes we need to be happy, but not so quick to be satisfied and content. So my advice is first remember to get on your knees and pray, then get off your but and move, exercise, honor his temple and honor yourself!





Holy Spirit

WOW…. That’s the one word I use to sum up Cuba. The people of Cuba are truly an amazing sort. The love I was able to share didn’t compare to that which was bestowed upon me. This was not a vacation by any sort, but a Revival of mind, body and soul. Without a doubt it was an injection of the Holy Spirit. 20170226_122300-01

I think I have to clarify a few things first because the rumors about Cuba are growing by leaps and bounds. First off, it is a Communist country in every since of the word. Everything in one way or another either directly or indirectly provided by the State. Jobs, food, Healthcare etc. Sounds great right? Wrong, Cuba is one of the poorest counties in the Caribbean despite its ability and potential to be the wealthiest. Absolute Government Power comes at a price, and the Cuban people are paying for it. Second, we still have an embargo against Cuba, that has never been lifted. Which means that in all honest we are not supposed to have any financial ties or transactions with Cuba. That’s why you can’t use a debit or credit card. Third, Cuba is changing… Well, somewhat. Forget about what you may have heard and what everyone is talking about. Cuba will not be this huge commercial tourist pit next year. It is not changing as fast as people think, not by any means. It will take years, many years for Cuba to turn to a new page in History. There is 40+ years of decaying infrastructure. Much of Cuba is crumbling, poor roads, lack of adequate drainage. When it rains… Even a little roads can become impassable. I can go on and on about being an inadequate infrastructure of Cuba but that’s not what this post is about. So yeas I say visit Cuba, visit now, but don’t rush to feel you need to see “Cuba before it Changes” because it will be a while. The lift of the travel band makes ituch easier to go now.

Now for the good stuff! I am not sure how it happened, but I lost weight while I was there. I am talking like 6lbs in a week. The food is absolutely amazing. Clean, fresh and Oh so tasty. You have to realize we weren’t eating tourist hotel food, but the food the Cuban people eat every day. Lost of black beans and rice with some kind  of pork. Fresh fruit, and vegetables almost every meal. It almost like cleansing your body without evening trying. You know, I have a secret to divulge I drank soda there, Cuban so “TU Cola” as the national brand is called. No high fructose corn syrup to be found, just natural sugar. So even the so called junk food isn’t as junky as ours… That makes me laugh.

All in all, we where there to do a job, a missions, “no pun intended “. We where there to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was amazed how much the Cuban people crave it. The zeal & passion they show during prayer, worship & praise is awe inspiring. I felt as if they where teaching us at times. Sunday I describe the Holy Spirit as a wildfire, and Cuba is going up in flames. God has laid his hand on this country and is blessing them. 20170301_10321720170302_19470120170302_113628DSC_699620170226_131002DSC_7064

So I am working g on a video and tons of photos, the inspiration I have received from my Cuban family in Christ knows no border!

Change History…Maybe

Thats exactly what we are trying to undo. We have lived lives of pleasure, leisure, pain, suffering and making the wrong decisions. It doesn’t matter how we got here or why. Some of use put on the weight due to injury or the settling into a sedentary lifes. Others may have used food as a coping device,  just pure indulgence or even previous athletes who just slipped out of active lifestyles. To many of us it has been a combination of all or some of the above. Regardless of how we ended up here at this point in our life we have all reached a cross road.

It has been a couple of weeks now, and some of us are still sore while others may not be. Hopefully you have developed a routine, made it apart of your lifestyle. I fear some may think that its just too tough, or don’t have enough time. We have spent a lifetime making excuses…STOP! Maybe you are discouraged because you haven’t seen immediate results on the scale. I will be the first to tell you the scale is not your friend. The body is a complex thing and there are so many changes that  happen while loosing weight and its chemical make up fluctuates as well your weight during the change. Me personally I would say only weigh once a month, but weekly challenges may prevent that. To the RBL’ers who have maybe started thinking they should give up, DON’T!  You see we have a history that has defined us up until this point. Years of “Whatevers” that has gotten us here. The thing about it is we cant change history, well maybe we can. By changing our present and future we are in fact changing our history. The decisions we make today will be history tomorrow. This begins a new great cycle, a cycle that will undo the years of neglect. Its not easy, its not easy, its NOT easy! I cant say that enough. It’s  a fight of sweat ,tears and pain to change our history. It makes me think of a great quote by an amazing women I was fortunate to meet many years ago.

“History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” Maya Angelou

We are not going to relive our unhealthy histories. Make a new one, your are a precious temple to the Lord and His vessel. Let Him live and blossom within you, go to him to help change a history of despair. He will empower you to work harder that you ever thought, to strive to be a better person physically and spiritually. He has already started providing the tools by putting you in the life and community of Rob Dempsy and His Radio Family. Change your History!

So when you start sweating, just remember its your fat crying while you change your history!


The Spark…8 minutes

We all need to find inspiration, things that help motivate us. This is the hardest journey most of us will face in our lives period. I started the journey two years ago and it has been an uphill battle ever since. Just like climbers that have ascended Mt. Everest, many of them didn’t succeed the first time or even their second. They persevered though and kept at it. I urge you to take eight minutes out of your day and watch this clip. The is the truest form of inspiration. The raw emotion that Pat Brocco reveals I am certain flows through all of us. This is not impossible, but it will seem like it is if we don’t make up our minds to change, and change forever! I don’t want you to think that I am trying to say we all need to look like body builders, but what I am saying is if we eat clean, super clean and move it will happen. Please this is such an inspirational clip I hope you can use it as fuel. If it doesn’t create a smart link just copy and paste.

God Bless


13 Down, So Don’t Fight It!

This may be one of the shortest post I make, but just as important as any. I want to remind and encourage everyone, You cant out work or exercise a bad diet…period. Just like sports car needs only the top fuel, so does your body. I had one of the roughest starts anyone could imagine, illness, tooth abscess along with a lack of motivation to say the least. I thought to myself, man you are getting such a slow start and with very little exercise. So I knew there was only one thing to do, EAT CLEAN. The only way I was going to have a chance at staying on track with such limited workouts was to eat as clean as I could, and it paid off. I am 13 lbs down and pretty much cleared from my Dr. to hit it full steam. So when you see that donut or piece of pizza and you tell yourself,” well I will just work out even harder tomorrow” Dont count on it, you have been lying to yourself  and letting yourself down for years, heck that’s how most of us got this a way. So eat clean, eat fresh, and eat healthy, because one day you may not be able to workout but you will still be a step ahead.

Lack Luster to say the Least

Sunday…Super Sunday, Sunday-fun day, Sunday the Sabbath. Yes it’s that day. Regardless of what is going on today, this is the day I choose to rest. Rest you say?? But Troy, you were out of commission and resting most of the week. Out of commission yes; resting, absolutely not! It has been a struggle to eat clean all week, I am not sure about everyone else, but when I’m under the weather, all I want is those carb-loaded, fatty comfort foods. Well I didn’t give into that, not even today on Super Sunday. This is the one day of the year that most men commit enough caloric debauchery while rapidly descending into blubbery comas to keep cardiologists gainfully employed. I couldn’t do it, it’s not that I didn’t want to, but I realized it not worth the rollback. The thing is, despite enjoying wings, pizza, chips, soda, and everything else you could throw into a Superbowl party , none of it is worth what it does to our bodies. You can try to tell yourself, well it’s just one day, or its my cheat day–but the reality of it is that your are only lying to yourself. In fact we have already made up our minds we were going to eat it. We don’t have to make excuses  to eat something we just do it. It’s a conscious decision… the type of decision  that is not to dissimilar to one that would be made of an alcoholic or drug addict. I guess the only difference is that we need food to live unlike alcohol and drugs. We don’t have to choose garbage to eat though. We have to stop telling ourselves that, I can’t live without bread, coke, sweet tea etc. Yes we can. In fact, people did it for thousands of years.

On a missions trip to Cuba this past summer, I realized exactly how spoiled we really are as a society, and that most shows in our food choices.  There, ALL the foods are fresh. It’s a country with so little, but they eat so healthy. Nothing has preseratives in it. You could taste the quality and freshness. After 8 days of preserative-free, unprocessed food, I felt better.

–It’s now Monday afternoon, and I’m finishing up my blog–Even though the Super Bowl turned out to be one spectacular game, my celebration and choice of food was lack luster to say the least compared to the average party-goer’s menu.


You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me…

…and they’re off, well sort of.  Yeah so this was not the start of the Kentucky Derby or Belmont Stakes…no this was more like the beginning of a junk yard derby, except my car’s engine never even started, not really anyways. Okay, let me rewind a bit. After all if you’re going to be reading these blogs for twelve weeks you might as well have a little backstory. It makes it so much more interesting. So where do we start, in the beginning, maybe not that far back. Shall I say ,”it was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Ok So definitely don’t want to plagiarize anyone, thanks Dickens. How about January 2015 and I had just been selected to be a part of RBL 2015 the Big 10 year anniversary. So excited with an amazing trainer and coach, I just knew I would be successful baring the fact that I must put in the work, which I did. I was so motivated, miserable, happy, sad, hungry, sore and getting in the best shape of my life. Things went awesome, I ended up meeting friends that I will probably have for a lifetime-along with a coach named Lou, who in the end become someone not only special to me, but my family. I ended up finishing second that year behind an amazing man of GOD named Brad Finley. the weight this guy shed was nothing less than a blessing from GOD, but I was pretty happy with my 49.8 pounds dropped too! That changed so much about my life and my family’s lives, heck we even ended up with a new edition to the tribe as a result of RBL2015. Fast forward a little and my wife was Beautiful , Happy, Glowing and 7 months pregnant. So what is the point your asking. Well She wasn’t the only one fulfilling those midnight ice cream cravings. No as my wife would eat more to nourish our unborn child , I too would increase my caloric load to feed my nonexistent baby.

The whole time all of this was going on God was changing me while making tremendous moves in my life. My faith and conviction as well as  my love  for the Lord continued to grow…and my waist line. I told myself that I was not going to fall back into deep disrepair. With RBL2016 starting I thought to myself that , Hey I will just workout and help motivate the new people on Team Verdae. Easier said then done. Life with a new born is hard , heck we had been five years separated from the diaper fillers and forgotten how much time and attention you have to give up. I have to say , “Adulting” (being a grown up) can suck sometimes, but the trade off is worth it. We love our kids so much and thank God for the blessings He has given us, but that still didn’t free up any time to work out especially with things picking up with my photography business. So 2016 is here then it was  gone.

Now to January 26th, kickoff RBL2017.  I had decided to give it another try, if I was chosen. I think one thing Rob likes is when he meets people that don’t give up despite having set backs. He is such an amazing inspiration and motivator. So  I was picked again and was to be back on Team Verdae.  I can’t express how joyful it was meeting my new teammates and especially seeing Lou again, an what a fun night. So the following Saturday we ran our mile to get a baseline time, except I didn’t run, I walked. Waking up on Saturday I felt so congested. I thought to myself man what a time to be coming down with a cold and not be able to breathe. I spent the rest of the weekend doing two photoshoots on both days. Each day I felt a little worse, but I just attributed to a super busy week and that I was just tired. I also happened to notice that my mouth was a little sore on Sunday. Not sure why, I figured while wrestling with one of my two children I must have gotten popped in the mouth. Then comes Monday, “Monday Monday, so good to me” uh no, not this day. My wife is normally always awake before me since she is a teacher, well when I awoke I knew something wasn’t right. I felt this intense pain radiating from the front of my mouth and no ability to move it much, at least not enough to call for my wife Keri.

Tracking her down to the bathroom I walked in only to receive a look of horror with a slight dash of sympathy glazed over with urgency. I peered into the mirror to bare witness. WHAT! I looked as if I had been hit in the mouth with a baseball bat or punched my Muhammad Ali. Trying to make sense of what happened I looked at Keri and in a muffled voice asked , what did you do to me? Keri responded, I’m calling in and we are going to the dentist. All the while I have seemed to notice my inability to breathe. What started out as what I thought was just a sniffling cold had mutated into something much more sinister, without a doubt something evil. It had to be evil, only the minions of the underworld could makes such sounds emitting from my chest. Needles to say after visiting with the dentist and learning, or I guess I should say confirming  I had a full blown abscessed tooth a and also full blown bronchitis. You’ve got to be kidding me…really? The first week of RBL 2017 and I am out of the race for a week. I didn’t even get started. I felt like I let my teammates, my coach, my family and myself down. I just felt so bad. I even posted on Facebook at one point that, I think I would have to get better to die. This week has been so tough. I did muster up the strength to hop on the treadmill Thursday night for a few miles, I mean heck I thought I was feeling better. I guess I paid the price. Today,  was pretty rough. I felt horrible most of the day but chose to eat clean the entire week. As I type this now I am unsure if I will be able to participate in my team’s first bootcamp in the morning, but one thing is for sure, regardless of how I feel I will be there to support my team. Soon I will be over these speed bumps and will be hitting it all full speed!

God Bless

Jeremiah 33:6 ” ‘Nevertheless, I will bring health and healing to it; I will heal my people and will let them enjoy abundant peace…”